ShakeSphere Shaker Review – Quality BPA Free Spherical Shaker Bottle?

Many people are custom to the use of a shaker, but unfortunately using it is not always easy. When the contents (i.e. protein powder) are mixed with water, sometimes some of the leftover residue gets left behind; it gets harder to clean and many other minor concerns come about. Today there is a new shaker that makes it easy to mix, easy to clean and ensures none of the contents go to waste; it is called the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker.

The ShakeSphere V2 Shaker ensures that consumers have a shaker that does not waste the contents used, contains no mixing ball, and ensures contents do not stick nor does it leave an unbearable smell behind.

Ultimately, this shaker ensures that consumers get the most out of their drinks. This review will look closely at the ShakerSphere V2 Shaker in terms of its purpose, its features, the different colors available and its price range.

What Is The ShakeSphere V2 Shaker?

As the name implies, the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker is a shaker, but it is created innovatively compared to many shakers available today. Rick Beardsell is the creator of the ShakeSphere.

He is a well known Great British sprinter who’s had a terrible experience with a number of different shakers while training. Eventually he came up with a product design and ShakeSphere V2 Shaker came about.

What Makes The Shakesphere V2 Shaker Different Compared To Traditional Shakers?

The features of the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker are what makes the product itself unique compared to traditional shakers. The following is a list of features that consumers are certain to be pleased with:

  • Contains a spherical base and a spherical lid
  • Contains no mixing ball or mesh
  • Can hold a maximum of 700ml of liquid
  • It is 100% leak proof
  • Contains a storage compartment to store pills or powders
  • Made from BPA free
  • Safe to store in a freezer or microwave
  • It is dishwasher friendly

The spherical base and spherical lid is beneficial because it ensures that the contents inside do not get stuck in the corners, therefore consumers get the most out of their drinks. Consumers may feel uneasy by the fact that there is no mixing ball because most shakers do, but the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker does not require it because the shape of the shaker enables better and maximum mixing.

Does The Shakesphere V2 Shakers Come In A Variety Of Colors?

Currently, the ShakeSphere V2 Shakers come in 5 different colors: black, green, pink, one with a combination of pink, silver and pink, silver , one with a combination of silver and black and one with a combination of green and black.

Shakesphere V2 Shakers Review Summary

The current going price of the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker is anywhere between $11 and $13. This product is fairly priced compared to many of its competitors. If anything, the ShakeSphere V2 Shaker is a better investment because it is easy to clean, it can be used to warm up or freeze the contents within and ultimately gives consumers the most out of their money’s worth (in term of the contents and the shaker itself).

Overall the ShakeSphere V2 Shakers are a great way to get the most out of a pill or powdered drink. Unlike traditional shakers that contain a mixing ball, the ShakeSphere V2 Shakers are designed on the exterior in a way that mixes everything without the need of a mixing ball.

This unique yet innovative product is something consumers should really consider given that it gives more to consumers for less. For more information on the ShakeSphere V2 Shakers and where to get hold of them, go to:

Buy ShakeSphere Shaker Review – Quality BPA Free Spherical Shaker Bottle?

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