Cannabliss Review – Organic Cannabis Serum, Lotion & Body Oil Skincare?


Working like a giant sponge, the skin takes in little bits of everything to which in comes in contact.

With so many pollutants and contaminants in the air, water, and skin care products, the nature of skin is constantly putting it at risk.

And the longer the skin is exposed to these toxins, the more likely it is to deteriorate in health, showing premature signs of aging, acne, darks spots, and texture and complexion problems.

Skin care products are supposed to protect the skin. Unfortunately, a vast majority of them contain the same ingredients that puts the health of skin at risk.

The key to finding skin care products that will truly protect and support the skin is to use options that contain natural ingredients.

Cannabliss Organic Skin Care is a company that has committed itself to crafting the highest end, quality skin care options.

Using botanicals and powerful hemp oil, the products at Cannabliss truly transform the skin, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

About Cannabliss

Using ancient Korean herbs and full spectrum hemp oil, Cannabliss is a skin care company that focuses on healing and pampering the skin.

Over the years, as the medicinal uses for hemp have been explored more closely, the transformative power of hemp oil has become increasingly obvious.

Despite many focusing on how the oil works within the body, Cannabliss found that the nourishing botanical provided a wide range of benefits for the skin.

As a result, Cannabliss focuses on using organically grown hemp oil from Colorado to be the driving force behind all its products.

Cannabliss is so effective because all of its products start with an organic and natural carrier oil for its base.

Because most skin care companies use water as their base, diluting the product, the potency of Cannabliss are quite different than other options on the market.

After the natural base is established, Cannabliss adds its powerful hemp oil, combining its nourishing and powerful benefits with essential oils.

By using natural ingredients, Cannabliss is protecting the skin while supporting its overall health.

Finally, Cannabliss adds Korean herbs that have been used since ancient times, enhancing the already powerful ingredients used in the company’s formulations.

It’s this three step process that makes Cannabliss so effective, giving them the power to protect and heal the skin.

What Makes Cannabliss Different

There are several reasons Cannabliss stands above other skin care products on the market. The biggest difference between this company and others is its use of hemp as its main ingredient.

Hemp has been found to contain several healing properties in its biological make up. These compounds work within the structures of the skin to hydrate, repair, and revitalize, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

Contrary to traditional skin care products that use harmful chemicals to provide results, Cannabliss products are all about healing and soothing the skin.

And because Cannabliss hemp does not contain THC, it is completely safe and legal in all 50 states.

Cannabliss is a strong believer in taking an organic and holistic approach to its manufacturing processes.

In order to keep with these standards, Cannabliss only uses the purest natural and organic ingredients, working to nurture the skin from the outside in.

While hemp is an example of the Cannabliss holistic approach, the skin care company is also different for its use of ancient Korean herbal formulations.

These blends have been based down from generation to generation, coming from teachings that date back to the Korean royal court.

These unique formulations aren’t just natural, they are powerful and able to bring about a balance to the skin, something very few other companies can provide.

While a lot of time and energy was put into crafting the perfect formulation for Cannabliss, the company differentiates itself in ways beyond just its products.

To protect the integrity of every Cannabliss blend, the company has come up with several innovative packaging options.

For example, Cannabliss bottles use an airless pump. By keeping air out of these bottles, the company is able to prevent oxidation and the breakdown of the quality of its ingredients, all without the use of dangerous preservatives.

As a result, users are able to use their Cannabliss products with consistency in quality. In addition to maintaining the quality of its products, Cannabliss also uses eco-friendly packaging that protects the environment as well.

Products Sold by Cannabliss

The majority of Cannabliss products can be broken down into two main categories, skin care and spa.

Because Cannabliss is more focused on quality than quantity, each of these categories carries fewer products than many would expect to find with large companies.

However, these options are still able to provide thorough and comprehensive skin care support.

The Cannabliss categories are described below, with brief descriptions of their products.

Cannabliss Skin Care

Bliss Body Oil ($60) – A body oil that hydrates and nourishes the skin to give users a glowing and smooth complexion.

The oil also restores moisture in the skin, reversing and preventing signs of aging in the tone and texture.

Hemp Salve ($55) – Considered an all-purpose healing option, this salve rubs smoothly onto the skin, easing irritations on the skin.

When applied, Hemp Salve is also able to ease the pains of strained or injured muscles and joints, melting into the skin to provide hydration and nourishment.

Moisturizing Face Lotion ($80) – A light weight, vegan lotion that works on even the most sensitive of skin, this option combats signs of aging and rejuvenates the skin, leaving users looking more youthful and healthy than before. With intense hydration features, this face lotion protects the skin from stressors.

Revitalizing Face Serum ($120) – A nutrient dense formulation that simultaneously hydrates and firms the skin.

Working beneath the surface, the face serum promotes the regeneration of skin cells, brightening and evening the complexion for long-term results.

Cannabliss also offers a sample kit for those who want to try the products before committing to a larger purchase.

Cannabliss Spa

Bliss Body Oil ($60) – A hydrating and nourishing body oil that can be effortlessly rubbed into any part of the body, replenishing and restoring a youthful and healthy tone, texture, and complexion.

To enhance the effects of Bliss Body Oil, Cannabliss also sells naturally scented candles. The company also sells jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

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