Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2 Review

Under Desk X-Bike Review

What Is The Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2?

Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2 is a seated exercise device with backrest that allows you to pedal your way through the day when sat down behind your desk at work.

For most office workers, sitting behind a desk is what the majority of their day consists of. Research has found that excessive time sat still or in one position can be a risk factor to the health of workers, in both physical and psychological ways.

Sitting, an inactive for such long working hours can increase the chance of obesity, risk of cardio metabolic disease and can also be linked with depression, stress and show signs of poor cognitive function.

Without disrupting productivity, it is important for office workers to remain active throughout the day and ensure every day includes a workout for their general health and wellbeing.

It is suggested that for every hour spent sat behind a desk, 5 minutes of that should be spent getting up, stretching and moving around.

A low impact workout is the best to be considered during the working day, and is exactly what the Under Desk X-bike provides.

It does not required strenuous cardio or body strengthening so it does not leave you breathless and can get your workout done whilst you work.

Before the Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2, sit or stand were the options and now you can include a cycle.

The Under Desk X-Bike is easy to slide underneath the desk like a normal office chair and has a backrest to support posture and prevent slouching. It has an adjustable seat which is great to measure up to the height of your desk. It is important for the bike to be adjustable to be able to fit it to suit you.

The pedals are ergonomic pedals with adjustable safety straps across the top of the feet to ensure you do not injure yourself by the feet slipping or getting caught anywhere around them.

The sides are open without arm rests to allow free movement which means other activities can be done at the desk as well as cycling.

Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2 Benefits

As well as physical and physiological benefits to using the Under Desk X-bike to keep the body and mind active, there are other great key points as to why these machines should be invested in the home and work offices.

The Under Desk X-bike is good for those who find sitting in an office all day uncomfortable and feel the need to fidget or get up and walk around a lot.

By keeping the legs active pedalling under the desk it will reduce the temptation to fidget or move around a lot. This can often focus the mind on the tasks ahead as workers will not have the urge to leave their desks.

Fortunately for the less active of us, there is no existing level of fitness that is required to get started with an Under Desk X-bike. It is an easy and slow paced level of exercise so will not affect work performance or productivity.

However, people that lack coordination may find it difficult to concentrate on both cycling and completing work tasks as the brain controls both.

For those who don’t have the time to work out, it is also perfect to squeeze a small amount of exercise into your daily routine without heading to the gym before or after work.

For the workplace in general, it will improve mood of the workers and create a better office atmosphere.

Unfortunately for some, some work places and offices may not allow these to be installed under the desk, because of cost, space or because if one person is provided with one, then the whole office might expect it.

These machines can be quite costly, coming in at around $180 each which may also deter some people or companies.

Another thing that may make people consider using this Under Desk Bike is, is it comfortable peddling away wearing your smart work clothes? Gym gear isn’t really a popular look in the office and it can be hard to even do a small work out without slipping into something a bit more comfortable.

Under Desk X-Bike With Backrest -2 Summary

The Under Desk X-bike is great for office and home office use.

It is becoming more and more common for people to work from home and the Under Disk X-bike can be just as, if not more useful to someone in a home office as they can use it out of working hours as well.

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