Red Steam Express Review – Portable Hand Held 2 In 1 Iron + Steamer?

red steam express

Like all household chores, ironing can be a time-consuming task. Today, most individuals either use a clothing iron or a portable garment steamer. One of the most essential water-vapor innovations, steamers have been used since the early 1900s.

Initially used to straighten out men’s hats, the steamer is often associated with the Industrial Revolution. Used to power trains, factories, and boasts, the same technology is still used today.

Used on clothing and upholstery, garment steamers have evolved over the years and have become a popular choice for professionals and home users alike. Although garment steamers are the perfect alternative to ironing, what if there was a way to experience the best of both worlds?

The Red Stream Express is a two in one iron and steamer that rapidly smooths out wrinkles and creases in garments. With the crisp sharpness that comes from a hot iron and the gentle touch of a steamer, the Red Stream Express is the perfect combination.

Featuring an advanced turbo steam technology, the Red Steam Express is an innovative portable unit that refreshes and rejuvenates fabric. As the iron flattens out wrinkles, the steamer works to relax the fibers of the fabric.

By providing less stress and wear on clothing items, the Red Steam Express is a gentle approach to wrinkle removal. Delivering a quick and effective wrinkle-fighting performance, the Red Steam Express even produces more steam than leading clothing steamers.

About Red Steam Express

Featuring a lightning-fast wrinkle removing system, the Red Steam Express is the perfect device for every household. The Red Steam Express is lightweight and easily portable device that straightens and freshens clothing. Weighing less than two pounds, the device features a ceramic coated sole plate that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Made with professional grade iron, the garment steamer has the power to steam clothing items in 30 seconds or less. With variable temperature control settings, the device features a Snap-On plate that can be used for delicate fabrics. Perfect for silk, nylon, polyester, and wool, the Red Steam Express guarantees dry-cleaning results at home.

The most powerful two in one fabric steamer and iron on the market, the Red Steam Express is supercharged to safely de-wrinkle delicate garments. Featuring hotter steam than other handheld steaming devices, the Red Steam Express instantly releases wrinkles and gives garments a professional, fresh-pressed look.

With the ability to iron creases and steam away wrinkles, the Red Steam Express uses its turbo steam power to permeate through any fabric. The device is perfect for users wanting to sharpen up suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, and pants, ironing out folds with ease.

Though freshening clothing is the Red Steam Express’ main use, the device can also be used to sanitize upholstery such as couches and cushions. The device can even be used to clean any heat-tolerant hard surfaces. Ideal for carpeted homes or families with children, the Red Steam Express can be used to remove tough odors, bedbugs, and dust mites.

The purchase of the Red Steam Express includes a free Deluxe Accessory Kit. In addition to the Steaming and Iron unit, the package includes three different plates. Designed to be used on various fabrics, the Red Steam Express Delicate Plate is perfect for ironing delicate fabrics such as silks and stains.

For less sensitive fabrics, the Bristle Brush Plate is ideal for removing piling on sweaters and can be great for dresses, couches, cushions, and pillows. The last plate, the Lint Brush Plate, is used to restore sweaters and make them look like new. Removing embarrassing lint, the plate can improve the appearance of any garment.

Red Steam Express Technology

The power behind the Red Steam Express is in the Advanced Turbo Steam Technology. Equipped with a high-pressure pump, the device creates billions of heated micro-steam molecules that are pushed onto the plate. As these micro-steam molecules are created, they immediately penetrate the deep folds of the fabric and eliminate wrinkles. Instantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles, the power of the Red Steam Express lies in its steam strength and heating capabilities.

Most steamers are designed to simply turn water into steam. Blowing steam onto wrinkled garments, the steam loosens the bonds that are found between long-chain polymer molecules in fabric. The problem is that these portable steamers generate little electricity, meaning they don’t create enough heat to remove wrinkles and often leave clothes with water stains.

Ergonomically designed to ensure that steam penetrates fabric from the perfect angle, the Red Steam Express delivers a pure steam right at the point of contact. With the advantage of the heated metal surface, the Red Steam Express smooths out any creases. In just a single pass, the iron and steamer work together to guarantee that garments are wrinkle-free and fresh. Extending the life of soft and delicate materials, the Red Steam Express is one-of-a-kind.

Purchasing Red Steam Express

The Red Steam Express is available for purchase on the company website ( The device can be bought for just 3 payments of $19.99 and each order will include a free Deluxe Accessory Kit.

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