Flow Kana Review – Califorian Organic Small Batch Artisan Cannabis?

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Over the past several years, science and medicine has come up with increasingly poignant evidence that points to cannabis being one of the strongest naturally healing botanicals in the world. With this growth in understanding, more and more states are legalizing the plant, allowing their citizens to treat their bodies more effectively and safely.

However, as the cannabis industry grows, the need for quality product from the best farms has also grown. Flow Kana has met this need by dedicating itself fully and completely to the growth of superior cannabis and the education of users and retailers.

Flow Kana is a company based in Northern California that has become a glowing example in the growing cannabis market of how to grow the highest quality cannabis. Through partnerships with local, artisan farmers, Flow Kana has been able to grow its business to offer a wide range of boutique cannabis strains, meeting the growing needs of its customers.

For those looking for a selection of some of the highest quality cannabis in the country, Flow Kana is the perfect resource.

About Flow Kana

Flow Kana is a company located in Northern California that has committed itself to being a sustainable cannabis brand, focusing specifically on sun-grown strains. With a focus on micro-climates and artisanal blends, Flow Kana has been able to provide the growing market with cannabis strains that meet very specific needs.

Flow Kana works with small, artisanal farms that work in very specific micro-climates. By keeping the focus on quality and small batch superiority, Flow Kana has been able to provide customers throughout California with the best cannabis in the industry.

Flow Kana is unique because it has a three specific focuses, providing services and support for three categories of people in order to be the most thorough cannabis producer in the country. To start, Flow Kana works with retailers to provide a wide variety of medicinal cannabis. The clean, tested, and graded blends of cannabis provided by Flow Kana meet the highest standards in the industry, allowing retailers to shop with complete peace of mind.

Flow Kana also works for patients, providing detailed information on the background of each cannabis blend so they have the complete picture before making a purchase. Flow Kana believes strongly in transparency, which is why patients keep returning to the company for their cannabis needs. Finally, Flow Kana supports small businesses by working with locally owned farms. These farms all work sustainably, providing value and quality to their communities and to those who need the healing power of cannabis.

While a vast amount of the focus for Flow Kana is growing and cultivating superior cannabis, the company has grown large enough to spearhead the opening of the world’s first cannabis campus. Occupying an 80 acre property, this campus provides resources and education to those wanting to learn about the powers of cannabis. The camps also offers wellness classes and support, harnessing the transformative power of cannabis to heal.

What Makes Flow Kana Different

The biggest difference between Flow Kana and other cannabis companies has to do with the source of the company’s cannabis. So often, retailers and providers of the botanical aren’t transparent about their products, leaving patients and wholesalers in the dark about their sources.

However, Flow Kana is very clear that it only works with small farms that grow artisanal blends of cannabis. These cultivators work with the land to protect the environment and grow the finest cannabis in the world. Flow Kana marks each of its products with the exact farm source, so customers can know which of the 50 small farms working with the company provided their medicine.

With the country starting to shift and become more accepting of cannabis, society in general wants to know more about the herb. Flow Kana differentiates itself from other companies by not only providing the highest quality cannabis, but also educating its customers on the importance of the botanical.

More importantly, the Flow Cannabis Institute gives farmers, regulators, and even legislators a chance to learn about what is required to grow the highest quality cannabis.

Products Sold by Flow Kana

Flow Kana only sells three different forms of its designed cannabis. These different options are designed to provide customers and wholesalers the diversity and variation they want in their cannabis. A description of the three different Flow Kana products can be found below.

Pre-Packaged Flower

These hand-trimmed, top shelf flowers are the rawest form of cannabis offered by Flow Kana. In order to maintain the integrity of the flowers, Flow Kana Pre-Packaged Flowers come in UV protected amber jars that are completely airtight. Every jar is tagged twice, once with the artisan farm who grew the flower and second with the strain and effect of the flower.


Using the Flow Kana harvested flowers, the company creates one gram pre-rolled cones for its customers. These cones are also hand packed and come in the protected amber glass tubes, preserving their freshness and effectiveness. With many strain and effect blend options, Flow Kana offers the perfect pre-rolled cannabis for all of its customers, meeting their specific needs.

Bulk Flower

Designed specifically for wholesalers, Flow Kana Bulk Flowers are easy to choose and purchase. The company presents buyers with all the varying tastes, effects, strains, aromas, and grades harvested, so every retailer and dispensary can find just the right option for their customers and patients.

Flow Kana Summary

For further information on where Flow Kana supplies, prices, and selections, interested customers can visit the company website (www.FlowKana.com). Here, customers will also find sale options for their favorite strains and blends.

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