Apothecanna Review – Cannabis Pain Relief Spray, Oil & Cream Skincare?


Apothecanna is a company that creates beauty and wellness products that are based on the use of cannabis in the formulas.

There are products that can deal with pain, soothing dry complexions, and even your more intimate moments.

What is Apothecanna?

Treating your body with healthy ingredients is the best way to improve your body. Natural ingredients are often the best way to nourish your body, since there’s little chemical interference.

However, the use of cannabis in some of these treatments is currently being promoted within the industry.

While you should nourish your body with caution in every instance, the natural opportunities with Apothecanna may significantly improve your condition.

Apothecanna nourishes the active muscles that you constantly strain and exert past their limits, but cannabis is included for its therapeutic properties.

You will have all the strength of traditional medicine, but without the common side effects that you suffer from.

You will be able to use completely natural ingredients, which triggers the soothing of your pain and inflammation so that you can get on with your day.

Along with the use of cannabis, you will also find organic ingredients, pressed oils, and essential oils. This company doesn’t test on animals or use artificial substances.

Products from Apothecanna

There are many different remedies that you can find through Apothecanna, helping you to treat numerous issues.

It can reduce pain, soothe skin, or even improve moisture. Regardless of your needs in the climate of your body, Apothecanna can nourish you.

Read on below for information about a few of the different remedies offered through Apothecanna right now.

Everyday Face Oil

The Everyday Face Oil supplement improves the hydration and radiance of your complexion, making it especially benefits in the drier areas.

To make the formula even better, the aromatic notes of the ingredients accent the effectiveness.

The oil includes:

  • Avocado oil, which hydrates your skin and improves the number of vitamins in your complexion
  • Mandarin, which acts as an antispasmodic
  • Cedar, which reduces inflammation and cleanses your complexion
  • Geranium, to give you antimicrobial protection and reduce swelling in your skin tissue
  • Calendula, to reduce discomfort and bacteria on your complexion
  • Sweet orange, which has an impressive impact on your mood
  • Cannabis, to reduce unhealthy bacteria and inflammation

You can massage the face oil to your face and scalp for improved moisture. It should follow your cleansing routine.

You can purchase it from the website for $36.00.

Extra Strength Relieving Body Oil

Extra Strength Relieving Body Oil acts quickly to help you get the relief you need from inflammation and pain.

The treatment is perfect for anyone about to engage in physical activity, but it can be used after as well. You can use it around your joints and the rest of your body easily.

To make the benefits possible, the remedy offers:

  • Menthol, for a cooling effect
  • Arnica, to reduce inflammation
  • Peppermint, to promote a clean environment and to reduce swelling
  • Juniper, to help with stressed joints
  • Clove, to stimulate your senses and to manage the purity of your skin
  • Cannabis, to help with inflammation and bacteria

You can apply the formula to any area of your body that is suffering from inflammation. It can also be used to refresh your body after exposure to the sun or participation in a physically-active task.

You can purchase the Relieving Body oil for $54.00.

Calming Crème

The Calming Crème is the perfect way to nourish your body with necessary ingredients, improving the softness of your complexion.

The formula is entirely vegan, and it helps you achieve the meditative state that you want to be in.

Along with the use of cannabis, the cream contains:

  • Lavender, to soothe and relax your body with its aromas
  • Chamomile, to act as an analgesic
  • Frankincense, which helps to cleanse and nourish any discomfort

To get the benefits, you will massage the formula onto your entire body, with special attention to the parts of your body that need the most attention. You can even apply it to calm you in a moment of extreme duress to your temples.

The Crème is available for $40.00.

Stimulating Body Oil

The Stimulating Body Oil is used to help improve the function of your muscles in a safe and healthy way.

You can use it when you first get up in the morning, or you can massage your legs and arms right before you work out.

You will end up with a helpful blend of ingredients that helps you improve blood flow, which hydrates you and helps to warm up your muscles.

The ingredients in this remedy include:

  • Avocado oil, to reduce toxins and deliver a healthy dose of vitamins with each use
  • Ginger, which is used for its analgesic properties
  • Capsaicin, which reduces inflammation
  • Grapefruit, which acts as both an antiseptic and antidepressant
  • Calendula, which has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cannabis, to reduce swelling and unhealthy bacteria

You can massage the oil into whatever area of your body that you want to sooth. There’s no restriction on how frequently it should be applied for those effects.

The body oil is available for $36.00.

Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

The Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil offers plant-based ingredients that can make you feel more sensitive and arounds.

It can be used on anyone, even if you aren’t engaging with a partner. This remedy is made with:

  • Jasmine, to soothe your body and increase arousal
  • Coconut, which enriches the skin and makes you more lubricated
  • Argan oil, to promote better blood flow
  • Cannabis, to reduce inflammation and to function as an analgesic

To get the aphrodisiac effect that you wanted from Apothecanna, you will need to massage it into your erogenous zones (neck, chest, etc.) about 15 minutes before you plan to engage in sexually intimate moments.

The intimacy oil is available for $52.00.

Contacting Apothecanna

When you’re treating your body with products that have such a controversial ingredient, you want to know as much as possible about the way each one works.

The customer service team can answer any inquiries that you may have via phone or email.

Call 1-888-643-8883 to get ahold of a representative directly. However, even if you have to contact them electronically, there are several email addresses you can use, depending on your needs:

Apothecanna Review Summary

Apothecanna helps you to get the relief that your complexion, your muscles, and your mind need. There’s so much chaos in life, and it helps to have a solution like the formulas that this cannabis-based company promotes.

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