Crown Maple Review – Healthy Certified Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup?

crown maple

Maple syrup as the name suggests, is a ‘syrup extract’ that is usually made from the ‘xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees’. However, it is important to understand that the syrup can also be made from other tree species of the ‘maple family’, it’s just that the aforementioned types of trees are most accessible and thus are used more predominantly.

When talking about the extraction process, the trees store starch in their trunks and roots before the winter sets in, the starch is then converted to sugar that rises in the sap late in the winter and early spring (this infact is the ideal harvest time as well). The extraction is done via a tapping and drilling process that is carried out on the trunks of the ‘maple trees’.

Upon incision, the trees let out sap which is then collected and further processed. Essentially, the sap is left to evaporate so that it lets go of any traces of water and thus we are left with ‘ concentrated syrup ‘.

From a historical perspective, ‘Maple syrup’ was first collected and used by the indigenous communities based in the the far reaching lands of North America. Once european settlers saw these amazing practices, the techniques were adopted by various european communities as well (who in fact gradually refined the various production methods).

Over the years, technological improvements made in the field of extraction and purification helped further refine the syrup. In terms of production, the Canadian province of Quebec is by far the largest producer of maple syrups and other similar extracts. The province is responsible for 75% of the world’s entire output, and just to put things into perspective, the ‘Canadian export of maple syrup in 2014 amounted to a staggering $ 380 million (approximately US $ 300 million), with Quebec accounting for 85% of this total production and economic surplus’.

In the United States, Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup, and has been statistically found to generate about 6% of the total global supply of this sweetening agent.

About Crown Maple

Crown Maple is a pioneer in the field of ‘maple syrup production’ and sets the standard for maple in ‘quality, purity and taste through singular, certified-organic maple products’.Crown Maple products are made from trees grown in ‘estate-owned forests comprising of the Taconic Hardwood Tree species’.

The plantations are based in the outskirts of NY and its expanse spreads all the way from the ‘New York Eastern Mid-Hudson Valley to Central Western Vermont’. Ever since its inception, Crown Maple has been lauded by many reviewers for its ‘distinctive taste and versatility’. The products have been tested and praised by various discerning professionals and connoisseurs, who have claimed that Crown Maple is a game changer in terms of practical sweetening options.

Another key feature of Crown Maple is that all of its products are certified-organic. Along with this, the production is done using expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production technology.

Lastly, Crown Maple takes its role in environmental conservation very seriously. All of the harvesting is done from 800 acres of pristine land at Madava Farms in Dutchess County, New York, where the trees are well kept and looked after.

Crown Maple Range

Crown Maple Trio

The Crown Maple Trio offers users with a unique assortment of full sized pure maple syrup bottles. The products are ideal for cooking, baking and cocktails. Each set includes three bottles which contain 1-Amber Color and Rich Taste, 1-Dark Color and Robust Taste and 1-Very Dark Color and Strong Taste.

Similarly, the packaging is done in specially crafted ‘signature Royal Treatment boxes’. Each of the aforementioned products feature a different taste and texture, and thus are perfect for preparing a wide assortment of goodies. This set is available for purchase for a modest price of $59.95

Deluxe Crown Maple Trio

The Deluxe Crown Maple Trio offers users with a full sized, premium collection of syrups which include ‘two bottles of pure maple syrup plus a bottle of the expertly crafted sublime Bourbon Barrel Aged maple’. These selections have been found to be ideal for cooking, baking and preparing cocktails.

Each set includes three Crown Maple bottles (1-Dark Color and Robust Taste, 1-Very Dark Color and Strong Taste, and 1-Bourbon Barrel Aged maple) and are handsomely packaged in a specially designed ‘ Royal Treatment box’. This set is available for purchase at a modest price of $62.95

Crown Maple Petite

This set includes three varieties of pure ‘Crown Maple organic maple syrup’. Each of these blends feature a unique taste profile and have been devised for various purposes. The three bottles featured in this small sample pack include 1-Amber Color and Rich Taste, 1-Dark Color and Robust Taste and 1-Very Dark Color and Strong Taste. Like all the other products, this set comes neatly packaged in a signature ‘Royal Treatment box.’

This is a perfect option for users wanting to try out Crown Maple products. Each set of 3 in this pack are priced at $15.95.

Crown Maple Availability

All of the aforementioned packages along with various other options are available for purchase online at the official Crown Maple store. (

The website also offers users with various combo deals and other cooking/recipe portals which can be availed of directly through online interaction. Payments can be done using various direct debit means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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