LUSH Shampoo Bars Review – Essential Oils For Healthy Hair Benefits?

LUSH Shampoo Bars

Shampoo was first invented, in its liquid from, in 1927 by Hans Schwarzkopf, a German inventor. When liquid shampoo first came onto the market, it wasn’t very different from soap, but over the years it has morphed and changed, becoming what most people recognize as shampoo today.

In fact, shampoo hasn’t made any drastic changes in the past several decades, despite many people not being content with the results they get from their shampoos.

The reason shampoo doesn’t deliver on its many promises is because the bottled options contain synthetic preservatives that damage the hair more than help it. When used continuously, exposing the hair to these harmful ingredients week after week, shampoos are often the cause of the problems people are trying to combat.

LUSH Shampoo Bars were created to combat the many synthetic ingredients used in typical liquid shampoos. Looking very much like bar soap, these shampoo bars create the same lathering effect as regular shampoo, but are free of the synthetic preservatives that damage hair.

Coming without plastic bottles, the Shampoo Bars by Lush are the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to get clean, beautiful hair.

About Lush

The company LUSH was created because the founders believed that there had to be a natural and effective way to care for the body and hair. With the goal of creating safe, natural hair care products, Lush started with only a few products.

However, over time, the deep need for innovative skin and hair care products. And, as society began to look towards natural methods for dealing with their health and beauty needs, Lush began to grow. While the company started with a focus on hair, it now offers body and skin care products, all made to the highest standards developed when Lush was still just beginning.

One of the most unique products created by Lush was actually made by accident. When the people at Lush were trying to create a new bar soap, they realized that the soap created a lather that look more like shampoo. When the product was tried on the hair, the results were amazing.

Not only did the shampoo bar clean and soften the hair, it was extremely convenient to use. Since the accidental invention of the first shampoo bar, Lush hasn’t looked back.

Now offering 13 unique shampoo bars made of the highest quality natural ingredients, each one designed to meet a specific hair care need, Lush is making it easier for those who want natural hair care solutions to cleanse and revitalize their hair.

What Makes LUSH Shampoo Bars Different

Because there are so many hair and body care companies in the industry, Lush has always worked hard to differentiate itself from the competition. One of the ways the company has done this is by using experts in their fields to drive Lush forward. The co-founder of Lush is Mark Constantine, a trichologist, or expert in hair and scalp conditions.

With Constantine’s expertise, Lush has been able to create some of the highest quality hair care products on the market. And because Constantine is just as committed as the rest of Lush to finding natural ingredients and solutions to strengthen and beautify the hair, he has helped foster a culture of quality and naturalness at the company.

Another way Lush has differentiated itself is by keeping extremely high standards when it comes to its ingredients. Whenever possible, Lush uses fresh and organic fruit and vegetables as its source for its products.

These botanical ingredients are complemented by the highest quality, purest essential oils possible. While Lush may use some synthetic ingredients, they will only use those that have been proven to be completely safe.

By the numbers, Lush is 100% vegetarian, 83% vegan, and 60% unpreserved. Because Lush only uses the best of the best when it comes to its ingredients, customers see a clear difference in the results they get from using Lush products.

Lush is all about small batches and, to take it a step further, hand making all of its products. In order to guard and protect the standards of the company, Lush invents its own fragrances and makes each product fresh, crafting them by hand.

Because all products are vegetarian and very few use preservatives, the fresher the better. Lush also avoids using packaging whenever possible, preferring ‘naked’ products that don’t damage the environment with plastic, dangerous compounds.

Finally, Lush doesn’t put its customers or their hair care needs into categories. Instead of calling certain hair types ‘oily’ or ‘dry’, Lush explains the benefits of the ingredients used in each shampoo, so customers can pick the ones that will meet their needs best. While Lush does offer a guide on how to choose shampoos, these suggestions are all based on the ingredients used in the products, not the hair types of users.

LUSH Shampoo Bars

When Lush began selling its shampoo bars, the company only offered five options. Now, however, that amounts has increased to 13, with each one offering a different benefit for users.

Because Lush doesn’t categorize its shampoo bars in a typical shampoo industry fashion, finding the right option can be a bit difficult. However, a brief description of the different needs experienced by customers, and the recommended shampoo bar for each, can be found below.

Customers with long hair or hair that is often styled and heated will experience breakage more than the average person. In order to strengthen the hair, a shampoo rich in proteins and moisturizing oils is needed. Jason and the Argon Oil strengthens and softens the hair, while giving it a shinier, more luxurious look.

For those looking for a little more volume or extra bounce, Lush recommends a shampoo with sea salt, a natural volumizer. Seanik, a shampoo bar with sea salt, seaweed, and lemon oil will add just the right amount of bounce, while keeping the hair shiny.

Godiva is a 2-in-1 shampoo bar that combines botanical butters and oils to moisturize the hair, giving it just right amount of hydration without being too heavy. And for those wanting to soothe their itchy scalps, Jumping Juniper contains all the ingredients needed for relief and amazing smelling hair.

For more information on the 13 LUSH Shampoo Bars, as well as their prices, customers can visit the company website ( Lush also offers a subscription service for those wanting to make a long-term commitment to their favorite products.

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