VivaLeg Review – Secret Fit Body Shaping Slimming Compression Tights?


VivaLegs is a type of shapewear that modifies your physique from your waistline to your feet. The apparel is currently being funded via pledges of donations through Kickstarter.

What Is VivaLegs?

Getting the body that you want is a constant struggle in every woman’s life. Whether you’re choosing to eat a healthy regimen, or you want to slim down, you probably try to prioritize a healthy diet but that effort won’t do you any good when you want to have a certain figure for your favorite outfit.

Most people invest in shapewear to look better in their most formal or nice-looking apparel. In fact, Spanx is one of the most lucrative businesses in shapewear today. However, with VivaLegs, you can get more control and coverage for your figure.

VivaLegs offers control over the amount of fat you show in your waist, down to your legs. These tights offer a special type of fabric that anti-odor, anti-bacteria, and uses a waistband that is comfortable at every level. When you wear the garment, you can:

  • Control the smooth line of our stomach
  • Maintain the circulation in your legs, which most garments neglect
  • Smooth out your buttocks, thighs, and the rest of your lower body
  • Go without any other undergarment

Most of the time, control-top pantyhose is anything but comfortable. When you sweat, move, or even just sit, the waistband tends to roll down, which impact plus-size women the most. Furthermore, the way that these garments are sized tends to require a certain shape to fit them in the first place, which somewhat defeats the purpose of shapewear in the first place.

You need products you can rely on, and the only way to achieve that goal is with garments that are resistant to perspiration and that can modify anyone’s shape. Such is true of VivaLegs.

How Do the VivaLegs Work?

With all the benefits of VivaLegs, you’re probably wondering how it’s all possible in the first place. VivaLegs uses Body Shaping Technology. Essentially, it comes down to French terry knitting.

French terry knitting has more chains (rows) than the classic design of nylon stockings and pantyhose. It works in the same way that a higher thread count on your bed’s sheets would, improving the durability of the fabric.

With this type of strength in your garments, you still get the performance and control you want, along with breathability, but you are at less of a risk of ripping like pantyhose and nylons do. The design of the stockings also help your legs to look long and lean as well.

The material is Lycra spandex, which is incredibly stretchy and is resistant to abrasion and heat. Most pantyhose is not equipped for that performance, which is why they need to be replaced rapidly. With the VivaLegs design, you have the flexibility and performance you need for months longer than that.

Lycra spandex is also incredibly comfortable, without making you feel restricted and hot. With the ability to feel comfortable in the classic-looking tights, you can pair them with any outfit you want.

Using VivaLegs

The best part about VivaLegs is that you don’t really need to do anything to make sure that they work. You slide both legs on in the same way that you would put on any type of control-top pantyhose. Bring them all the way up to your waist to get the effects.

When you’re done wearing them, you need to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions to keep them from tearing or stretching in the wash. Ideally, you should either hand-wash or machine-wash the garment underneath 30 degrees Fahrenheit. When you dry them, you should avoid wringing them out. Instead, you can let them dry in the shade.

Pricing For VivaLegs

Right now, VivaLegs is part of a Kickstarter campaign to gain funding for the mass production of these garments. Rather than pre-ordering your own set, you have the option of making a pledge to secure your place in line, while supporting the efforts of this company. Choose from the following pledge amounts:

  • $28, for one set
  • $49 and up, for two sets
  • $123 and up, for four sets
  • $449 and up, for 16 sets

Each set comes with the option of choosing nude or black for your shade. It doesn’t appear that you can do two different colors at once, but you will have the opportunity to choose multiple pledge options, if you desire.

Right now, since VivaLegs has not been made available for purchase, there’s no return policy for these garments yet.

Contacting The Creators Of VivaLegs

Since the website appears to be in the middle of updates or incomplete at this time, you can’t contact them directly through their official page. However, the company offers a Facebook profile that allows you to send a message to the company electronically.

VivaLegs Review Summary

VivaLegs is the most innovative and helpful way to give you the figure that you want. You aren’t able to get the body that you want within just a few hours at the gym before your big date or class reunion. You deserve to look your best at all times, and the VivaLegs design makes it possible to fix right now. Most shipments are setup to be sent by July 2017.

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