Six Pack Bags Operator Hydration Tactical Fitness Gym BackPack Review

Six Pack Bags Operator Hydration Tactical Fitness Gym BackPack Review

There are people in the world who live life a bit differently. While some carry briefcases to work, these people carry gear.

And while some live life in the city, these people need to be prepared for whatever nature throws at them.

In order to support this different type of lifestyle, those living it need the right tools. And the Operator Hydration Tactical Pack is the perfect place to start.

The Operator is a backpack that was designed to support those who have job requirements that are a bit outside the regular.

Crafted to stand up to most rugged environment, the tactical pack is filled with compartments and even a hydration bag, making life easier for those with active, busy lives.

What Is The Operator?

The Operator is a tactical pack made to stand up to the rugged lifestyle of those who need to train or work in harsher environments.

Whether a day on the range or a rigorous training scenario, the Operator will stand up to the limits of users.

With a compartment for meals, as well as several interior pockets, the Operator is perfect for days when people might not be able to get back to civilization quickly. And with its durable, sturdy design, the Operator will be there every single step of the way.

There are two different aspects to the Operator. The first is nutritional. When people are out on the trails or busy training, their first concern should be keeping their bodies fueled.

In order to support this basic need, the Operator comes with a water bladder pocket, a removable meal compartment, and is preloaded with several containers for supplements and food.

The second aspect of the Operator is convenience. Users of this durable tactical pack need to be able to access their tools quickly and efficiently, which is why the Operator has detachable panels, easy to use zippers, and easy to use webbing loops.

No matter where the Operator is being taken, it will provide its users with everything they need in a tactical pack.

Benefits Of The Operator

For those who have busy, active lives, the biggest benefit of the Operator is its convenience. The bag was designed for those with on-the-go lifestyles, which is why it was made to be so durable and comfortable.

Plus, the Operator is packed with pockets and compartments, making it easier for users to carry things for work or play.

Whether it’s electronics for a day out of the office or firearms for training, the Operator has space for everything.

Another huge benefit of the Operator is that it has a water bladder pocket. No one wants to deal with the awkwardness of finding, opening, and putting away a water bottle.

With the hands free drinking device, users of the Operator can stay hydrated without needing to hinder their movement.

And, studies have found that when people can drink without needing their hands, they drink more, which is important when users of the Operator are outside and active.

Features Of The Operator

The features of the Operator are the most important part of the pack. The first few features are those that make it easier for users to carry food.

For these purposes, the Operator comes with a pocket for a water bladder, a two liter water bladder, and a removable neoprene meal compartment, providing the perfect amount of insulation.

The pack also comes preloaded with three 20 ounce Sure Seal Containers, perfect for packing nutritious meals.

And these meals can stay cold with the two freezer packs that come with the Operator, keeping items cold for up to eight hours. The Operator includes a travel size supplement container for added nutritional support.

Additional features of the Operator are added to make using the pack more convenient and comfortable.

It has front and side seatbelt webbing and padded shoulders that make caring the pack comfortable and easy.

These padded shoulder straps come with webbing loops for the water bladder mouth piece, making access a breeze.

The Operator also comes with a Velcro ID panel that can be detached quickly. For those who want extra protection for their electronics, the pack includes a laptop sleeve and fleece lined interior pockets.

Finally, the quality of the Operator is clearly seen in all the little details, like the Cordura fabric, superior zippers, and hand crafted construction.

Purchasing The Operator

The Operator Hydration Tactical Pack is available for purchase on the Six Pack Bags website (, where the company is currently offering a special discount.

For a limited time only, the price of the Operator has been knocked down from $299.99 to only $225. Interested customers should act fast, as this price is subject to change.

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