Esse Skincare Review – Certified Organic Probiotic Skin Beauty Products?

Esse Skincare

Esse Skincare is an organic skincare company that focuses on probiotic skincare solutions. Without microbes, the skin is unable to perform its basic functions and the signs of premature aging rapidly increase.

By creating an environment on the skin that supports the growth of beneficial microbes, Esse Skincare formulations are made using prebiotics that selectively feed good microbes.

Using live probiotic microbes within two serums, the formulations make functional changes to the microbiome of the skin. Safe and effective, Esse Skincare products are beneficial for every skin type.

About Esse Skincare

Esse Skincare was founded by South African Trevor Steyn. With a background in organic chemistry, Steyn was inspired to use his passion for chemistry and study Africa’s native plants. Realizing the potential of these plants, he decided to explore the world of skincare. In 2000, Steyn began extensive research into the Kigelia Africana, also known as the African Sausage Tree.

After spending two years studying the tree, in 2002 Esse Skincare was born, with all its products formulated by Steyn. Passionate about the skin microbiome, sustainable living, and preserving Africa’s biodiversity, Steyn is dedicated to creating effective and plant-based, sustainable skincare products.

The name Esse is Latin and translates into the English “to be”. With the brand initially establishing itself in the organic skincare market, Esse focused on natural formulations and became certified organic.

Subscribing to the Ecocert organic standards, the company enforces minimum organic percentages and band certain ingredients that are deemed unsafe or unsustainable.

To ensure that the highest standards are being met, Ecocert audits the Esse production facility and confirms traceability of all raw materials. In addition to being certified organic, Esse Skincare is accredited by the Vegan Society and Beauty without Cruelty, making every skincare product created by the company free of animal products.

Being cruelty-free, no products are tested on animals and Esse does not source ingredients from suppliers that use animal testing. An alternative to animal testing for research, Esse product are tested on human volunteers. Based on clinical data, the results reveal that Esse products are less irritating to the skin than distilled water.

By joining Peta’s cruelty-free program, Esse Skincare is also associated with the world’s largest animal rights organization.

What Makes Esse Skincare Different?

Esse Skincare is an accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa, committed to the Fair Trade of Natural Products. Dedicated to the development of Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable natural products, PhytoTrade works to oversee the sustainable harvest of plants sourced from rural communities in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, and South Africa.

Raising the standard of living, the partnership has brought prosperity to tens of thousands of people. Esse Skincare focuses its efforts on using the highest-quality ingredients, valuing the environment.

Over the last 100 years, scientists have revealed the impact that synthetic chemicals have on the world. Based on complex ecosystems, it is impossible to predict how the environment will respond to single chemicals. As shown with the use of DDT, once sprayed onto a specific ecosystem, it resulted in the successful elimination of mosquitos.

However, it was not without consequences. In the long-term, animals were exposed to toxic levels of DDT. To prevent this type of phenomenon, Esse Skincare has decided to rely and preserve on nature’s purity.

The Science Behind Esse Skincare

A person’s skin often has higher microbial diversity than other organs in the body. With skin being viewed as its own ecosystem, human cells and microbes must co-exist to contribute to skin health.

In 2015, the first 3D molecular map of human skin chemistry was made. To avoid contaminating the results, the participants in the research study were asked to stop using all personal care products for three days.

Assuming that the majority of skin chemistry would be founded in microbial origin with the other percentages being human origin, the scientists assumed that environmental chemicals would make up the smallest measurable portion.

Surprisingly, the results showed that products of microbial cells contributed twice as much than human cells and the residue from personal care products amounted to 8% of the measured chemistry.

Although the long-term effects of synthetic chemicals on the skin are not fully known, researchers and scientists at Esse Skincare assume that specific chemicals would trigger premature aging. To prevent possible damaging the skin, Esse Skincare has chosen to certify its products organic and avoid using chemicals that do not occur naturally.

Based on the research done by the Human Microbiome Project, Esse Skincare has modeled its approach to skincare on these innovative discoveries. Offering new techniques to slow the signs of aging, optimal skin health relies on the probiotic microbes that live on the surface and the inside of the skin.

Within the food industry, it is easy to define a probiotic. Defined as a live microbe that offers a specific health benefit, probiotics found in food are measured in colony forming units per millimeter. Based on how many microbes per milliliter, each product can start to grow and replicate when the product is used.

As a leader in probiotic skincare, Esse has created cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and exfoliators that treat various skin conditions by using microbes. Offering solutions to acne, dryness, oiliness, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and skin aging, utilizing a probiotic approach to skincare can be challenging.

Using advanced technology, Esse Skincare incorporates live microbes into conventional skincare products. Based on four different levels, the company supplements natural skincare formulas with microbes that are added to the formula in various ways.

Pathogen-free, studies have shown that the microbes in every Esse product remain capable of growth for two years from production.

Purchasing Esse Skincare

Esse Skincare products are available at select retailers in South Africa. To find the nearest location, customers can access the company website (

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