Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein Review

Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein (or simply Curamin Enhanced for short) is a whey protein product, ideal for sports nutrition, with a curcumin-based pain relief product.

Here’s our Curamin Enhanced review.

What Is Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein?

Curamin Enhanced is a whey protein powder combined with Curamin-brand curcumin pain reliever. The product comes in two sizes – a single-use 1-ounce packet and a 24-ounce resealable package.

Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein Features: How Does It Work?

Curamin Enchanced works on two different levels: pain relief and sports nutrition. The pain relief component comes from Curamin, a specific brand of curcumin.

Often sourced from turmeric, curcumin is a phytochemical that provides for natural yellow-orange food coloring and is also widely used in nutritional supplements for its excellent antioxidant capabilities.

You can read more on Curamin-brand curcumin below.

The whey protein component of Curamin Enhanced is designed to promote sports performance, enhance muscle gain, and reduce age-related muscle loss by providing the body the protein it needs to break down into amino acids used to build and strengthen muscle.

Who Makes Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein?

Curamin Enhanced is a product of Terry Naturally Vitamins, a dietary supplement company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and owned by Terry and Debra Lemerond.

In addition to owning and operating the company’s online storefront, the Lemeronds have two Terry Naturally storefronts in Wisconsin, with the first being opened in 2006.

Through the online and brick-and-mortar storefront, the Lemeronds sell dozens of their own products, ranging from antacids to vitamins.

Along with his wife, Terry has been involved in the natural supplement industry since 1982 when he was instrumental in introducing Ginko biloba and milk thistle to the US market.

Terry also had a hand in introducing botanical standardization to the US supplement industry at that time as well.

Terry has received several accolades for his work in the supplement industry, including the ABC Champion Award from the American Botanical Council and the President’s Award from both the Southwest and the Southeast Natural Products Association.

Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein Ingredients

Each 30g serving of Curamin Enhanced contains the following ingredients:

  • 21g of a proprietary blend of whey protein and whey protein isolate, made from dairy sourced from cows not treated with bovine growth hormones

Curamin Enhanced is made without salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, or artificial preservatives.

Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein Pricing

There are two different sizes of Curamin Enhanced. The 24-ounce package is $53.95, while the single-use 1-ounce packet is $2.95.

Standard shipping to most locations in the United States is free. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories is $18.95, as is 2-day air shipping. Next day air is available for $26.95. International shipping charges vary by country.

Local Wisconsin customers can of course visit one of the two Terry Naturally locations within the state to purchase Curamin Enhanced or any other product the company carries.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Curamin Enhanced doesn’t have much of a review history. Its Amazon entry has just 1 review, which happens to be 5 stars, so you really can’t use that to provide a definitive understanding of the product.

However, other Terry Naturally products on Amazon have been reviewed extensively. One of its curcumin products, Curamin Extra Strength, has a truly impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars with 701 reviews.

73 percent of these reviews were from customers who gave the product 5 stars, giving a strong indication that Terry Naturally has a well-earned reputation for natural supplements.


  • Backed by Science – The curcumin in Curamin Enhanced has been proven to be an excellent anti-inflammatory. This means that taking Curamin Enhanced as a workout supplement may provide mild to moderate pain relief from sore workout muscles.
  • Protein Supports Fitness – The whey protein in Curamin Advanced provides excellent support for anyone hitting the gym.


  • May Not Work for All Types of Pain – Curamin Enhanced seems to work best on muscle pain. Others taking Curamin products from Terry Naturally who suffer from non-muscular pain, like nerve pain, have reported not having much in the way of relief.
  • Expensive – Curamin Enhanced is certainly up there in regards to price. Whey protein by itself is usually much less expensive, so it seems that adding Curamin to this product has resulted in it being quite costly.

Should You Buy Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein?

Curamin Enhanced may be a bit on the pricey side, but if you suffer from muscle stiffness and soreness after your workouts, this product may be beneficial in taking the edge off.

You may want to buy a couple of the single-use packets first before committing to the larger, more expensive package.

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