Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin Review

Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin Review

The Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin is an adult dietary supplement that helps repair digestive health issues. Using natural flavors and colors, the supplement delivers high amounts of fiber to the body. Dietary fiber, naturally found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, can offer a variety of health benefits.

Shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, fiber also provides relief from chronic digestive conditions such as constipation. Easy to chew and swallow, the Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin delivers essential nutrients to the body and improves overall health.

About Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin

The Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin is part of a unique line of adult gummy vitamins, created by Natural Dynamix, a company that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. Known for its extremely high standards, Natural Dynamix products are a reflection of the company values.

Founded in 2008, the company was created with the objective of providing solutions to the nutritional needs of all age groups. Combining the practices of traditional medicine and advanced technology and science, Natural Dynamix has identified groundbreaking botanicals and scientific innovations that offer powerful health benefits.

Natural Dynamix takes extensive care in the creation of every formulation due to its principles of quality, integrity, and premium ingredients.

Putting quality first, every process of product manufacturing at Natural Dynamix goes through strict protocols. Natural Dynamix adheres to the U.S FDA Dietary Standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), meeting and exceeding all regulations.

Because the company ensures the integrity and purity of every supplement remains intact, Natural Dynamix is one of the most trusted dietary supplement companies in the world.

How Can Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin Help?

As mentioned above, dietary fiber can be found in multiple food sources. Shown to help regulate bowl movements, dietary fiber is responsible for increasing the mass and size of stool.

The increased fiber lessens the risk of constipation, making it easier to pass. Aiding in weight loss, high-fiber foods are significantly filling and users are likely to eat less. Lowering blood cholesterol levels and regulating blood sugar levels, the supplement helps to lower levels of lipoprotein. Fiber can also help lower the risk of developing health conditions that are associated with heart disease, diverticular disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones and kidney stones.

Promoting digestive health, the Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin is gluten-free and contains no added sugar or preservatives. Offering four grams of fiber per every two piece serving, the supplement is antiallergenic and free of yeast, wheat, milk, soy, egg, tree nuts, shellfish, peanuts, and salicylates.

For the best results, it is recommended that users chew two Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin’s a day. Although water is not needed, users are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to maintain health and support digestive functions.

Ingredients In Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin

The main ingredient in the Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin supplement is chicory. A plant native to Europe, North America, and Australia, the root of this perennial herb has been used as a coffee substitute for years.

Inexpensive and easily accessible, chicory was used during times of coffee shortages throughout history. Today, it can still be seen in New Orleans style coffee, blended with regular or decaffeinated coffee, also known as Chicory Root Coffee. A sweet tasting botanical, the flavor comes from the inulin found in the Chicory Root.

Inulin is a prebiotic that has been found to increase healthy digestive function. The prebiotic is a powerful soluble fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial probiotics in the digestive system.

A plant-based carbohydrate, inulin cannot be broken down by digestive enzymes, making it hardier than other prebiotic options. Because of its ability to withstand human digestive enzymes, inulin is often used in gluten-free, high fiber products such as the Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin.

Once used as a natural sweetener and now being cultivated for its inulin fiber content because soluble fibers can retain water and increase in mass, chicory can encourage feelings of fullness.

By supporting digestive health, chicory is responsible for providing the intestines with health bacteria, preventing constipation, and lowering blood cholesterol levels. Enhancing the absorption of calcium, this prebiotic fiber is essential in aiding gut health, which is why Fiber DX Gummy Vitamins are so effective.

Purchasing Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin

Fiber DX Gummy Vitamin is available for purchase on the company website ( Each containers contains 90 gummies, enough for 45 servings, and costs $24.99.

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