Advanced Genetics Testdex Review – Military Grade Testosterone Booster?

Advanced Genetics Testdex Review

Whether you’re aiming to build new lean muscle mass, cut away unwanted body fat, or increase endurance and strength, the hormonal balance of your body is extremely important.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body, and is responsible for a wide range of functions, from libido and sexual health to the rate at which the body is able to synthesize new muscle protein.

When the testosterone levels of the male body are low, a wide range of health effects occur that can make physical exercise and muscle gain extremely difficult.

Concerningly, the testosterone production levels of the male body drop by between 2% and 4% every year between the ages of 22 and 54, resulting in a significant drop in overall testosterone levels as early as the late 20’s.

This process, known as andropause, is further compounded by the fact that there are many pollutants and toxins in the modern environment that actually inhibit testosterone production and elevated levels of estrogen, the female hormone, in the male body.

Called xenoestrogens, or hormone disruptors, these chemicals can be found in almost all of the cleaning substances, plastics, foods, and even drinking water.

The high level of contraceptive use in the modern world has led to the municipal water supply becoming tainted with extremely high estrogen levels, a fact that has led to the overall testosterone levels of the population dropping by more than 20% in just three decades.

Soy products, artificial sweeteners, BPA plastics, GMO foods, pesticides, and phytoestrogenic foods like stevia have led to the modern male body being far lower in critical testosterone than previous generations.

There are a number of treatments that are able to elevate testosterone production in extreme cases, such as testosterone replacement therapy, but these solutions are not only expensive, they can severely imbalance the health of the endocrine system. Fortunately, a number of clinically proven herbal extracts sourced from traditional medicinal and botanical sources have been scientifically verified to promote higher testosterone production and lower estrogen production.

Determining which natural compounds can deliver testosterone gains and finding a reputable source for them can be difficult, but Advanced Genetics, one of the most popular and trustworthy performance supplement providers in the market, has recently released a new male health supplement that combines the four most potent solutions into one simple daily supplement.

Testdex is a groundbreaking new total male enhancement supplement that delivers a cutting edge, clinically proven blend of powerful testosterone boosting and estrogen inhibiting compounds to dramatically increase muscle growth, libido, strength, endurance, and fat burning capability, with no negative side effects.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Testdex formula and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right hormone production supplement for your health and fitness needs.

What Is Testdex?

Testdex is a revolutionary new male hormone support formula that uses all natural, chemical free ingredients to deliver a wide range of performance-enhancing benefits. Delivering rapid-acting hormone production enhancement, increased muscle building speed, anabolic, anti-aromatase, and strength gain properties, the Testdex solution is one of the most powerful drug-free supplements available on the market.

One of the biggest advantages of the Testdex formula is that it doesn’t contain any excess fillers.

Many of the most common supplement providers that manufacture testosterone boosting herbal supplements add useless filler powders to their supplements, such as magnesium stearate, which builds up in the digestive tract and inhibits efficient metabolic function, slowing down muscle growth rates.

The Testdex Formula

The Testdex formula consists of four clinically proven and powerful natural compounds that are sourced from all natural ingredients. The first ingredient in the Testdex formula, tongkat ali, is one of the oldest and most potent natural aphrodisiacs in the world. Used in ancient Southeast Asian traditional medicine systems for thousands of years, tongkat ali has been proven in multiple scientific investigations to significantly boost testosterone production as well as function as a powerful libido booster.

The second ingredient in the Testdex formula, hesperidin, is a glycoside that is extracted from citrus fruits.

The unique chemical composition of this extract has been demonstrated to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, minimizing estrogen production and ensuring that the body is functioning the most efficient manner possible.

The final two ingredients in the Testdex formula, Resveratrol and apigenin, are two of the most powerful natural organic-compound based testosterone supplements available. In addition to modulating testosterone production, these ingredients have also been demonstrated to increase overall physical output during high intensity exercise, making them the ideal pre-workout daily supplement.

Apigenin is a bioflavonoid that is able to inhibit aromatase, which is an enzyme that converts androstenedione and estrone to estrogen in the body.

By preventing the secretion of aromatase, Apigenin is able to effectively halt estrogen production, making it easier to achieve higher strength gains from natural testosterone.

Advanced Genetics Testdex Review Summary

While there are many supplements out there that are able to increase testosterone, Testdex is one of the only proven aromatase and estrogen inhibitors that is able to deliver both testosterone boosting and estrogen inhibition at the same time.

If you’re looking for a powerful natural hormonal support supplement, Advanced Genetics Testdex is a great option.

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