Legion Whey+ Review – Naturally Flavored Isolated Protein Powder?

Legion Whey+

Not all whey protein supplements are created equal. Most whey protein supplements are made with whey concentrate because it is cheaper to process than whey isolate.

Whey isolate is a further processed whey product that removes the lactose and the fat from the finished whey product. Because it is refined further, it often costs more to make so manufacturers tend to avoid it for supplementation.

Today we will be discussing a whey isolate protein supplement called the Legion Whey + Protein Powder Supplement.

We will be reviewing this product and the benefits of whey isolate for fitness supplementation and helping you determine if this product is the right one for you to add to your routine.

What Is Legion Whey+?

Legion Whey+ is a whey protein supplement that is made with whey isolate instead of whey concentrate. While whey concentrate tends to be adequate for protein content, it still contains fat and lactose.

Lactose can be hard to digest, and fat is what you are trying to burn off so these two elements can negatively impact your fitness goals.

Legion has come up with a whey isolate that removes both the fat and the lactose from their whey product.

They have put this isolate into their Whey + Protein Supplement to make a product that gives you the benefits of protein powder without the ill effects of fat and lactose.

How Legion Whey+ Works

The Legion Whey + Protein Powder Supplement is a product that is designed to feed the muscles and provide energy for a harder, more efficient work out. The main ingredient is whey isolate, and it contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Legion Whey+ Benefits

Other benefits of the Whey + Protein Powder Supplement include:

  • 100% whey isolate protein supplementation instead of whey concentrate is a benefit because whey isolate is much more refined product. It is digested easier and contains less fat than concentrate.
  • It is naturally sweetened and naturally flavored
  • It contains no artificial food dyes or filler products
  • It comes in 7 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Eggnog, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, and Unflavored
  • It is absorbed into your system rapidly
  • It is easily and quickly digested
  • It is high in the amino acid leucine, which helps initiating protein utilization
  • Protein will help you build muscle and provide you with energy while you work out
  • Has a minimal amount of carbohydrates so that you are not ‘wasting’ your calories on drinks—they have minimized both the fat and carb content of this supplement
  • No GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, MSG, gluten, or lactose, so it is approved for many diet types. It comes from cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics also
  • It is sourced from small farms in Ireland because their regulations on dairy quality are far stricter than American standards. These small farms pasture feed their cows also, so the quality of the nutrients in the milk is higher too.

The Whey + Protein Powder Supplement will benefit you by providing a high quality, whey isolate product with high nutrient content, low fat, and great flavor/texture. It is a great product for anyone who uses whey protein to supplement their workouts.

Legion Whey+ Creators

The Whey + Protein Powder Supplement is made by a company called Legion Athletics. Legion Athletics specializes in weight loss and fitness supplements for sale through their website.

Purchasing Legion Whey+

You can learn more about Whey + Protein Powder Supplement, read about how this product can benefit you, and place your order for this product at their website.

This supplement is for sale on the Legion Athletics website for $39.95 plus shipping and handling.

You can also read customer reviews that have been posted about customers who have purchased this product on the website so that you can get an idea of the experience you could have with this product.

Legion Whey+ Summary

if you want a high quality, nutrient dense whey protein powder that can help you feed your muscles, the Legion Whey + Protein Powder Supplement may be a good product to try.

It does not contain the lactose and fat that a lot of whey concentrate supplements have, and is made from high quality milk products that are stringently regulated.

For more information on the differences between whey concentrate and whey isolate and how this supplement can benefit your fitness goals, visit their website for details.

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