Guybar Beard Shaper Review – Easy Hair Trimming Tool Fixes Your Face?

Guybar Beard Shaper

While men’s grooming products were not a popular supplementary source in days gone by, today they have become a major commercial avenue for many cosmetic giants.

When looking back at the 70’s and 80’s, it is crazy to think that there were hardly a couple of beard grooming products available in the market.

Today the scene is much different and we now have a variety of men’s grooming products like oils, moisturisers, conditioners.

Beards in particular have found a whole segment wherein there are various grooming items just for maintaining one’s facial hair.

Some products that are devoted solely to our facial hair upkeep include various waxes, essential oils, conditioners which have been clinically found to promote the growth of a thick, lustrous and dense beard.

Now that we are on the subject of Beards. Beards are often seen as a sign of manliness and machoness.

Thus, a well kept beard seems to exude a sign of confidence and masculinity. However, to maintain one’s facial hair one needs to put in a lot of work.

Studies have shown that beards are more exposed to pollutants, toxins and thus need to be washed and conditioned at least 3-5 times a week.

Thus, users need to be careful when maintaining their hair growth, as there might be many external pollutants that might interfere with the normal follicle growth of our our bodies.

About Guybar

The Guybar Fix Your Face Beard Shaper is an easy and convenient means of shaping our beards, goatees or mustaches.

Through its use, individuals can obtain a precise shave and can obtain the exact beard design that they were looking to get.

Similarly, it allows users to obtain a ‘perfect symmetry’ in terms of the growth and styling capabilities.

All one needs to do is simply shave along the edge of the tool using a razor (this is applicable for short haired beards).

In case of longer hair, a pair of hair clippers may be utilized. Since they are large, they can easily circumnavigate their way through a dense beard and thus allow for a perfect cut.

The device should be lined up against one’s facial hair, and then the clippers should be used along the edge of the device for an optimal cut.

Users need to be careful while carrying out the process, as any slight deviation of hand placement may cause an asymmetrical design.

Some of the key features of the device include:

  • Fast: the entire process can be carried out in a matter of minutes. Initially, the entire cutting procedure may take some time, but as users become accustomed to using the ‘Guybar’, they will be able to finish of their shaving in 2-3 minutes.
  • Cheek Lines: Guybar has been designed to accentuate the presence of perfect cheek lines on our facial structures. This makes men look more handsome and appealing.
  • Symmetry: as mentioned earlier, one of the key uses of the Guybar is its ability to provide optimal shape to our beard. Users who have used the device claim that it provided them with an absolutely symmetrical cut every time.
  • Neckline: similar to the cheek line symmetry, the device also allows users to obtain a ‘perfect neck line symmetry’. This accentuates the features of our face and helps us look more handsome and attractive.
  • Variety of styles: a key factor that makes the device highly useful is its ability to help shape various kinds of facial hair stylings. It can be used to shape beards, goatees, neck hair etc.

The manufacturer recommends the use of clippers or a razor that possesses a durable stainless steel construction.

Additionally, ‘The Fix Your Face Beard Tool’ is specifically designed with one’s beard in mind . Thus, it offers a multitude of shaping choices and styling options.

All one needs to do is adjust the curve angle, and use different angles to try something new (vis a vis something original like shaping our neckline with a unique design).

Customer Talk

The reviews regarding the Guybar have been pretty good.

All of the customers seem to be happy with the overall build and functionality of the device.

Satisfied customers include Jonathan S who says that “It’s been a pain in the ass getting my beard lines to be symmetrical everytime I shave, but with Guybar’s Beard Tool it’s so easy and so worth it!”.

Similarly, Eli M says “I love this thing! I used to go to my barber once a week to have him line up my beard and now I’m doing it myself and it looks perfect every time! Thanks guybar! “.

Pricing And Availability

The Guybar can be easily purchased through the manufacturers official website (

Each unit is priced at $19.00 and payments can be done using safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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