Max Capacity Training Review – Samy Peyret’s Muscle Building Workouts?

Over the years, complex training methods have evolved into easy techniques which can be easily picked up by novices and amateurs.

Many trainers and fitness experts have devolved complex training modes into simpler exercises, which can be performed in the comfort of one’s home.

Exercises like breath control, simple muscle flexes can greatly optimise the way our metabolic centres work and govern our fat oxidation rate. Simple yogic techniques allow users to greatly increase their lung capacities, thus allowing for increased stamina and endurance.

A key benefit of these methods is that they can be done in short periods, as well as in confined spaces. Thus, such training tools are ideal for people who lead busy lives, and can’t carve out too much time for fitness and health.

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of fitness/exercise guides available in the market. Many of the authors write from personal experience, and due to their rich experience bank, they are able to clearly outline the various techniques available throughout the world to help people lose weight, increase muscle development rate, improve athletic capability.

A majority of these trainers have simplified various techniques, so as to make the workout easier to perform. Many fitness gurus have even started to employ various traditional yoga methods into their workout regimes. For example, postures like the sun salutation, downward dog have become common features in many exercise routines.

The reason for their inclusion is that they are highly natural and promote the optimal working capacity of our body. Over time these postures align our bodies externally and internally in harmony with nature, thus many people start to feel less stress and are able to breathe more freely and openly.

About Max Capacity Training

Max Capacity Training is a workout guide that has been described as a means to turn ‘unconventional workouts into pure muscle mass’. The program entails the use of simple, yet effective means to lose weight and get the body in peak physical shape and performance. In its essence, the Max Capacity program offers users with a complete fitness plan based on ‘3 innovative time delimited protocols’.

Users will need to spend an hour a week, to sculpt their bodies via a host of specially designed training modules (48 strength building bodyweight exercises to be exact). Apart from the muscular training, there are also aspects of physical health like ‘5 principles of eating right and how to apply them in real life’ included in the guide. Thus the Max Capacity program can be thought of as a holistic approach to livings one life.

Key Features Of Max Capacity Training

Training time reduction:

The author promises to help users cut down on their overall training duration by over 80%. This is possible through a series of innovative freebase exercises which allow users to not only get fast results, but also allows them to enjoy more free time for themselves.

Endurance Development:

The simple and practical exercises have been clinically found to increase the stamina and endurance levels of an individual by upto 2 times. This is achieved via a synergistic increase in our metabolic activity as well as a reduction in lactic acid buildup.

9X times more Fat:

The exercises that have been outlined in the program if followed as prescribed, can enhance the basal fat oxidation rate by up to 9X times in our bodies.

This allows for the faster transfer of lipids and fatty acids into our cellular mitochondria, where these unhealthy compounds are burned and later used for energy buildup and release.


This is another key aspect of the program. Through the diet plans outlined in the system, users can vastly improve their muscle development rate, thereby increasing their overall power and strength levels.

Some studies have also suggested that through the use of the ‘Max Capacity’ program, one can increase his/her anaerobic activity rate by over 18%.

Max Capacity Training Reviews

The book has been in publication for quite a while now and many users have commented upon its amazing benefits. There are over 30 reviews available online, and using a weighted average of the ratings, the book received an overall score of 4.1/5 stars. Satisfied customers include Paul Hewson who says “ The guide contains sound information that cuts to the facts and puts diet myths in their place.

It gives you the power to take control of your life in a way that suits you. It teaches you how to feed yourself properly and for life. There are good illustrations for the exercises and it guides you all the way. You are left with no excuses. “

Max Capacity Training Pricing And Availability

Max Capacity training is available both as an ebook as well as in a physical format. The pricing for the paperback version is set at $12.63 and $6.3 for the kindle version.

All purchases can be made directly from the online amazon portal.

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