OmniBall Review – 360-Degree Rolling Weight Full Body Workout System?


The OmniBall is a workout accessory that helps improve the body’s muscle contractions during your regimen to ensure an effective routine.

This product is available with a corresponding app to advice the best work outs the body until you reach the goals.

What Is The OmniBall?

When you go through any workout routine, your entire goal is to improve your physique. You need to consume a healthy diet during this time, but the action that will yield the best results will rely on your ability to stay challenged.

Too many people go into their regimen with a plan that starts off beneficial, but doesn’t deliver all help that is needed over time.

You need a way to adjust your routine to keep yourself from reaching a plateau, which is just what the OmniBall can do.

The OmniBall looks the same as any fitness ball, but it manages to help you change your routine.

You can access a variety of different workouts, which ensures that you’ll never feel like you’re halted in your progress.

This ball is part of a regimen already, but you can use it to improve the engagement of your muscles in your existing routine as well.

This addition to your routine helps to maximize your own versatility. Too many pieces of equipment are meant for certain levels of difficulty only, which is hard to figure out as a novice.

It’s even worse for someone who has reached an intermediate level of exercise, because they feel like they’ve mastered everything.

The OmniBall grows with your skills, constantly helping you to stay engaged and challenged in a new way.

How Does The OmniBall Work?

The OmniBall looks just like a regular training ball, except for one major difference – mobility. The rolling structure of the OmniBall lets you improve your ability to move.

After the balls are strapped to your hands, you continue to be able to move them along the floor, the wall, or even an exercise mat to for your muscles to engage differently.

For instance, when you do pushups without the OmniBall, you are forced to rely on the lack of friction between your palms and the floor.

During this time, the only consideration is how firmly you plant your hands on the floor or matt.

When you use the OmniBall, there’s no grip that keeps you still, and your body’s natural reaction is to tense your abdominal muscles to keep yourself from overextending your body and falling.

There are so many different options for this remedy, and the possibilities are endless. Along with the OmniBall, you will be able to download and access the app for FEWDM to help you along with your routine.

You’ll see different workouts, and you’ll even be able to connect with a community that supports you and your goals.

Using The OmniBall

The best part about the OmniBall is its versatility. There are many different workouts that you’ll learn about from the app and online.

Some of those workouts include:

  • Jenn’s 30-day challenge, which helps with strength training and slimming down ($79.95 for enrollment)
  • All Abs, which helps you create a defined and toned appearance for your abdominal muscles ($49.95 for enrollment)
  • Booty, which helps you to maximize the lift of your glutes ($29.95 for enrollment)
  • Flirting with Fitness, which includes 10 basic workouts for someone that wants complete care for their body ($29.95 for enrollment)
  • Total Body, which challenges your body with greater intensity than Flirting with Fitness, while still engaging all your muscle groups ($29.95 for enrollment)
  • Yoga, which expands the range of motion that you normally have during this type of workout ($29.95 for enrollment)

Each program comes with different instructions that you can use to improve your body, which will determine how you use the ball.

However, once you feel more comfortable with this use of this ball, you can start creating routines of your own, if you so desire.

Pricing For OmniBall

To get the pair of OmniBall accessories, your cost will be $79.95. However, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, you will have the first 30 days of use to test out the product, during which time you can use them however you please.

You will get the 4-pound OmniBall pair, along with a knee mat.

Contacting The Creators Of The OmniBall

When you begin any new workout routine, you want to make sure you have all the information possible to ensure that you’re prepared to start the regimen correctly.

To speak with the customer service team about this program, you’ll need to contact FEWDM by filling out the online form.

Some people prefer a more direct method of communication, in which case you can send an email to [email protected]

The OmniBall Summary Review

The OmniBall is an innovative way to fully engage your various muscle groups for any exercise.

You can work out every muscle in your body, which ensures that your workout is effective and helpful. If you’re ready to change up your regular routine, it’s time to test out the OmniBall for yourself.

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