Orglamix Review – Vegan Skincare Box, Cruelty Free Makeup & Cosmetics?


Over the past several years, there has been a shift in how people approach their health. As a deeper understanding has grown about the role ingredients play in the health and wellness of people, whether in foods, drinks, or skin care products, people have started shying away from synthetic ingredients. And with good reason.

When the body is exposed to toxins or pollutants, it becomes more susceptible to health conditions and illnesses.

And while the shift in ingredient awareness is most obvious in the food industry, it can also be seen clearly in the skin care and makeup industry.

The skin works like a giant sponge, absorbing bits of everything to which it is exposed. This means that anything that touches the skin or that the skin touches is absorbed into the blood stream.

Because of this unique ability, people need to be extremely careful about what they put on their skin.

And because makeup and other skin care products spend the most time on the skin, what ingredients are used in these products need to be the best of the best.

Orglamix is a company that focuses on using naturally derived ingredients to make its skin care and makeup products.

In an effort to make looking beautiful healthier and safer, the company has committed itself completely to never using petrochemicals, or chemicals taken from petroleum and other natural gasses.

Because the vast majority of skin care and makeup companies opt for petrochemicals, Orglamix has set itself as being both the safest and the best company in the industry.

About Orglamix

Orglamix was started by Cheri Tracy and, as is the case with the best companies and innovations, was created to meet a very specific need.

Tracy had always loved cosmetics and began using different beauty products from a young age.

However, after years of loving cosmetics, Tracy decided to combine that love with one of her others, healthy ingredients.

With this goal in mind, the future founder of Orglamix began mixing and creating her own cosmetics, sharing them on her social media platforms.

The stunning, daring colors of her products, as well as the story of their ingredients, soon had people asking where they could get their own. And just like that, Orglamix was created.

Orglamix started with only one product, an eyeliner. However, over the past several years, the company has grown to offer hundreds of different options for customers across the company.

Despite this rapid growth, Orglamix has stayed dedicated to its roots, making products in small batches that use the fewest ingredients.

And all ingredients used by Orglamix are vegan and cruelty free, focusing on the power of minerals over any other ingredients.

While mineral makeups and skin care products have grown in popularity over the past several years, Orglamix has stayed a favorite with those who want safe products because the company is dedicated to quality, not just trends or gimmicks.

Orglamix does not use preservatives or synthetic ingredients, preferring to use natural botanicals and minerals to get its unique looks and scents.

And to prove that the company is completely on the up and up, Orglamix posts all its ingredients on its website, so customers know exactly what’s going into their cosmetics and skin care products.

What Makes Orglamix Different

The biggest difference between Orglamix is that no matter how big the company has grown, it has still stayed dedicated to making artisan crafted products. The driving force behind Orglamix is micro-manufacturing.

This means that despite the growing demand for Orglamix products, each product is still made in small batches, allowing for better control of quality.

Using innovative ingredients that are of the highest quality, the care taken to create these artisan quality, small batch products allows Orglamix products to not only do their jobs as makeups, but also improve the health and beauty of the skin. No matter how sensitive the skin of users, Orglamix is safe and has minimal side effects.

The quality of Orglamix ingredients doesn’t start at the micro-manufacturer. More than just making sure everything is done correctly once the ingredients arrive, Orglamix takes great care to source its ingredients.

The company only selects sources that offer the purest and highest quality ingredients, from minerals to botanicals. Whenever possible, Orglamix also opts for organic options, further protecting its customers.

Another way Orglamix differentiates itself from other options on the market is by being staunchly against the use of petrochemicals in its products.

All Orglamix products utilize the power of transformative natural minerals, each one picked for its specific benefits.

Whether it’s to smooth out the complexion, hydrate the skin, or fight signs of aging, the products created by Orglamix contain minerals that fight for the overall health, wellness, and beauty of the skin.

And because Orglamix products are free of petrochemicals, it is able to offer these benefits without compromising the health of users.

Finally, Orglamix may be very serious about the quality of its ingredients, but the company is downright silly when it comes to the colors and shades of its products.

The founder of Orglamix believes that life is best expressed colorfully, which is why the company offers such a diverse range of colors.

By selling palettes of varying shades and finishes, Orglamix supports the creativity in all of its customers, allowing them to express themselves in over 150 exclusive colors.

Products Sold by Orglamix

Orglamix has grown to offer more than 600 products since its inception. Due to the vast amount of merchandise available through the company, Orglamix has broken its products into categories. At the moment, Orglamix offers products in the following categories:

In addition to the products sold in the above categories, customers can find a wide range of additional support on the company website (

There are tutorials, updates on the latest styles, and even shade consultations for those who need a more personal support system.

By providing these additional benefits for customers, Orglamix is showing that it truly cares about the overall quality of its products and the happiness of its customers.

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