Brewfull Review – Green Tea & Black Tea Soluble Pea Fibre Curbs Appetite?

In recent times the use of herbal blends has become an increasingly popular means of losing weight. Tea in particular is interesting because it has culturally been used as a beverage, but only in recent years have its antioxidative/ fat burning properties come into the limelight. However, at this point it needs to made clear that only herbal/green tea has any direct potent fat loss abilities.

Conventionally used black tea (also referred to as chai) that is widely consumed in asia is not really beneficial for fat loss. However, there are particular strains of black tea leaves which have been found to increase metabolism, thereby increasing lipid oxidation rate in our bodies.

Having established these basic details, we can now move on to the nutritional aspects of tea. When used regularly, it can help in the optimization of our metabolic pathways. This allows for the faster transfer of fatty acids into our skeletal muscle cells. Here these deposits are used as fuel for generating energy that allows us to carry out our daily activities.

In terms of brewing options, there are now many tea manufacturers who provide users with high quality products these days. Today we can find many green tea variants that all have specialised ingredients in them. Many of these brews have been optimised to deliver increased stimulatory benefits.

These effects include increased attention, heightened awareness, more focus, increased fat dissolution capacity, appetite suppression capabilities. Thus, through their regular use, individuals can keep their weight levels in check and with long term use can look towards losing copious amounts of weight.

However, people should understand that when using products like these, they should couple their tea intake with a well crafted meal plan and some regular exercise.

About Brewfull

Brewfull is an all new range of ‘healthy tea options’ that are not only delicious in taste, but also deliver a variety of clinically proven medical benefits. Since all of the tea leaves have been harvested from organic farms, users can be assured that the brews will be of the highest quality possible.

In addition to the this, the manufacturing and packaging takes place in facilities that have been recognized by the GMP and follow guidelines that have been set forth by the FDA.

From a compositional point of view, Brewfull contains many soluble fibres which are gently extracted from green peas. Due to their unique fibril structures, these fibres are not broken down in the stomach which allows them to pass through our digestive passages and thus reach the large intestines.

Once within the intestinal tracts, these peas start to ferment via a natural chemical process which occurs due to natural microbes present in our digestive systems. Due to these microbes, the peas get synthesized and start to produce short chain fatty acids which ‘stimulate the release of gut hormones’.

These hormones have been clinically studied and have been found to deliver various euphoric benefits. In a study conducted over a span of 14 days, it was found that users drinking Brewfull tea had their desire to eat cut by a staggering 19%. This meant that over 2 weeks, the overall caloric intake of each individual took a dip, and thus allowed them to reduce weight without having to do anything.

Science Talk

The manufacturer is committed to providing scientific data to verify all of the claims set forth by the products being sold. For example, clinical studies published in the Journal of Nutrition in July 2015 (Morel et al. Alpha) have scientifically demonstrated that when green pea fibre is delivered to our bodies in clinically designed does, they can significantly reduce the amount of food that we consume. Another study has revealed that this fibre even cuts out our incessant food urges through the release of various hormones like serotonin and noradrenaline.


Brewfull uses tea extracts that are produced and harvested within hours of crop extraction. The plantations are based in the mountain slopes of Kenya, thus ideal environmental conditions have been supplied to ensure that the highest quality leaves are allowed to grow.

Also, instead of using pyramid shaped bags, Brewfull uses ‘tea sticks’. The sticks are easy to use, and do not require the users to wait for the tea bag to brew. All one needs to do is simply boil the kettle and pour onto the powder. The two primary variants include:

  • Green Tea: this is a subtle variant of Brewfull. It is designed more as a health drink and aims to supply many more antioxidants than its counterpart.
  • Black Tea: this blend is more flavour packed and has been designed for users who are used a rich creamy black tea brew.

Lastly, since normal straight Black or Green tea are quite bitter and astringent in nature, the pea extract has been devised in such a way that it allows for these extreme tastes to mellow out. Thus, users are left with a nice sweet taste which is completely herbal and pure.

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Pricing and Availability

The Green and the Black tea variants come in small boxes which contain 24 ‘tea sticks’ each. Both the options are priced at a modest £9.95 and can be purchased directly from the official webstore. (

Payments can be done using a variety of direct debit means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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