Lipo Flavonoid Review – Natural Tinnitus Ear Ringing Day & Night Relief?

Sleep and ear related issues have often been relegated to the domain of pills and relaxants, this is because many researchers have downplayed the seriousness of these issues. However, when talking about statistical data, it can be seen that over 60% of all individuals in the UK and US face issues related to insomnia and tinnitus.

Tinnitus in particular is on the rise these days. This is because, more and more people have begun to make use of earphones and headphones which when used for long, extended periods can cause the lowering of our innate capacity to pick up subtle sound frequencies.

When people listen to loud music for long, unmonitored durations, they can be faced with a ringing sensation in their years. This ringing sound (tinnitus) can cause a series of physical issues like headaches, loss of balance, mental disturbance and cause serious debilitating issues.

In a similar vein, when we talk about Insomnia, the problem has been found to be widely prevalent in many grown men and women. Studies into the matter have pointed to the fact that over 80% of all individuals over the age of 50 experience sleeplessness in some form or the other.

While this may not seem like much, data into this condition has shown that a lack of restful sleep can cause immense strain on one’s overall quality of life. It not only causes dullness, but over long durations can severely reduce the overall functionality of our vital organs and internal mechanisms. Thus, to alleviate such issues, users can make use of supplements that are available in the market these days.

About Lipo-Flavonoid

Lipo-Flavonoid has been described as a ‘natural bioflavonoid product that has been used extensively for decades for the treatment of Meniere’s syndrome and tinnitus’. It contains only clinically validated ingredients that have been studied by researchers for decades.

Apart from its potent formula, the supplement also allows users to reclaim their quality of life and feel vital and productive again. To prove the efficacy of the supplement, the manufacturer has presented various case studies for users to read and check out.

These clinical trials clearly demonstrate the efficacy of the supplements, and allow users to make an informed choice in regards to their needs.

Lipo Flavonoid Product Range

(i) Lipo Flavonoid Night:

This special nighttime formula has been designed to help in the ‘timely – release of Melatonin’. When there is adequate melatonin in our bodies, our brain is able to relax the various muscles in our bodies, and thus achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep. Apart from that, the supplement has also been designed to help users with tinnitus get relief.

As mentioned earlier, Tinnitus can be very debilitating, and due to the constant ringing sound can cause many individuals to stay up the whole night. Thus, using its potent formula, Lipo Flavonoid Night has been formulated to relieve people of such symptoms, so that they can rest easy at night and get instant relief.

(ii) Lipo Flavonoid Plus:

Recent statistical data has shown that about 20% of all adults in the United States suffer from tinnitus. In another study, it was found that at least 2 million Americans say that they experience some “phantom” noises in their ears which make it nearly impossible to for them to function normally in their daily work related activities. All of these issues are directly related to tinnitus, and thus users experiencing such issues should consult a GP. Some of the key features of Lipo Flavonoid Plus include:


The key active agents in the supplement have been found to help Improve the ‘microcirculation rate in the inner ear’.

Fat Elimination:

An often overlooked issue is that of fat accumulation in our ear canals. Lipo Flavonoid has been designed to help prevent abnormal accumulation of fatty deposits in the inner ear. This allows for seamless listening without any ringing issues.

Histamine Regulation:

Some recent studies have suggested that the ingredients in Lipo Flavonoid Plus may possibly help in blocking histamine production in the inner ear of the sufferer. This is known to greatly help alleviate any tinnitus related issues.

(iii) Lipo Flavonoid Day/Night:

This package can be thought of as an all-in-one solution for all of one’s tinnitus issues. It is a ‘convenient Day/Night Kit’ that contains both Lipo-Flavonoid Plus for an individual’s morning and midday doses, as well as Lipo-Flavonoid Night, which helps in the timely-release of melatonin which helps users fall asleep whenever required.

In terms of dosage, Lipo-Flavonoid Plus should be consumed everyday in the morning and midday. Subsequently, the dose of Lipo-Flavonoid Night should be ingested 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Each Nighttime capsule contains 3 mg of ‘immediate-release melatonin’ to help initiate sleep mechanisms within our bodies. The supplement also delivers a 2 mg sustained release of melatonin while one is sleeping, so that users can remain fully relaxed for extended durations.

(iv) Sonorest Sleep:

This device has been especially designed for Tinnitus Sufferers’ who find it extremely hard to rest and get a good night’s sleep. ‘Sonorest Sleep Tones™’ is a device which is aimed to create a soothing environment wherein a person is able to focus on calming music that can help users get their mind of unnecessary matters.

Thus, through the gradual relaxation of our neural receptors, the device is able to alter the way our brain is accustomed to falling asleep. This can be very useful for people suffering with tinnitus, because they have to deal with a ringing buzz for extended durations.

Lipo Flavonoid Pricing and Availability

All of the aforementioned products are available for purchase through eh online shopping portal of the company. The pricing and compositional information has been clearly delineated so as to make all of the details absolutely clear and precise. Payments can be done using a host of convenient means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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