Winclove Probiotics Review – Quality Probiotic Bacteria Formulations?

Winclove Probiotics

Winclove Probiotics is an Amsterdam-based probiotic supplement distributor with 25 years of experience selling products around the world. Here’s our Winclove Probiotics review.

What is Winclove Probiotics?

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Winclove Probiotics is a probiotic supplement distributor that has partnered with pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers around the world.

The company has been manufacturing probiotic formulas for over 25 years. Today, their products continue to be sold under private labels worldwide.

Winclove Probiotics has several unique distinctions from other probiotic distributors. The company sells probiotic formulas designed to address specific health concerns, for example, including gut health, allergies, brain health, and ear health, among others.

The company’s product family is also separated into different sections for different age groups.

Winclove Probiotics Products

Today, you can find Winclove Probiotics supplements sold under private labels (i.e. under another manufacturer’s name) or under a co-brand. Winclove Probiotics focuses on the b2b market, so you won’t find the company selling directly to consumers.

The company’s products and formulas include:

Gut Products

Winclove Probiotics may be best-known for its gut health supplements, primarily the Ecologic brand. These formulas promise to improve your gut health in different ways.

Ecologic Relief, for example, promises to reduce constipation, while Winclove Travel promises to reduce the risk of travelers diarrhea. The company’s full lineup of gut products includes:

  • Ecologic 825
  • Ecologic AAD
  • Ecologic Relief

Winclove Travel

Age Specific

Winclove Probiotics manufactures different supplements depending on age. The company’s age-based products include all of the following:

  • Winclove Baby
  • Winclove Junior
  • Winclove Adult
  • Winclove Senior

The supplements are designed to improve the overall intestinal health of different age groups, including newborns, children, adults, and the elderly.


Winclove Probiotics categorizes two of its supplements as urogenital health supplements. These supplements include both of the following:

  • Ecologic Femi+
  • Winclove Clear

Winclove Clear prevents recurrent urinary tract infections while Ecologic Femi+ prevents recurrent vaginal candida infections.

Brain Health

There’s evidence that good probiotic supplements can improve brain and cognitive health. With that in mind, Winclove Probiotics has released a brain health supplement called Ecologic Barrier which promises to reduce depressive symptoms:

Ear, Nose, Throat Health

You can improve the health of your ear, nose, and throat by taking a probiotic. Winclove Probiotics sells just one product in this category:

The supplement specifically promises to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.


Winclove Probiotics makes probiotic allergy formulas designed to reduce your risk of various allergy symptoms, including all of the following:

  • Ecologic Allergycare
  • Ecologic Panda
  • Winclove Tolerance

Allergycare is designed for the overall management of allergy symptoms, while the other two are designed to target specific allergy concerns: Ecologic Panda reduces your risk of eczema and allergies, for example, while Winclove Tolerance helps you manage lactose intolerance.


Winclove Probiotics sells one formula categorized as a sport supplement:

This sports supplement promises to reduce physical or mental stress associated with physical activity, helping you recover more quickly.

What Makes Winclove Probiotics Different?

Obviously, all probiotic supplements promise similar things: they promise to provide your body with high levels of beneficial bacteria, improving your gut health and leading to health benefits throughout your body. What makes Winclove Probiotics different?

Winclove Probiotics developed its flagship formulas – like Ecologic – in collaboration with leading European universities and academic hospitals.

They’ve also tested their formulas in human trials with positive results. Other advantages of the company’s supplements include:

  • Multispecies supplements, with strains that were carefully selected for compatibility
  • Evidence-based with both in vivo and in vitro evidence (it’s been shown to work in human cells within the body and outside the body – like in a lab)
  • High cell count, with at least 5 * 108 colony-forming units (CFU) in each gram
  • 1 to 2 years of stability at room temperature with no refrigeration needed
  • Excellent survival of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • High viability and metabolically active bacteria

Bacterial strains are naturally derived and “typically of human origin”, explains the official website; they also have QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) status or an extensive safety file.

All formulas are made in a GMP-certified facility and tested for their efficacy. The formulas also have a 1 to 2 year stability at room temperature.

About Winclove Probiotics

Winclove Probiotics was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam. The company describes itself as “a life sciences company with a more than 25-year history and core competencies in the area of probiotic development”.

Winclove Probiotics manufactures its formulas in a GMP-certified facility. You can contact the company by email at [email protected] Typically, you’ll find Winclove Probiotics formulas included in other probiotic supplements. Watch for the company’s name on probiotic labels sold near you.

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