Cirkul Water Bottle Review – Adjustable Flavored Hydrating Drinking Water?

Cirkul Water Bottle

One of the biggest health problems facing Americans today is also one of the most overlooked- dehydration. Although most Americans are unaware, the average US diet contains far less water than the level required to keep the body healthy and free from illness.

The average healthy adult requires a gallon of water every day, and as the average American drinks less than a third of this amount, chronic dehydration is a very serious health problem.

Chronic dehydration works a little differently than the kind of dehydration that occurs quickly in survival situations or hot environments. The onset of chronic dehydration occurs over a long period of time in which the body is provided with a small amount of water, but far less than what is required to remain healthy.

The average US diet also contains high levels of sugar and sodium, which deplete the natural water levels of the body.

Throughout the day, the body uses water in respiration, digestion, sweating, temperature control, and a host of biological function that keep the various systems of the body in order. Chronic dehydration can cause severe fatigue, constipation, elevated blood pressure, unhealthy blood sugar levels, digestive disorders such as leaky gut syndrome, higher inflammatory response, weight gain, and allergies.

Keeping yourself hydrated in order to maintain a healthy body requires drinking more than a gallon of water a day, but unfortunately, due to the high sugar and soda diet of the average American, many find drinking water “boring”. As a result, many Americans turn to beverages such as cola or soda, which is extremely unhealthy and does not hydrate the body anywhere near as efficiently as water.

The average can of soda contains a massive 60 grams of processed sugar, usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup or other chemically processed sugar sources.

As the World Health Organization advises consuming fewer than 20 grams of sugar daily, it’s easy to understand why cardiovascular diseases caused by sugar intake are the leading cause of death in the United States.

A new crowdfunding campaign launched on popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, however, is providing health-conscious consumers with the ability to make their water more “interesting” with a revolutionary new flavoring system that is free from sugar, zero calorie, and delivers a wide range of delicious natural flavors.

In this article, we’ll check out the Cirkul water enhancing bottle and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s a crowdfunding campaign worth backing.

What Is The Cirkul Water Bottle?

Cirkul Water Bottle is a groundbreaking new water bottle that is able to flavor any regular old water with a revolutionary cartridge flavoring system. Offering health-conscious consumers that need to increase their hydration with an effective way to up the flavor levels of water with the twist of a dial, Cirkul promises to change the way drinkers approach hydration.

Offering a highly healthy alternative to sugar-rich soda and other beverages, the Cirkul solution is customizable, convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

The Cirkul bottle has been featured on news sites such as TrendHunter and Product Hunt, and is the first drinking bottle that provides users with the ability to customize the flavor of water as they drink it.

How The Cirkul Water Bottle Works

The Cirkul bottle works by using small flavor cartridges called Cirkul Sips to flavor water as it is being consumed. All of the Cirkul bottles are dishwasher safe and leak proof, with a unique and innovative flavor dial built into the push-top lid that provides customizable flavoring through an easy to use dial.

The lid of the Cirkul bottle contains a small space in which Cirkul Sips are inserted. Each Cirkul Sip contains enough flavoring for four bottles of water, and works by flavoring the water as it passes through the lid.

A unique one-way filter prevents flavored water from reentering the bottle, keeping the water in the bottle clean and flavor-free.

The lid allows users to dial in their preferred flavor setting with a 0-100 dial. The Cirkul Sips range is available in eight different flavors- Fruit Punch, Coconut Pineapple, Sweet Tea & Lemon, Mixed Berry, Orange Tangerine, Black Cherry, Strawberry Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade.

All of the flavors in the Cirkul Sips range are completely sugar-free, and contain zero calories, using natural fruit flavors.

Some of the Cirkul flavors, such as Black Cherry, offer a caffeine boost, increasing sports performance and making focusing during long work days easier.

Other flavors, like Orange Tangerine, contain a potent electrolyte boost that keeps the body functioning at peak performance for longer.

The Cirkul Health Advantage

Apart from offering all of the obvious health benefits of increased water intake, Cirkul offers a number of unique advantages over other sugar-free sweeteners. Allowing for total customization of flavor and delivering a massive amount of value for money, the Cirkul Sip formula is also extremely healthy, as it uses natural stevia as a sweetener, instead of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which has been proven to cause a wide range of negative health effects.

Additionally, the Cirkul Water bottle minimizes the impact of disposable plastic water bottles on the environment- every second, 1,500 plastic water bottles are discarded in the US alone, significantly damaging the environment.

Lastly, Cirkul boosts vitamin, electrolyte, and micronutrient intake, offering the same advantages of a sports drink or energy beverage.

The Cirkul Water Bottle Summary Review

The Cirkul Water Bottle is a groundbreaking new hydration device that makes drinking water fun, delicious, and interesting. Free from sugar and calories while delivering a wide range of health benefits, the Cirkul Solution is cost-effective and innovative.

If you struggle to drink boring old plain water and need extra flavor, incentive, and motivation, the Cirkul indiegogo campaign is definitely worth backing.

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