ZiFit Infrared Fitness Review – Zsauna Exercise Workout Interval Training?

ZiFit Infrared Fitness

ZiFit Infrared Fitness stands for “Zsauna Infrared Fitness Interval Training”. It’s interval training in an infrared sauna. Find out everything you need to know about ZIFiT today in our review.

What is ZiFit Infrared Fitness?

ZiFit Infrared Fitness is a heart rate-based interval training system that uses full-spectrum infrared heat to push your body to the limits and maximize your training.

Today, you can find ZIFiT training studios in Michigan, although the company is preparing to rapidly expand across the United States and Canada.

Essentially, with ZIFiT, you’re performing group interval exercises in an infrared environment. The company claims that you can burn 500 to 1000 calories in a one hour class, and then continue burning calories for up to 36 hours after a workout.

In fact, just sitting in an infrared sauna for 40 minutes will burn about 300 calories – so exercising in an infrared sauna will burn even more. Today, ZIFiT has a promotion where you can try the first class for free. Let’s take a closer look at how ZIFiT works.

How Does ZiFit Infrared Fitness Work?

ZIFiT has a growing number of fitness studios across the country. Those fitness studios are outfitted with workout equipment and infrared heading. There are two basic types of equipment in a ZIFiT classroom: incline trainers and functional strength training equipment.

While doing a ZIFiT workout, the instructor tracks your heart rate. The instructor accesses a platform that lets he or she see everyone’s heart rate in the class – including their current training zone.

Your heart rate is also displayed on a monitor above the class – so you can see how your heart rate compares to others in the class. The goal is to get people to zone four or five, which is about 82% to 100% of your maximum heart rate. Here’s how the zones break down:

Zone One:

Very Light Mobility (50 to 60% of your maximum heart rate). This is the warmup zone. It’s where your heart rate sits while doing light activity to prepare for the higher-intensity activities that follow.

Zone Two:

Warm Up (61 to 70% max/hr). In this zone, your body prepares for fat burning by gradually increasing the heart rate. You’ll start power walking, jogging, rowing, and cycling to prepare for higher-intensity activities to follow.

Zone Three:

Difficult (71 to 81% max/hr). In this zone, your ZIFiT instructor introduces an even burn of fats and carbohydrates by transitioning into our Heat Pace and Peak Recovery. This is a difficult pace that can only be maintained for several minutes at a time.

Zone Four:

Strenuous (82 to 92% max/hr). This zone is the main focus of the ZIFiT workout. The company explains that you achieve the zone “by reaching Fire Pace”. At this intensity, your body temperature rises and additional muscle groups are activated. Your goal is to achieve about a third of your ZIFiT workout in Zone 4.

Zone Five:

Feel the Burn! (93 to 100% max/hr). This is the highest intensity zone in your ZIFiT workout. If you can reach this zone, you’re giving everything you’ve got to maintain the pace. This zone is only reached for very short bursts of activity. Reaching this zone is not required to achieve the full effects of the ZIFiT workout.

Ultimately, ZIFiT pushes you to be in zones 4 and 5. In these zones, you’re maximizing your Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). That means you burn lots of calories during your workout and burn more calories after your workout.

ZIFiT instructors constantly monitor your heart rates to ensure you enter these zones and stay in them for the optimal amount of time.

After two weeks of attending three or more ZIFiT workouts per week, “cardiovascular endurance, power, agility, speed and strength should noticeably improve”, explains the official website.

How to Sign Up for ZiFit Infrared Fitness

ZIFiT currently offers one free introductory class where you can assess the program. To view ZiFit Infrared Fitness locations near you, visit the company’s online class finder here.

So far, ZIFiT is mostly concentrated in Michigan, where they have about 5 different locations. However, additional studios are opening soon in Fort Lauderdale, FL as well as San Diego and Temecula, CA.

ZiFit Infrared Fitness Pricing

ZIFiT doesn’t publish its pricing details upfront on the official website. However, they’re based on a monthly subscription model – so the more classes you go to, the less money you pay per class.

You’ll also need to pay an additional fee of $50 for the ZIFiT Heart Rate Monitor.

If you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription model, then you can also pay by the class. ZiFit Infrared Fitness has a number of subscription plans available. Depending on your plan, and the frequency of your visits, you can expect to pay about $7 to $15 per class:

  • Four Classes: $59 USD
  • One Infrared Sauna Session: $10
  • Z Pulse Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor: $49
  • 30 Day Unlimited Membership (Unlimited Classes and Sauna Sessions): $139

ZIFiT is currently growing fast, so you can find various promotional offers available online. ZIFiT has popped up on Groupon in recent weeks, for example, where you can get a cheap 30 day membership to try ZIFiT for yourself.

What to Expect During a ZiFit Infrared Fitness Class

During a ZiFit Infrared Fitness class, you take part in a 60 minute, instructor-led group fitness class at a ZIFiT studio. During the class, you alternate between treadmill walking, jogging, and running as well as indoor rowing and full-body strength training.

Throughout the class, your heart rate is displayed on-screen as part of the group. You can see your heart rate color-coded in comparison to other members of your group. The instructor will monitor your heart rate to ensure you’re reaching the optimal training zone.

About ZiFit Infrared Fitness

ZIFiT is a Michigan-based company headquartered at the following address:

34110 Woodward Ave

Birmingham, MI 48009

You can contact the company by phone at 1-855-943-4866.

The company was founded by Allie T. Mallad, described as an “entrepreneurial icon” in a press release issued by the company.

That press release goes on to explain how ZIFiT Infrared Fitness “is the first to market to innovate infrared therapy technology with the popular and fast-growing interval fitness training model”.

The company started by opening four flagship locations in Michigan, including Livonia, West Bloomfield, Allen Park, and Lansing.

They’re “on an aggressive path toward rapid national expansion”, explains the company, with 96 additional locations awarded to area franchisee developers in Florida, California, Northern Virginia, and Canada.

Should You Sign Up for ZiFit Infrared Fitness?

ZIFiT is a unique new fitness class where you exercise in an infrared sauna. Sitting in an infrared sauna alone can burn 300 calories in 40 minutes. When you exercise in the sauna, you can burn up to 1000 calories in a 60 minute class and then enjoy additional calorie burning over the next 36 hours.

Workouts include walking, jogging, and running on incline treadmills while also participating in full-body strength training exercises. The fast-growing company is headquartered in Michigan, which is where its four flagship locations are currently located.

Over the next few years, however, the company plans to expand across the United States and Canada. Stay tuned for more information about ZIFiT as clinics continue to appear across North America.

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