Airing Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Review


The Airing Micro CPAP is a device that helps with the difficulty of breathing that is found with sleep apnea. This product is part of a completed crowdfunding campaign, but you’re still able to make a purchase.

What Is Airing Micro CPAP?

Sleep apnea is a scary condition, which involves the suffer losing the ability to continue breathing consistently throughout the night.

Instead of just laying down for the night, diagnosed consumers much apply a mask that will regulate their breathing as they sleep at night. Unfortunately, this machine, called a CPAP, is anything but discrete.

You must apply a full mask to your mouth and nose, which is connected to hoses and the main unit.

When you’re already struggling with your ability to sleep in the first place, the last thing you need is the make the experience more uncomfortable. That’s when you need to try out the Airing Micro CPAP.

The Airing Micro CPAP doesn’t require a prescription to use, and doesn’t have any of the bulk that you’re used to.

With two small opening to line up with your nostrils, there are no tubes or machines that you need to combine it with for complete clarity in your sinuses.

With no hoses, no mask, and no cords, this product is perfect for taking along with you on vacations and business trips. You can even bring it with you to help you have a great night sleep when you’re staying with friends or family.

How Airing Micro CPAP Works

When this device already has so little to work with, you may want to know exactly how the Airing Micro CPAP works at all. However, you need to understand a little bit about Obstructive Sleep Apnea first.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is usually the result of a blockage in the soft tissue of your airway, which basically causes your throat to collapse in your sleep.

You are unable to breath regularly, causing frequent moments of gasps and sudden coughing as you regain your ability to breathe.

When you avoid treating this condition, you’re at risk for many diseases and conditions that seem minor, but all combine into being a difficult time for your body. Some of those conditions include:

Getting a good night of sleep requires that you can clearly breathe all night, giving your brain the support it needs to feel refreshed and recharged in the morning.

While a CPAP works, studies show that the extreme inconvenience of them will eventually cause up to 50% of sufferers to give up the use of the machine within just a year of use.

The design flaw with these other machines is that they don’t cater to consumer’s ease of use. With the Airing Micro CPAP, you don’t have anything touching the rest of your face or even your bed to startle you from good sleep.

You don’t have to worry about even cleaning, because these products are only meant for a single use, so you will always get the purest of air for a good night of sleep.

Using Airing Micro CPAP

The device is incredibly easy to use, since all you need to do is align your nostrils with the buds that create the right airflow, inserting it. Your nose will hold onto it all night as you sleep and breathe with ease.

The buds create a seal for the air flow, and can easily be removed and tossed in the trash the next morning. Even as you exhale, a vent-like output allows you to consistently receive fresh, rather than recycled, air.

Each Airing Micro CPAP is good for a single use, and you need to make the purchase in bulk to prepare you for more than a couple of nights of sleep.

Airing Micro CPAP Pricing

While the retail cost of the Airing Micro CPAP will be based on the amount of days you choose to use the device, when the product becomes available for purchase. However, you can take advantage of a few deals right now.

The project is being funded through a pledge-based website called Indiegogo.

On Indiegogo, you can secure your purchase of the Airing Micro CPAP by making a donation of a certain amount to the campaign. You can choose to pledge:

  • $50, for 15 days of use
  • $70, for 30 days of use
  • $95, for 45 days of use
  • $155, for 90 days of use
  • $199, for 120 days of use
  • $270, for 180 days of use

Pledge amounts above this level will connect you with the creators over Skype, or even allow you to attend the release of this product.

The campaign earned the company more than eight times what the original goal was. However, with added support from consumers, this product can easily be updated and advanced for improvements in the performance over time.

Airing Micro CPAP Contacts

The only way to connect with the company for the Airing Micro CPAP right now is to sign up to receive updates on the product. However, the company interacts with consumers through their Indiegogo campaign page and their presence on social media.

Airing Micro CPAP Conclusion

The Airing Micro CPAP is a revolutionary tool for consumers that consistently struggle to get the night of sleep that they need for that refreshed feeling in the morning.

You can’t survive from a physical or mental level if you’re not getting the sleep you deserve. However, a classic CPAP costs too much for most budgets.

For a solution that is more affordable for the everyday consumer, the Airing Micro CPAP devices can be your solution.

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