SOS Rehydrate Review – Electrolyte Sports Coconut Hydration Drink Mix?

SOS Coconut Hydration

SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix is an added supplement that helps you to increase the electrolytes in your body as you drink.

This remedy is available exclusively through Amazon, so you will need to order through their website.

What Is SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix?

Your body is predominantly made of water, so it’s safe to say that hydrating your body with the right support is a helpful way to improve your health.

While you consistently lose water from your body with your regular schedule in the day, working out goes through much more, so you need to make sure you’re prepared for the difference.

Rather that grabbing another sports drink that is 90% sugar, open a packet of SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix.

SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix acts quickly to improve the number of electrolytes in your body, which is the main reason that you fee hydrated in the first place.

This remedy can replace your current bottle of water with something better, or you can just bring a packet to mix into the container.

This remedy is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or who constantly engages in sporting activities.

Whatever the case may be, the SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix is available to help.

How Does SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix Work?

Before you can see why the SOS drink mix is crucially important to your regimen, you first need to understand a few things about the way the body deals with hydration.

Just by essentially existing, you lose about two liters of water a day. That doesn’t include any extra activities.

That’s simply from breathing, sweating, urinating, and so on. When you’re working out, you can lose the exact same amount in just one hour exercise, which may be more during intense or high-impact workouts.

During this process, your body loses sodium and chloride as well. When you lose the hydration in your body, your performance suffers as well, which is why it’s so important to deliver additional nourishment during your routine.

You need to have the right balance of water and sodium in your body to maintain the right osmolarity.

When you drink beverages that are higher in glucose, it’s much easier for your body to accept the hydration.

There are three main ingredients that you will find in these mixes, which are:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Citrate
  • Sugars

Read on below to find out more information about the ingredients of this formula.


Sodium helps you achieve the right balance of hydration.

It helps with the function and balance of water in your body, and it helps to support the health of your muscle mass.

This is the most commonly lost substance from the body.


You probably have potassium with breakfast or an afternoon snack in a banana, which is a rich source on its own.

This electrolyte is necessary to  and heart of function properly.


Magnesium is one of the most easily found minerals in the human body. However, it doesn’t get enough credit for all the roles it plays.

This mineral is actually a required substance for over 300 chemical reactions in our body.


Citrate helps you to lower acidity in your body in a way that helps you to prevent the onset of cramps, which is much more likely without this support.

It actually becomes bicarbonate when digested, which is the natural substance that controls your body’s acidity.


Chloride is another substance that you lose with perspiration. However, due to its function in the role of your metabolism, you need to resupply your body for fat loss and control over your nerve impulses.


When you add sugar to your body, it becomes glucose, which is safe and healthy in the right amounts.

This formula offers both sucrose and dextrose.

Using SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix

Each of the servings of SOS Coconut Hydration mix is already divided into the correct dosage for a single glass of water.

You will just need to pour the packet into your glass, mix it up, and drink. By condensing each serving down to just one packet, you can easily bring the SOS mix with you wherever you go for the best delivery of electrolytes.

Once you prepare your drink, you need to drink it within 24 hours for the best results.

Pricing For SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix

Right now, the only place that you can purchase any of the drink mixes is on Amazon. You can choose from:

  • Recovery SOS, mango: $16.63
  • SOS Rehydrate, citrus or berry: $16.63
  • SOS Coconut Hydration, coconut: $17.50

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, you will need to submit your comments directly to Amazon.

Contacting The Creators of SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix

Even if you feel ready to make your purchase, you may need to ask a few questions about the SOS mix.

If you need to get ahold of the customer service team, you can fill out the online form for the company to submit an online inquiry.

No response time is listed on the website.


The SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix is made for anyone who wants to improve their hydration.

You don’t need multiple bottles of water to get through your workout, and you don’t need to grab a sports drink on the way to the gym.

You have the power to properly prepare the drink your body really needs. All you need to do is, remember to bring your packet of SOS Coconut Hydration Drink Mix.

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