XGrip Trainer Review – Abdominal Muscle Body Shaper Burns Waist Fat?

The core is one of the most difficult regions of the body to train, especially through resistance exercises that are intended to increase lean muscle mass size. A shredded core with six pack abs is arguably one of the most common goals of individuals performing regular weight loss or muscle building exercise, but they can be incredibly hard to achieve.

In order for the abdominal muscles to be visible, the overall body fat percentage must be lower than 11% to 12%. It’s easier to gain visible abs by building lean abdominal muscle mass while burning adipose fat, which creates more defined muscles that will push through subcutaneous fat for a more striking six pack effect. In order to achieve a shredded core, it’s necessary to follow a carefully balanced plan that incorporates both dietary and exercise techniques that work in synergy.

Many fitness enthusiasts and weight loss seekers find that no matter how hard they hit the gym or how long they train, they are unable to succeed in gaining six pack abs. Crunches and sit-ups can only take the body so far, while compound total-body exercises that train the core such as deadlifts or squats also increase the size of the calves, which some individuals don’t want, and have a high risk of injury.

A new training solution, however, is providing fitness enthusiasts with a highly effective and fast acting way to train their core and achieve six pack abs with minimal effort. The XGrip Trainer is a revolutionary new training tool that uses a triple-action exercise methodology to rapidly train the core muscles and burn away unwanted abdominal adipose body fat.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the XGrip Trainer and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right tool to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

What is the XGrip Trainer?

The XGrip Trainer is a groundbreaking new core training device that has been built from the ground up with one goal in mind- to facilitate the growth and toning of the core, uncovering ripped six pack abs. The XGrip Trainer focuses on helping fitness enthusiasts achieve one of the most difficult aspects of the fitness training process- burning abdominal fat.

While it’s possible to build large, powerful abdominal muscles through both compound lifts and isolation exercises, no matter how strong they are they won’t create a visible six pack unless the fat covering them is burned away. The XGrip Trainer works by burning away the subcutaneous fat that covers the abdominal muscles, rapidly eliminating cellulite and boosting muscle tone to make achieving six pack abs incredibly easy.

The principles behind the XGrip Trainer are based in clinical science and have been confirmed by University Research. When used in an eight week intensive peer-reviewed double blind clinical investigation, the XGrip training methods delivered significantly reduced stomach fat and skin fold thickness, providing fitness enthusiasts with a scientifically-proven way to dramatically lower waist fatty tissue thickness.

How the XGrip Trainer Works

The XGrip Trainer incorporates three different training methods to create a triple-action system that simultaneously burns fat while toning and sculpting abdominal muscle. The primary action of the XGrip trainer is a twisting motion, which has been proven in clinical investigations to deliver the most intense resistance-based abdominal muscle training exercise motion possible.

Targeting the abdominals, the obliques, and the adonis belt, the twisting action of the XGrip Trainer yields maximum results by building not only the core six-pack abdominals, but the accessory muscles around them for an incredibly strong and tight core.

The second principle of the XGrip trainer incorporated direct abdominal pressure forces that force the core abdominal muscles to engage. By applying external pressure to the core, it’s forced to tighten, strengthening muscle mass and rapidly burning away stored fat energy. When combined with the twisting motion of the XGrip trainer, the direct abdominal pressure is more than three times more effective than traditional sit ups or crunches.

The third and final principle of the XGrip Trainer uses massage to promote higher blood flow, vascularity, and breaks up fat deposits to allow for their rapid breakdown into energy to fuel workouts. Massage has been proven in multiple scientific investigations to increase the rate at which the body is able to both burn fat and build new lean muscle mass. Using the XGrip Trainer to break up the subcutaneous body fat that obscures the abdominal muscles causes them to become lean and visible incredibly fast.

The XGrip Trainer Verdict

The XGrip Trainer is backed up by peer-reviewed clinical evidence and incorporates the three most powerful core training methods into one simple, effective, and fast acting solution that can be easily integrated into any existing workout regime. If you’re looking for the ultimate core training solution, look no further than the XGrip Trainer.

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