Capilano Beeotic Prebiotic Honey Review

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Honey is a sweet substance that has been found to be produced and stored by certain species of insects known as ‘hymenopteran insects’.

It is formed when plants or insects let out sugary secretions, this happens when a bee finds a suitable flower to rest upon. When it is perched on a flower, the bee can start producing honey through a series of regurgitated reactions, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation.

In terms of the variety of honey being produced, the most popular variant of honey is produced by ‘honey bees’ (belonging to the family of bees called ‘Apis’). It is well known due to its worldwide commercial production and human consumption.

From a taste standpoint, Honey gets its sweetness from a substance known as ‘monosaccharides fructose’ and ‘glucose’.

In comparative terms, the sweetness can be likened to that of ‘glandular sugar’, a common sweetener that many people use on a regular basis. Due to its amazing sweetening properties, honey is an obvious choice for cooking, baking due to its natural distinctive flavor that leads some people to prefer it to sugar and other sweeteners.

At this point it is also beneficial to discuss the longevity of honey, unlike processed sugars which degrade naturally with the progression of time, honey does not seem to degrade in nature.

This is because research has shown that ‘most microorganisms do not grow in honey, so sealed honey does not spoil, even after thousands of years’. However, that being said honey sometimes is known to allow dormant endospores of the bacterium strain known as ‘Clostridium botulinum’ to foster in it.

This strain of bacteria has been found to be harmful and can be dangerous to the health of babies (is some cases may even result in botulism).

About Capilano Beeotic

Capilano Beeotic is an all new range of ‘high quality, organic honey’ that is 100% pure Australian honey. It has been sourced from a network of over 600 beekeeping families spread all across the vast spaces of the country.

Due to its natural taste, it is a versatile food that offers users with a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Thus many researchers have promoted the use of this substance, and have recommended that we maintain a regular intake of this compound in our diet. Key Features of Capilano Beeotic:

  • Fat Free: a unique aspect of Beeotic is that all its products have been synthesized using any fat or additives. The extract is completely pure and natural, and can be used safely as a long term supplement without the risk of any side effects.
  • Healthy Carbs: it is important to understand the distinction between healthy and unhealthy carbs. Unhealthy carbs are those compounds that have been made using processed foods, they are difficult to digest and subsequently break down for energy release. However, the carbohydrates present in Beetic products are completely natural and can be synthesised by our digestive tracts quite easily.
  • Low Glycaemic Index: due to its fully natural composition, Beeotic honey has been clinically found to possess a favourable GI rating. This allows users with blood glucose issues to still consume some sweet products from time to time.
  • Quick Absorption: due to its naturally synthesizable formula, the key components of Beeotic honey can easily be digested and used for energy release purposes by our bodies
  • Healthy Blood Sugar: through a series of scientific investigative trials, the honey has been proven to sustain blood sugar levels for longer periods than other types of sugar, sports gels or ‘carb snacks’.
  • Healthy Alternative: when compared to other saccharine sweetners, Beeotic honey is a good, natural alternative sweetener for those people suffering from diabetes. This is in part due to its high carbohydrate content and surprisingly low GI rating.
  • Suitable for kids: with fat, and owing to the fact that all Beeotic Products are free of additives, preservatives and refined sugars, it is the perfect source of energy for growing children.

There are essential four size variants to choose from. These include jars which contain 240 ml, 350ml, 360 ml and 175 ml of pure natural honey extract. There is also an option to purchase an ‘upside down’ bottle which makes it easier to access the honey in winter months.

Other important information

  • Gluten Free: In its natural state, Honey is intrinsically free of gluten. It does not contain wheat or its by-products and thus can be used by people suffering from any related allergies. Beeotic honey is 100% pure and natural, and contains no external fillers or additives. Additionally, the facilities in which processing and manufacturing is handled, no gluten containing products are stored.
  • Prebiotic: Capilano has been clinically verified to be 100% natural prebiotic honey. Through a series of tests and studies, researchers have found regular intake to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in our gut which may help boost our digestive functionality. This not only helps us remain more active, but also promotes our overall wellbeing.
  • Nutrient Rich: honey has been found to be a natural, tasty and versatile food with a premium content of a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Thus making it a handy daily supplement for maintaining one’s health.
  • No corn syrup, sugar: Capilano Beeotic honey does not contain corn syrup or any other added sugar syrups. The manufacturer has been committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for the past 60 years. The company undergoes rigorous annual testing so as to uphold the highest quality standards possible.
  • Filtered: All Beeotic products are made to undergo a thorough filtration process. During this process, the honey is placed into a hot room (to make the honey a little runnier) and then made to pass through a fine sieve, before it is finally bottled. The sieving is done in order to take out any bee ruminants that may come in from the Beekeeper. Such as bees, legs, leaves etc.


In order to make a purchase, users can directly get in touch with the manufacturer at 1800 880 808. Through calling this number, users can easily obtain bulk discounts and receive other purchasing options.

Alternatively, users can drop the manufacturer an email on the ‘contact us’ page, and a representative will thereafter get in touch with you asap.

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