Perk Skincare Review – Face, Lip & Eye Cleanse Benefits Treatment System?

Perk Skin Care

When it comes to caring for the skin, there are typically two options. The first skin care option is the most common. People will purchase skin care and beauty products from their favorite providers and use these products at home.

Unfortunately, the problem with this option is that many skin care and beauty products require very specific processes, which can be forgotten or overlooked by people trying to rush through their days.

The second option is for customers to visit a skin care professional, who can provide in depth support for treating very specific skin care problems.

Due to the expense of these forms of treatments, most people will only do them occasionally, meaning their skin will only reap the benefits for a short period of time.

Perk Skin Care is a company that has taken an innovative approach to treating and maintaining the health and wellness of the skin.

Instead of offering just products or just treatments, Perk effortlessly combines the two facets of skin care, giving users a comprehensive regime. With its in-office treatments, Perk is able to bring the skin to an equilibrium, revitalizing it and prepping it for future treatments.

Then, customers will be given the same products used in-office to continue their treatments at home.

What is Perk Skincare?

Created by the founders of HydraFacial MD, Perk Skin Care has been brought to the market by Edge Systems.

Perk is considered the first hybrid facial treatment, merging in-office treatments with products that can be taken home and used over the course of a month.

By offering both aspects of skin care, Perk offers the most comprehensive treatments on the market. With this dual approach to skin care, Perk has been able to give the benefits of both forms of skin care and beauty treatments, something no other company has offered before now.

At the foundation of all Perk does is hydradermabrasion. Powered by a roller-flex technology, Perk hydradermabrasion treatments work across the surface of the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, impurities, and toxins.

Once the skin has been cleansed and revitalized, Perk roller balls flex the pores, making them more receptive to absorbing the nutrients, antioxidants, and other natural ingredients Perk products deliver to the skin.

Using this process, Perk is able to reveal the beautiful, natural skin that has remained hidden by damaged and dead skin cells, while simultaneously protecting this skin with its serums.

While the in-office treatment offered by Perk is one-of-a-kind, what sets the company apart is that it doesn’t stop working after these treatments.

Instead of having to wait until their next appointments to experience the benefits of Perk again, customers are given the very same serums that were used in-office to use at home.

This continued treatment process, which is enough to last for 30 days, will continue the benefits experienced in-office, allowing users to get long-term benefits through Perk.

Whether it’s to revitalize the skin, rejuvenate the eyes, or plump the lips, Perk offers the most thorough and effective treatment plans for its customers.

How Perk Skincare Works

As described briefly above, there are two steps to the Perk process. The first is the in-office treatment.

Customers will be given a choice between three different treatment options, skin, eyes, or lips. The type of treatment will determine which serum will be used by the Perk experts.

Because every part of the skin is different, the botanical blends used for each treatment will vary.

During this in-office treatment, the dead and polluted layers of skin will be removed while nutrients and antioxidants are simultaneously being delivered to the skin.

What makes Perk treatments so amazing is not only are they effective and affordable, they are also extremely quick.

Customers don’t have to take huge amounts of time out of their days to receive a Perk treatment, because the entire process can be performed in about 10 minutes. Even for those doing all three Perk treatments, it will only take 30 minutes out of the day.

The second step of the Perk treatment is found in the company’s powerful take-home products. For whichever treatment customers received in-office, they will be given the same serum in a vial to take home.

By providing an option for re-treating the skin, Perk allows its customers to get a boost whenever they need, keeping their skin healthy and vibrant for weeks. These serums are included in the price of the Perk treatment and last most customers about a month.

Perk Skincare Treatment Services

As mentioned above, there are three main Perk treatment options, for the face, the lips, and the eyes.

While each of these treatments can be purchased individually, they can be combined to give users complete and total support for their skin health and beauty. A description of each of the treatment options can be found below.

Face Treatment Service

The Perk Face Treatment was designed to both cleanse and replenish the skin, providing the skin with the antioxidants and nutrients it needs to look healthy and beautiful.

The treatment removes dead skin cells and contaminants from the face using a Nourishing Solution and an Antioxidant Renewal Serum.

These products include potent natural ingredients like white tea extract, horse chestnut seed extract, and vitamins A and E.

Lip Treatment Service

In an effort to perfectly prime the lips, the Perk Lip Treatment smooths and moisturizes the lips to help soften and plump them.

The Lip Revitalizing Serum contains ingredients like peppermint oil and peony extract, each one included for their exfoliating and hydrating benefits.

Eye Treatment Service

The Perk Eye Treatment was designed to treat the most sensitive skin on the face, using gentle but potent ingredients.

The service contains a multi-peptide blend that will energize the area around the skin, brightening and toning it so the skin becomes more firm.

The Eye Replenishing Serum also hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes, decreasing the appearance of dark circles.

Where To Purchase Perk Skincare Products?

Each of these treatments and their take-home serums can be found at the many providers of Perk services across the country. On the company website (, interested customers can find the listing of the locations that provide these services near them.

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