Tan Luxe The Water Review

Tan Luxe The Water

A lot of men and women enjoy having a nice and healthy looking skin tone. One way of promoting a healthy appearance is to have a beautiful and evenly tanned skin. A golden epidermal surface has the benefit of promoting a radiant, fresh, and active look.

Spending enough time outdoors during spring and summer will usually give the desired sun-kissed look, however, it can sometimes be difficult to find enough time to sunbathe and promote a lasting glow. Furthermore, the ultraviolet sun rays can have harmful effects on the skin such as sunburns, skin peeling, and dryness. In addition, over-exposition can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Thus, a lot of tanning enthusiasts who not only want to protect themselves from the potentially harmful effects of sunbathing but also maintain a golden epidermal surface throughout the year, have turned to alternatives such as solariums and self-tanners. Sunless tanning products have the advantage of being affordable and practical as they can be used anywhere and provide rapid effects.

However, DHA or dihydroxyacetone which is the main compound found in most self-tanning solutions has been proven to have negative effects on the user’s health in case of over-concentration of the compound. DHA can cause potential genetic alterations, cancer, and DNA damage. Moreover, a plethora of self-tanners have strong smells and leave undesired stains on the skin due to their overly concentrated formulations.

Tan Luxe is a cosmetic brand that has been founded in order to provide consumers with efficient, safe, and healthy self-tanning alternatives. To do so, the prestigious beauty company created transparent tanning solutions that have the benefits of not leaving any smell or streaks on the epidermis.

The Water is one of Tan Luxe signature transparent tanning products. This skincare solution not only promotes a radiant sun-kissed appearance but also provides essential nutrients to the epidermal surface. In this article, we will present the benefits of The Water formula in order to help you decide whether this tanning solution is the one for you.

Benefits of Tan Luxe The Water

Tan Luxe The Water is a natural self-tanner that has been formulated in order to promote the user’s health and support not only an even tan but also effectively hydrate the skin with powerful ingredients. This transparent tanning solution supports a radiant glow without undesired effects such as streaks.

Tan Lux The Water translucid formulation has been designed using revolutionary features such as the Triple-Tan Technology, Odourlite Fragrance Technology, and Hydra-Tan Formula. These essential features contribute to suppressing the usual side-effects usually found in self-tanners. In addition, this has the benefit of providing consumers with optimal and lasting results.

Although Tan Luxe The Water does contain a small amount of DHA, it remains a healthy alternative to regular self-tanning solutions due to the fact that the product’s formula only includes a safe amount of the substance. Moreover, the Tan Luxe transparent tanning formulation include powerful ingredients such as Raspberry seed oil, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E which have several essential health benefits.

Vitamin B is a vital nutrient that contributes to improving overall skin health and appearance. In fact, vitamin B promotes a radiant epidermal surface and helps maintain an even and bright skin tone. Furthermore, due to the fact that the essential vitamin boosts blood circulation, it also has significant anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E is a powerful skin care ingredient that has been proven to promote several vital health benefits. This vitamin is used in a large number of cosmetic solutions as its powerful properties provide the best results. Vitamin E prevents damage from free radicals and pollutants present in the air.

Moreover, this compound has moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory characteristics which make this vitamin the ultimate cosmetic component.

The Water transparent tanning solution is an efficient product that provides an incredible, long-lasting sun-kissed glow if used in the right conditions. Before applying the self-tanner for the first time, it is crucial to properly exfoliate the skin the day before and moisturize dry areas such as the elbows.

Additionally, The Water needs to be sprayed in large quantity onto dry skin before gently blending the solution. In order to maintain the results, users will need to hydrate their skin regularly.

Tan Luxe The Water Availability and Pricing

If you are looking for an efficient self-tanning solution that doesn’t leave any streaks and smell, then the transparent self-tanner The Water is the right product for you as it promotes a healthy, radiant, and golden look. You can order this product online from the Tan Luxe website for €39 EUR which is roughly $41 USD.

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