Declinol Review – Reduce Drinking Kit & Control Alcohol Cravings Spray?

Alcoholism is an extremely debilitating condition that can affect individuals from all walks of life. Alcohol addiction and alcoholism is one of the biggest killers in the United States, and is responsible for the death of six people every day.

Almost 75% of all alcoholism related deaths occur in men between the ages of 34 and 64. These numbers are further compounded by the 100,000 people that die every year in alcohol-related deaths.

Dependency on alcohol has a severe impact on the entire body. The cardiovascular system, the brain, the liver, the mouth, the pancreas, and the immune system are all severely damaged by alcoholism, causing a wide range of negative health effects.

Alcohol abuse can cause pain in the pancreas, liver disease, damaged brain tissue, impaired coordination, malnutrition, an impaired digestive system, sexual dysfunction, increased chances of disease, diabetes, and even infertility.

Treating alcoholism is generally a long and difficult process. Most individuals that are diagnosed with alcoholism requires a detoxification treatment, which is administered by a medical professional, generally by a doctor. Detoxification is performed through a combination of dieting, fasting, and colon cleansing, but there are a number of pharmaceuticals that are able to minimize the desire to drink such as Antabuse, Campral, and ReVia.

These solutions, although effective, are prone to causing a number of unwanted side effects such as weight gain, skin rashes, acne, drowsiness, tiredness, and impotence and sexual dysfunction. Currently, the only treatments available that don’t require pharmaceutical solutions are cognitive therapy and group therapy, neither of which are particularly effective in minimizing the withdrawal symptoms and health effects of treating alcoholism.

A new completely natural solution, however, is providing individuals seeking to reduce their alcohol intake with a highly effective and completely chemical-free formula. The Declinol solution, since release, has quickly become the number one solution around the world for quickly and safely minimizing alcohol consumption with no unwanted side effects.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Declinol solution and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your needs.

What is Declinol?

Declinol is a revolutionary new alcohol reduction treatment that is able to dramatically decrease alcohol consumption without the use of any dangerous pharmaceutical compounds. Created by Puricorp, the Declinol formula has been in development for more than 25 years and is a completely natural herb extract based solution that consists of a herbal nutritional supplement and an oral spray.

There are several different dosage strength choices of Declinol available, ranging from mild compositions that make it simple to cut back to a few social drinks, to powerful clinical strength formulas that are intended to provide support for individuals that suffer from extreme alcohol related health issues. Declinol is the only alcohol health supplement to be approved and regulated by the FDA, and is manufactured using the highest quality GRAS ingredients available.

One of the biggest advantages of Declinol, apart from the fact that it causes no side effects, is that it has no known interactions with any pharmaceutical medication, making it safe for use in almost any case imaginable.

Importantly, it’s also safe to drink while taking Declinol should self control fail- the Declinol solution is formulated to assist with managing drinking cravings. Similarly, Declinol is not a “cold turkey” detox program. Using Declinol is intended to provide individuals with craving control assistance in slowly cutting back their alcohol consumption.

How Declinol Works

There are three different Declinol strength packages, and all of them consist of a two-part system. The Declinol formula is provided in a daily supplement capsule form that enhances health and wellness while helping to manage cravings. When cravings occur, users of Declinol are able to use the second part of the system, the Declinol Craving Sprayer.

The sprayer provides an immediate and fast acting dose of the potent Declinol formula to help individuals struggling with alcohol consumption a motivation and willpower boost. As the first real-time delivery system that provides instant support to regular drinkers, the Craving Sprayer delivers a concentrated mist of wellness and health ingredients beneath the tongue, a highly effective dosing method.

Each Craving Sprayer is FDA compliant and offers a small form factor, making it easy to tuck into a pocket or a handbag. The all-glass interior of the bottle prevents leaching and ensures that the contents remain sterile and bacteria-free.

Each sprayer is coated in an easy-grip plastic coating, and the silicone rubber gasket that connects the tight-tolerance spray head to the bottle prevents leakage, keeping the contents fresh and effective. Importantly, each bottle is re-usable and can be recycled after use, making Declinol extremely eco-friendly.

The lowest strength Declinol package, Regular Strength, is intended to provide support for occasional drinkers who sometimes regret drinking “one too many” at social events. The second strength, Declinol Extra Strength, is intended to assist individuals that drink regularly and want to cut back on their drinking to healthy levels.

Lastly, Declinol Clinical Strength is formulated for those that require maximum assistance in lowering their alcohol consumption levels to health parameters and help reverse the negative health effects of alcoholism.

The Declinol Verdict

Declinol is the only two-part support system for individuals that want to cut back on alcohol consumption that doesn’t contain dangerous chemical or pharmaceutical compounds. If you’re looking for a healthy, safe, proven, and effective way to cut back on your drinking habits without going cold turkey, Declinol is one of the best choices available.

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