Beardology Review – Healthy Handmade Beard Oils For Facial Hair Growth?


In order to maintain overall bodily health, it’s important to provide your body with a wide range of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. There are many different products available on the market today that are intended to provide health-enhancing support to the body, both internally and externally. The skin and the hair of the body need a similar amount of care as internal health, so following a balanced skin and hair care routine is important.

The skincare and hair care industries offer a wide range of moisturizers, balms, serums, topical treatments, and creams, but has one major drawback- most of the products available are marketed to and formulated specifically for women. There is a serious lack of male skin and hair care products available on the market today, and even fewer that are formulated to support the health of the beard.

Just like the hair of the head, the beard requires a significant amount of care and grooming. A poorly kept beard will grow unevenly and in patches and cause skin irritation, making it hard to deal with. While it’s possible to find beard care products due to the current beard renaissance, most of them have a serious flaw- they use chemical ingredients that ultimately damage the hair, the skin, and the overall health of the body.

Many beard care oils and balms contain high levels of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and other damaging chemicals that can penetrate into the skin and cause a wide range of negative health effects such as hormonal imbalance, inflammatory disorders, skin conditions, cardiovascular health disorders, and even sexual dysfunction. Finding a beard care product line that is free from artificial chemical compounds, however, can be extremely difficult.

A new small-batch, hand-made male skincare and beard care range, however, is providing bearded men around the world with a selection of natural, chemical-free, and reasonably priced products that deliver premium natural quality at a sensible price. The Beardology range, founded by a husband and wife team, is an organic, holistic beard care product line that uses natural botanical plant oils and essential extracts to create highly nutritive and effective beard care solutions.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Beardology line of products and find out what makes them different than the other solutions on the market today to help you determine whether it’s the right solution for your needs.

What is Beardology?

The Beardology range of products was created by a husband and wife team that identified a serious lack in the male skin care industry, noticing that almost all of the products available contained chemical formulas that caused issues with sensitive skin.

In order to provide a natural solution, the founders of Beardology created a natural blend of beard care oils that proved so popular amongst family and friends that they decided to launch them as a standalone product range.

The Beardology range uses only entirely natural ingredients, with formulas that use essential oils to keep beards and facial skin healthy. Completely hand-made, Beardology products aren’t factory produced, and are created in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.

As the creators of Beardology source all of the organic ingredients used in their products locally, operating costs are low, which allows them to provide high quality premium beard care products at reasonable prices.

The Beardology Range

The Beardology Range consists of four different products that are available in several variants. We’ll proceed to break down the product line and check out each individual item:

Beard Balm

The Beardology Beard Balm formula is their core product, and is available in two separate blends- original, and a unique coffee-infused beard balm. Beardology Beard Balm is intended to deliver a light hold while nourishing and moisturizing the hair of the beard.

Both the Original and Coffee-infused blends contain soybean oil, beeswax, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Aloe Vera for added moisturization. The Coffee-infused blend, however, contains added coffee bean oils that deliver antioxidant benefits, and have even been demonstrated in several clinical investigations to promote faster and healthier beard growth.

Beard Oil

The Beardology Beard Oil is available in three blends- Coffee-infused Original, and Barbershop. The Beard Oil formula leverages the nutritive power of argan oil, which is derived from the Northern African Argan tree, as well as containing jojoba oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, and in the case of the Coffee-infused blend, coffee bean oils.

Mustache Wax

Beardology Mustache Wax is available in a one ounce screw top container, and is formulated to deliver long-lasting hold and shape. Containing castor seed oil, olive oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax, the Mustache Wax formula is completely natural and organic.

Beard Wash

The final item in the Beardology range is their unique Beard Wash solution, which, like most of the other products in the range, is available in Original and Coffee infused blends. The Beard Wash formula contains coconut oil, organic olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe oil, and refreshing rosemary extract, which work together to clear the pores of dirt and grime while promoting faster beard growth.

Beardology Verdict

The Beardology Range is one of the most unique selections of beard care products on the market, and offers some innovative coffee bean oil infused beard care options.

Beardology also offer subscription services that start at just $1 monthly, making them one of the most cost effective options available. If you’re looking for a natural, organic, effective, and reasonably-priced beard care solution, Beardology has you covered.

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