Just Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7

Just Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7

About Just Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7

What is surprising is the push we are exposed to from the medical field, journalists, nutritionists and all things in between, for Vitamin D. There is some suggestion that anyone who lives north of the equator should be taking a Vitamin D supplement. But, have we ever questioned why that is? Or the potential risks it could cause if one is also deficient in Vitamin K.

It is possible you’re asking yourself what is Vitamin K even? And that, is a problem. Because, Vitamin K2 especially has huge benefits and arguable one of the best dietary supplements out there. Specifically, in the Western world (diet). There are studies available that have shown Vitamin K2 can help reduce the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Still wondering why, you haven’t heard of it?

K2-7 and Diabetes

Studies have shown that Vitamin K2 can be beneficial to those who are pre-diabetic or those who are already diagnoses. In as little as four (4) weeks, use of Vitamin K2 can increase insulin sensitivity and protect against the disease all together.

Vitamin K2-7 and Osteoporosis

Many people who are conscious of their bone health, are often consuming a vitamin like Vitamin D because of the release of osteocalcin, which is pivotal in the body’s bone building cells. What those same people may not be aware of however, is that the osteocalcin is inactive until it is activated by Vitamin K2-7.

The osteocalcin needs to be active for it to become carboxylated and then allow the calcium from the blood steam into the bones. Published studies have shown that Vitamin K2 can halt bone mineral density loss which has resulted in huge benefits for those who suffer with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Vitamin K2-7 and Heart Disease

The Rotterdarm Heart Study was conducted over a ten (10) year period and the results were amazing. It shows that participants who consumed Vitamin K2 in their diet, experience a 57% reduction in death as the result of heart disease.

As mentioned above, and its ability to carry the calcium from the blood stream instead of the blood vessels, it is able to prevent arterial calcification and other deficiencies related to heart health.

The K2-7 Vitamin is also key in the health of mitochondria cells. Where with its use can help prevent muscle cramping, and increase the use of oxygen consumption which can increase the cardiac output by up to 15%.

Vitamin K2-7 and Cancer

Documentation is always important, and that’s why there have been more than forty (40) published studies on the role Vitamin K2-7 can play, with the prevention and fight against cancer.

These studies have proven to induce apoptosis in vitro with leukemia cells and lower the consumers risk of liver and prostate cancer. In another study patients infected with Hepatitis B or C, who we know are at greater risk for developing liver cancer were given Vitamin K2. What they found was, less than 10% of the patients who took the Vitamin K2 developed liver cancer where the other group of patients who did not consumer it, developed cancer at a high rate of 47%.

Those are some pretty remarkable differences, and almost seems medical irresponsible for the supplement to not be part of a standard plan of treatment.

Is Vitamin K2-7 Good for Kids?

Yes! It absolutely is great for kids. While children are growing, they have eight (8) times the amount of bone turnover – like the way the K2-7 supplement works for osteoporosis, using this product can help for stronger bones and prevent injuries such as breaks.

Benefits of the Just Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7

  • Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free
  • Salt, Sugar, Allergen Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Halal
  • GMO Free

Other important facts to note are that this is the only 320 mcg natural supplement for K2-7 available on the market today. And, the only one that has ultra-absorption complex made of chelated minerals (magnesium, boron and zinc).

This product is also pharmaceutical grade and all-natural K2 which is simply not available in this quality on the market. Due to its sensitivity to light and heat, to maintain its purity the manufacturing process is key. The group at Thrive Probiotic took no chances in quality practices and as a result has been able to deliver the highest grade and quality K2-7 supplement available.

It is possible you had no idea that this product existed – or the benefits of the K2-7 in general. What is important is that you do now. There are so many benefits to this product including how other vitamins, like Vitamin D for example, work in our bodies.

When taking care of our Vitamin and Mineral health, knowing all the information available can be difficult, for sure. But, if we know that K2-7 is pivotal in the prevention of above noted diseases and its role in the function of other medications, what more do we need to know?

How to Order Just Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7

Thrive Probiotic Vitamin K2-7 can be purchased online for $49.99 – this comes with a 30-day supply of the supplement.

There are bulk orders also available when shopping their website.

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