Mermaid Mask Review – Leahlani Chlorella & Spirulina Superfood Skincare?

Mermaid Mask

Leahlani Skin Care is the brand behind the Mermaid Mask founded by the sassy Leah Klasovsky. Her story is that of self-discovery. She suffered from chronic acne for many years a condition that catalyzed an idea to develop the skin care product to help save people with the same embarrassing situation.

Leah is a guru at producing skin care products. She developed her skills from Spa Luna one of the esthetician schools in Hawaiian Island. She later became a director at Hilton spa before she ventured into private practice that led to her skin care line.

Leahlani Skincare mermaid mask happens to be a product under the line. Most of its users describe it as `an emerald pot of Hawaiian goodness` and faithful to the word, its result is a precise definition of its description.

How the Mermaid Mask Works

Mermaid Mask is easy to use. It comes in a small 50 ml pack that is comfortable to hold by the grip of your hand. Once you open the package, you are attracted by its sweet scent from the natural perfumes from honey and fruits incorporated into its ingredients.

It has easy to use steps as outlined below:

  • You should first stir the mermaid oil thoroughly using the spatula in the pack. This stirring helps to soften it hence facilitate easy application. At this stage, you can use water to dilute the product.
  • After you are sure it is soft, scoop a small amount with your fingertips and apply evenly on your skin. The massage should happen on a damp skin in a circular motion to ensure that you touch all your skin parts.
  • You should then let it remain on your skin for 5 to 20 minutes before you rinse it using warm water.
  • After that, splash your skin with cold water and reveal the beautiful, purified and radiant complexion the product brings to your skin.

Benefits Of Using The Mermaid Mask

The sole purpose of using skin care products is to get a healthier, nourished, radiant and soft to touch skin. Leahlani Mermaid product does this to its best. Below we look at some of the benefits that come along with using the mermaid mask product.

  • Unlike other skin care products in the market today that are only compatible with specific skin types. It is a blend of lesser sensitive ingredients that match all skin types without compromising your comfort.
  • The skin care product helps to soften your skin`s complexion– The mermaid mask is gentle on your skin and contributes to making it soft any time it’s used appropriately.
  • Gives you a renewed appearance- It is a blend of super food ingredients that strengthens skin cells and moisturizes your skin to create a more refined skin tone.

Ingredients in Mermaid Mask

The Leah Lani mermaid skin care mask is a blend of natural products with no synthetics. The product has its natural scent with no additions of fragrance or perfumes. The ingredients make the product lure well with all skin types unless you are allergic to the used ingredient in making the product.

The materials are well combined to create a concussion that will leave your skin dry and sparkling. These components include:

  • French green
  • Pure sea clay
  • Lumpiness algae
  • Essential oils from organic orange (Citrus AurantiumDulcis)
  • Moroccan chamomile (Tanacetumannuum )
  • Uncontaminated Organic Chlorella
  • Roman chamomile (Matricariachamomilla)
  • bee balm (Monardafistulosa)
  • Natural Spirulina
  • Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini)
  • Lavender (LavandulaAngustifolia)
  • ylang-ylang (CanagaOdorata)
  • Natural and raw honey
  • An absolute of white lotus flower (NelumboNucifera)
  • Beeswax absolute (Apismillifera)
  • Coriander seed (Coriandrumsativum)

From the list of products, oils of different brands are very evident. The reason why the manufacturers added the oils is to enhance the delivery of the final product. Casing point, Palmarosa is a clear example of oil in the product whose purpose is to improve hydration on the skin.

The white lotus helps to enhance the anti-fungal support of the product while the coriander assists in the anti-inflammatory responsibility of the product. As you expect, the product is sticky owing to a majority of natural honey used in its manufacture.

When the honey crystalizes, the mermaid mask gets a bit gritty a clearly dictation of its authentic nature. Due to this reaction from the honey, you are advised to thin it a little bit using water to enhance a timely performance.

Price And How To Purchase the Mermaid Mask

The mermaid is an affordable skin care products available in the market today. It is available in most of the online marketing platforms. You can also get the mermaid mask from the local store at affordable prices.

For ladies in Australia, the mermaid mask is available from Eve Organics for only AUD$ 45. You can also get the product from Leahlani`s website for only $32 she also offers international shipping services.

Feedback From Users

The skin care product has continued to gain unprecedented popularity across the globe. Different users have different remarks on the product. Most of the users heard of the product from its unique marketing strategy through its hashtag on Instagram #mermaidskin, and from then it has topped their list of skin care product.

Some users praised the product for purifying, cleansing and softening the skin in a gentle way while others praised it due to its authentic nature and ability to match all skin types. “More to maintaining healthy skin, one could as well redefine their skin complexion using its products,” one of the customers revealed. However, some of its clients term the product expensive.


  • It comes from natural ingredients hence suitable for most skin types.
  • It is easy to apply and use once you follow its precise instructions.
  • It is readily available in most beauty outlets and online markets.
  • It plays a significant role to change one’s skin complexion.


  • It comes in a small pack that prompts regular replacement due to a limited time of usage.
  • It is expensive and less affordable to most willing customers.

If you value your skin and are contemplating on purchasing a skin care product, LeahLani mermaid mask should probably end your search. From the piece, it is evident of how efficiently the product works to ensure an effective skin care.

Buy Mermaid Mask Review – Leahlani Chlorella & Spirulina Superfood Skincare?

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