Poseidon Drinks Review – Ibiza Marine Plasma Sea Water Lemon Juice?

Poseidon Drinks

We have always been told not to drink sea water because it can be dangerous for our health, but the sea contains many different minerals and vitamins that can actually be beneficial to the human body if it is filtered properly first.

Marine plasma has health benefits and minerals that can help the body and provide hydration. When added to a drink, marine plasma can increase the nutritional value of the drink.

Today we will be discussing a company called Poseidon Drinks and the sea-based drink that they make.

They have taken the benefits of marine plasma, mixed it with fresh spring water and lemon, and created a drink that you can drink to reap the benefits of the sea with each sip.

We will be reviewing their products and helping you determine if they are right for you.

What Is Poseidon Drinks?

Poseidon Drinks is a company that has harnessed the power of marine plasma in a drink. They mix fresh organic lemon with marine plasma and fresh spring water to create a drink that is not only tasty but is healthy also.

Marine plasma from the depths of the ocean has health benefits like vitamins and minerals that we are not able to access because of the salinity of the water it resides in.

Poseidon Drinks has found a way to ultra micro filter this water so that it takes the salt content out of it but leaves the vitamins and minerals in tact.

This allows them to create a drink that is safe to drink and allows you to receive the benefits of sea water without the health dangers attached to it.

After the marine plasma is ultra micro filtered, it is mixed with organic lemon juice, spring water, and a touch of agave to sweeten it. The result is a drink that is full of healthy minerals that will help hydrate your body.

How Poseidon Drinks Work

The Poseidon Drinks are created with the best quality ingredients, and bring the power of the minerals in the sea to a drink that is great for anyone. The water is collected and micro filtered for taste, but in a process that leaves the minerals in tact.

Poseidon Drinks Benefits

Some other Poseidon Drink benefits include:

-100% glass bottle that does not contain any plastic and does not release the endocrine disruptors BPA. It is eco friendly and is conscious of the effect that it has on your body.

-Sea water can be very hydrating and can give us some of the minerals our bodies need when it is processed correctly. With this drink you will get an instant sense of energy and instant hydration!

-The Poseidon Drinks contain all of the minerals that the body needs with zero add ins. They added a dash of lemon flavor for taste, but other than that you are getting a healthy drink with vitamins and minerals our bodies need to work.

-Organic lemon juice is added to taste. It is cold pressed so it preserves not only the taste but the vitamins as well.

-The Poseidon Drinks contain ultra micro filtered sea water that contains marine plasma. It is collected from a deep sea vortex between Ibiza and Formentera for ultimate sterility.

-To finish the drink off, it is mixed with pure spring water to give you the cleanest, pure drink possible.

-This drink is sweetened with agave syrup, which has a low glycemic index, for the right hint of sweetness in every bottle.

Poseidon Drinks Pricing

The Poseidon Drinks are not available for purchase directly from their website. You can learn more about Poseidon Drinks, read about how this product can benefit you, and find out where you can purchase this product at their website.

If you don’t have a place near you that carries Poseidon Drinks, you can put in a request to have them in a store near you.

You can also read news about the benefits of sea water, read studies about it, and can be put on their mailing list for updates.

Poseidon Drinks Summary

If you are looking for a new delicious drink to help you stat hydrated or just want to try a new drink, the Poseidon Drinks may be right for you.

The Poseidon Drinks are a wonderful mix of spring water, marine plasma, vitamins and minerals, a touch of lemon, and a hint of agave. They are the perfect drink for hydration and minerals.

For more information on how these drinks can benefit you and how they are making a difference in the ecosystem, visit their website.

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