Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask Review

Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask

So many of us are on this constant search for the perfect eco-friendly, nontoxic skincare line to add to our repertoire, making the care of our skin a simple, yet essential part of our daily routines.

Of all the knowledge, available to us at our fingertips, we are now more aware of the toxic components of commercial daily skincare. Now that we’ve been left to ethically revamp our skincare regimen, the search begins for safe, green, eco-friendly, and nontoxic products to bring into our homes.

Pura uses the best natural skin friendly ingredients so you can rest assured that what you are putting on your skin is not harmful, while being the most effective. The founder of Pura, Lane Edwards, has become a self-taught expert in researching ingredients so they can provide eco-friendly skincare that is sustainable and efficient.

These products contain flowers, plants, and essential oils to formulate their potions. These concoctions are developed to promote healthy, gorgeous hair and skin while using ingredients that create a deeper connection to nature.

The Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask is a beautiful, creamy, soft pink mask made with all natural silk peptides and watermelon extract, making this mask high in skin brightening vitamin C and amino acids. This overnight mask is used to gently remove dead skin cells which improves the texture of your skin, making it brighter and more youthful in appearance.

Neroli is added to improve the elasticity of your skin and stimulate cell renewal. The addition of chamomile, Aloe Vera, and witch hazel are all used to calm, soothe, and nourish the skin, leaving your face feeling soft and moisturized.

Why Watermelon?

Aside from being a delicious summer favorite, watermelon carries several health and beauty benefits. Watermelon is a natural toner, and is very rich in antioxidants; making it a great addition to skin care products for its anti-aging properties.

Watermelon is high in vitamin A which is perfect for treating oily skin. And of course, with watermelon being so high in water, this delicious fruit will help you achieve shiny, glowing, and hydrated skin.

Now with this perfect blend of watermelon, Neroli, amino acids, and other botanical ingredients, you can easily add the benefits of this all natural Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask to your daily routine. Let this mask refresh and renew your skin while you sleep.

Directions for Using Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask

After cleansing your skin, smooth onto your face and neck before you go to sleep. Leave on overnight, and gently wash off and pat dry in the morning.

The Overnight Watermelon Mask should be applied twice a week for smooth, silky, hydrated skin. The Pura Overnight Watermelon Mask was created with the most luxurious ingredients that nature has provided. These ingredients purpose is to restore and rejuvenate your natural beauty, restoring your inner peace by being in tune with nature and the ingredients it has provided for you.

Pura uses the finest natural ingredients found in nature, while remaining naturally and ethically sourced while maintaining sustainability. Most materials are grown in Canada, using as many local farmers and suppliers as possible to support fellow Canadian businesses. These products, including the Overnight Watermelon Mask don’t contain synthetics, are free of GMO’s, are paraben free, and free of phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, preservatives, artificial fragrances, and dyes.

All Pura products are gluten and cruelty free, making them eco-friendly and carbon neutral. Since 2015, after years of perfecting the results, these carefully formulated products have been formulated with the utmost quality, delivering the most powerful results.

The Overnight Watermelon Mask is the ultimate in luxury. This creamy pink mask will leave you feeling like you’ve just left the spa, while remaining in the comfort of your own bed.

Imagine being able to wake up with gorgeous, flawless, silky skin without having to leave your home. With overnight face masks bursting onto the skincare market, you can now have your very own intensive, skin healing remedy that will work while you sleep.

It’s no secret that our bodies, and our skin heal while we sleep, so it only makes sense to have a product that works for us while we sleep. The botanical ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to provide all their healing benefits. And unlike daytime masks, the Overnight Watermelon Mask is designed to stay on all night. It’s thick, rich treatment acts like a seal, so it can work while you sleep.

Whether you have dry, dull skin, or are looking for a product that will help you maintain your youthful glow, the Overnight Watermelon Mask by Pura will give you the results you want, while remaining eco-friendly and cruelty free.

The benefits of the watermelon, along with the other nourishing ingredients will work naturally, to combat aging, dullness, and dryness.

How to Order Pura Botanicals Overnight Watermelon Mask

If you are ready to make the Ultra Hydrating Mask – Watermelon, Neroli & Silk by Pura an essential part of your beauty regimen, you can order your 4 ounce jar online for $64.00

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