Clear Coffee Review – Refreshingly Healthy Colorless Coffee Drinks?

Clear Coffee Review

Clear Coffee is a new coffee product found online at Also known as “Clr Cff”, the coffee isn’t black or brown: it’s completely clear. Here’s our review.

What Is Clear Coffee?

Clear Coffee, also marketed under the name ClrCff, is a coffee product sold online and at Whole Foods locations across Europe. The beverage uses fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans. But unlike most coffee products, it’s totally transparent: it looks like a glass of water.

Clear Coffee calls itself “the first colorless coffee in the world”. To be fair, the coffee isn’t perfectly transparent: it has a bit of an opaqueness to it. However, you can certainly see through it.

The obvious advantage of Clear Coffee, of course, is that you can drink coffee without staining your teeth. Most of us love drinking coffee daily, but it can also lead to devastating stains on your teeth over time.

Clear Coffee was created by two Slovakian brothers living in London. The drink has been slowly rolling out across Europe, including at Whole Foods and Selfridges locations in London.

Why Is Clear Coffee Clear?

How can Clear Coffee use Arabica coffee beans while still being clear? Why does the beverage taste like coffee but look like water? What makes CLR CFF different from regular coffee?

The brothers are deliberately vague about how they achieved the transparent effect. According to an article by UK’s The Sun, they created CLR CFF “by treating ‘high-quality Arabica coffee beans’ with ‘methods which have never been used before’”.

The brothers aren’t revealing the secret behind their technology. They say vague things like, “Due to this combination of technology and high quality ingredients a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavor”.

So yeah – we have no idea how or why Clear Coffee is clear. However, the brothers insist that their beverage is free from preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, and sweeteners.

Clear Coffee Ingredients

There are only three ingredients on the Clear Coffee label:

Coffee, water, and caffeine

Each bottle has just four calories per serving.

Clear Coffee Pricing

Clear Coffee is available at a small number of health food stores and Whole Foods locations across Europe – mostly in the UK and Slovakia.

Your best source, however, is the official website, where prices work like this:

  • 2 x 200mL Bottles: £5.99
  • 5 x 200mL Bottles: £14.99

Delivery is only available in the UK. If you want to buy it in stores in London, you can find it at Selfridges and Whole Foods. There’s no information on whether or not ClrCff will be sold in the United States, Canada, or other parts of the world in the future.

Clear Coffee Reviews: What Does It Really Taste Like?

You can find a wide spectrum of Clear Coffee reviews available online. Some people claim it tastes like a good iced coffee or cold brew, while others aren’t so kind.

This YouTube reviewer, for example, took one sip and declared it was “like licking an ash tray” and said “this is horrible”:

“It’s almost like someone’s put a bit of coffee into some water and then it got cold”.

One of the surprising things about Clear Coffee is the strong flavor: there’s no milk or sweeteners added to it, so it tastes like black coffee. You take a drink and expect a water flavor, but you get a taste of black coffee.

Ultimately, Clear Coffee isn’t widely available at the moment – so most people online are just curious about the beverage and want to try it.

About Clear Coffee

Clear Coffee is a London-based brand. The coffee was created by two Slovakian brothers living in London.

Co-founder David Nagy claims the brothers were heavy coffee drinkers – but struggled with teeth stains because of it. They wanted to continue drinking coffee, but wanted to avoid staining their teeth.

Instead of using a plastic straw like most people, the brothers decided to create a transparent coffee product.

You can contact the company by email form here. Or, email them directly at [email protected]

Stay tuned for more information about Clear Coffee (CLR CFF) as it continues to roll out across Europe! We’ll let you know if it starts to be sold in the United States.

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