KLEM Organics Review – Best Brazilian Coffees, Vegetables & Avocados?

Coffee is easily one of the most popular breakfast drinks in the Western world. Studies have found that in the United States alone, coffee is a $30 billion a year industry. As coffee has become more popular, the way people drink their coffee has started to change. While a decade ago, coffee was about fueling a long day, now making the perfect espresso or cold-press is more of an art form.

And in order to make just the right cup of this popular drink, people need the right beans, causing an increase in coffee growers who use more specialized methods. This growing desire to have just the right beans for the perfect coffee is why Klem Organics was created.

Klem Organics is a coffee company that offers the best organic coffee in all of Brazil. Winning multiple awards and being nominated for many more, Klem Organics is changing how coffee beans are farmed in a country that has long been praised for its superior products. For those looking for a rich bean experience, Klem Organics offers the perfect selection.

About Klem Organics

Klem Organics is a company that has dedicated itself to creating the best organic coffee in all of Brazil. With a deep respect for the land and its people, Klem Organics has been able to bridge the gap between the need to produce enough to thrive and crafting the highest quality products possible.

All products sold through Klem Organics is harvested on the Klem Farm, where there is a deep dedication to the organic lifestyle. By offering beans that have been processed in a variety of ways, Klem Organics is the perfect company for those who want the best taste from the highest quality beans.

From start to finish, Klem Organics farms using natural and organic methods. Located in the municipality of Luisburgo, the Klem Farm is planted with great care in small batches.

Following the strictest harvesting regulations, Klem Organics is able to produce the best beans while remaining sustainable and committed to superior practices. While Klem Organics is just reaching the North American market, it has already won several awards in Brazil and hopes to expand its business to include fresh produce.

What Makes Klem Organics Different

The biggest difference between Klem Organics and other companies in the industry is that the Klem Farm started by looking for the best producers, long before it started selling to consumers.

Only by finding producers that respected the land and had a deep understanding of those who worked the land has Klem Organics been able to continuously produce the highest quality coffee beans in the region.

Through this deep connection with the land, Klem Organics offers beans that are visibly different than other options on the market, offering sweeter and more robust tastes for coffee connoisseurs.

Klem Organics is also different due to its focus on supporting organic crops. There are very few organic coffee farms in Brazil and those that are organic struggle to produce quality beans. Klem Organics has been named the number one organic coffee farm in the region, proving that attention to detail and dedication pays off.

All the substances used on Klem Farm are organic, allowing the plants to grow naturally, unrushed. As a result of this dedication to a natural, organic grow method, Klem Organics coffee beans are flavorful and of the highest quality, showcasing their rich history.

Another way Klem Organics has differentiated itself from the growing number of coffee bean farmers in Brazil is by focusing on micro-lots for its sources. Many coffee companies will buy beans from multiple farmers in a region, mixing them so that the flavor is inconsistent.

By mixing these beans, companies are also causing a discrepancy in the quality, mean customers never know what they’re going to get. Klem Organics uses only micro-lots for its coffee beans, meaning they all come from the same farmer.

More importantly, these are the best beans that come from Klem Farms. By growing coffee in small amounts, Klem Organics is better able to control the quality and taste of each batch, allowing customers to experience uniformity no matter when they make their purchases.

Finally, while Klem Organics has already started selling its coffee beans, the farm wants to continue to grow, offering its dedication to quality in other aspects. Soon, Klem Organics wants to begin selling its organic vegetables and avocados. For those who want to buy all their natural organic products from one place, Klem Organics is making it much easier.

Products Sold by Klem Organics

At the moment, Klem Organics coffees are available for presale, since they haven’t reached the North American market yet. For those who want to try the first line of products offered by the company, the website (KlemOrganics.com) has a sign up that will keep customers up to date and also provide a 15% discount.

Klem Organics breaks its coffee categories into the processing methods used for each batch. A list of all the different coffee bean types sold through Klem Organics, as well as a description of each, can be found below.

Fully Washed – The most thorough processing style, fully washed beans means that the flesh is removed from each bean and then dried and rested. After the resting period, these beans are then cleaned of their parchment layers, making them ready for roasting.

Semi-Washed – As the name suggests, the Klem Organics coffee beans that are semi-washed go through part of the process of a fully washed bean. However, instead of removing the parchment layer, it is left on. These coffees are usually sweeter, with a rounded acidity and a gentle, earthy undertone.

Natural – In this method, the coffee bean is completely dried as a whole fruit. While these types of beans take longer to dry and require more care, they provide a very unique taste for those looking for an exotic coffee. Natural coffees are often sweeter and contain a fuller body than the other processing methods.

For more details on each of these processing methods, as well as the corresponding options available through Klem Organics, customers can visit the above website.

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