Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer Review – Natural Cold Brew & Iced Coffees?

Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer

Each year more and more men and women report higher levels of exhaustion that can’t really be linked to any particular cause.

This makes it difficult to lead a productive lifestyle and explains why there is a large number of Americans that fall into the habit of procrastination, which is the action of putting things off to later.

Although, leading a healthy lifestyle with balanced eating habits and sleep schedules are essential in order to ensure high levels of energy, in the United States there is a constantly growing number of citizens drinking large amounts of coffee due to the drinks stimulating properties.

In fact, coffee is considered being the go-to solution for sleepiness, lack of concentration, and fatigue for students and workers alike.

Furthermore, coffee is a hot beverage that men and women drink in specific contexts that are unifying and stimulating.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant on both physically and mentally as it not only enhances energy levels in the body but also encourages mental functions and increases focus and alertness.

For that reason, it is quite common to find coffee being served in meetings and study groups.

However, except for coffee enthusiasts, the hot beverage can come across as bitter which is a characteristic that doesn’t agree with a lot of consumers. Therefore, caffeine is served in a variety of forms in order to cater to the population’s different tastes.

In some popular coffee chains, the drink is served with chocolate, a lot of milk, sweeteners, and other flavored additives.

The most common way to adapt the taste of coffee to the person drinking it is by adding coffee creamer.

Usually, coffee-creamer only consists of a light cream that softens the drink’s bitterness.

Adding a light cloud of cream or milk lightens the color of the beverage and adds some flavor and texture to it which appeals to a larger number of Americans.

Coffee-Mate is a line of coffee creamer launched by the multinational Nestlé in order to provide their customers with a wide range of creams to add to their coffees.

These flavored coffee creamers not only appeal to a larger public but they also promote a more exciting and enjoyable coffee-break.

Coffee-Mate products are an affordable and convenient way to make caffeine beverages from home without having to go to fancy coffee shops.

In this article, we will present the Coffee-Mate line in order to help you decide if you should give these revolutionary products a try.

More About Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer

The Nestlé line Coffee-Mate started off with a conventional creamer named Natural Bliss which is a creamer composed of natural and delicious ingredients that are easily traceable.

The Natural Bliss formula includes components such as milk and cream sourced from hormone free cows and completely excludes GMO ingredients.

This first product was already revolutionizing the market of creamers due to the fact that its formula was simple, healthy, and safe for users to consume as it didn’t contain any additives, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.

In addition, Natural Bliss exists in five different flavors Sweet Cream, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Cream, and Salted Caramel.

The success of Natural Bliss is considered by the founders of Coffee-Mate as the starting point of successful experiments which led to developing more and more innovative products. Thus, the brand came up with new interesting and surprising flavors such as Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Toffee Truffle, and Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Additionally, Coffee-Mate experts even created Coconut Crème, a flavor inspired directly by consumers.

Committed to providing products that cater to all of their customers’ needs, Coffee-Mate developers even created a coffee creamer that can be taken anywhere.

Coffeemate 2Go is a portable concentrated creamer that exists in all the cited flavors and which enables convenient and easy flavoring.

With Coffeemate 2Go users are able to add some flavor to their coffees at work, at a friend’s house, or even on a terrasse in Paris as the ingenious product doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be taken literally anywhere.

Coffee-Mate Flavored Coffee Selection

As the Coffee-Mate line has grown new products have been developed such as a range of Iced-Coffee and Liquid Coffee Creamer.

These products are original but also efficient ways to support consumers during their day by providing delicious caffeine in a variety of forms.

The refreshing Iced-Coffee are the ideal solution for coffee enthusiasts in summer or living in warm regions such as California.

The new Cold Brew and Iced-Coffees are the ultimate mix of natural, healthy, and tasteful cream and coffee which promote significant levels of energy and satisfaction.

By creating this line, Coffee-Mate extended their reach and increased the accessibility of caffeine rich beverages especially due to the fact that these drinks have a lot of health benefits.

Coffee has been proven to not only increase energy levels but also boost cognitive functions and mood.

Therefore, drinking coffee is an efficient way to improve your day and increase productivity which explains the product’s popularity.

Furthermore, caffeine has thermogenic properties which support weight loss by converting fat cells into fuel for the body.

Thus, if you would like to drink more coffee but you would like to add more flavor to it in order to enjoy the stimulating drink more, the coffee creamers produced by Coffee-Mate are the right additives for you as they enable you to add delicious flavored creamers to your coffee in a safe and healthy manner.

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