Shortlist Beauty Review – Organic Anti-Aging Skincare Creams & Serums?

Shortlist Beauty

One of the best ways to stay beautiful and prevent early signs of aging is to take good care of the skin. Because the skin is so sensitive and prone to absorbing toxins and contaminants, it requires special care in order to keep it healthy.

However, if the skin is cared for correctly, the results are amazing. Healthy skin glows, looking young, firm, and smooth, without blemish. The key is finding the right skin care routine to make this possible.

Due to the importance of caring for the skin, the skin care and beauty industry is overflowing with products for anxious consumers. Studies have shown that the average woman owns about 12 personal care products, which adds up to the skin being exposed to about 168 different ingredients on a daily basis. The people at Shortlist decided that not only was that far too many products, but also too many ingredients. As a result of this decision, the company created Shortlist Cream and Shortlist Serum.

Shortlist is a premier skin care and beauty company that sells only two products. Not only does Shortlist keep its products to a minimum, but each product contains the fewest number of ingredients possible. By focusing on providing a thorough support system for the skin in only two products, Shortlist has made skin care routines easier and more efficient, saving people time and money while simultaneously protecting the health of the skin.

About Shortlist Beauty

Shortlist Beauty was created around the idea that skin care shouldn’t be as difficult as it has become in this modern age. The company believes that true beauty, iconic beauty, should be effortless. In order to support this idea, Shortlist did extensive research into the products being offered on the market today.

From there, the company took out the most effective active ingredients, removing all fillers and unnecessary extras, to create two transformative products. Thanks to all this hard work, users can get the help they need to craft the simplest building blocks of their skin care and beauty routines.

The key difference between Shortlist Beauty products and other options on the market is that the company refuses to add anything to its formulations that aren’t doing something specific. First, Shortlist removed all fillers from the company’s possible ingredient list.

Common in many skin care and beauty products, fillers are just cheap ingredients used to cut costs, offering no true value to customers. Next, Shortlist removed all parabens, colorants, and sulfates from its ingredient options. These ingredients have proven over and over again to cause more harm than good to the long-term health of the skin.

Once the fillers and other questionable ingredients were removed from possible ingredients for Shortlist products, the company began removing unnecessary ingredients. Shortlist products contain no fragrances because, even though the make products smell pleasant, they serve no specific purpose.

Next, mineral oils were removed. While these ingredients may be trending, they don’t actually support the health of the skin. With all these ingredients removed, Shortlist was left with active ingredients that had been scientifically proven to transform the skin. And it’s these ingredients that are found in Shortlist Serum and Shortlist Cream.

What Makes Shortlist Beauty Different

As described in detail above, the biggest difference between Shortlist Beauty and other skin care and beauty companies is that Shortlist only uses ingredients that have been proven to provide results when it comes to skin health. Because the skin works so much like a sponge, absorbing parts of everything in which it comes in contact, it’s important that any products placed on the skin are building up the health of the skin.

By removing all the unnecessary ingredients from its products, Shortlist is able to provide the skin with the building blocks it needs to protect and beautify the skin. As a result, the two Shortlist products are able to provide better results than dozens of other products used.

When all the superfluous ingredients are taken off the table, Shortlist products are left with three main active ingredients. These ingredients serve as the foundation for everything Shortlist stands for, allowing its products to offer the best results in the shortest amount of time.

The first of these ingredients is niacinamide, a type of vitamin B. This powerful ingredient helps strengthen the skin, improving its moisture barrier. The second ingredient used in Shortlist ingredients is retinyl propionate, which works to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The ingredient also evens out skin tone.

Finally, Shortlist products contain hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer that holds more than 1,000 times its water weight. With these three powerful ingredients, Shortlist is able to transform the health and beauty of the skin.

Often, skin care companies will provide customers with kits of three or four items that need to be used together in order to provide results. Shortlist products, on the other hand, work perfectly well on their own. Each one contains potent ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to restore its vitality and youthfulness.

However, when the Shortlist Cream and Shortlist Serum are used in tandem, their benefits are multiplied. For more drastic results, it is recommended that they be used together, though those who are just looking to maintain their skin health can use just one.

Products Sold by Shortlist Beauty

As mentioned above, the Shortlist product line is composed of only two items, Shortlist Cream and Shortlist Serum. These two are all that is needed to replace the 12 skin care products used per day by the average woman. A brief description of what these two products provide for users, as well as their prices, can be found below.

Shortlist Cream ($94) – A rich, retinol-based cream which works to provide both short and long-term results. In the short-term, the cream rejuvenates the skin through an increase of cell renewal. Over time, this support is able to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin, through the constant repair and moisturizing of surface skin cells. Shortlist Cream only contains nine ingredients.

Shortlist Serum ($94) – The second product offered by Shortlist works to strengthen the skin to make it less susceptible to damage. Shortlist Serum also takes a dual approach to treating the skin, offering both short and long-term results. The serum begins working immediately to repair skin that has become damaged to being too dry. In the long-term, this means that the skin cells are re-energized, allowing the skin to look and feel younger, with more elasticity and firmness.

For more information on Shortlist products, including how to use them and a detailed look at their ingredients, customers can visit the company website (

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