Epiq Review – Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Supplements With Real Results?

Epiq Results

Epiq is a workout supplement company that strives to give people the nutrition and supplemental support their body needs to develop muscle, lose weight, and improve strength.

Aimed at giving consumers clean products that actually deliver results, Epiq offers a wide range of powders and capsules that are guaranteed to be free of artificial colors and dyes as well as all banned substances. Please read below to learn more about Epiq and how to purchase products.

What is Epiq Results?

People who are elite level athletes as well as powerlifters or bodybuilders will want to check out the full product range offered by Epiq.

This company is focused on offering products that support men and women in taking their training and overall athletic performance to the max.

In addition to offering supplements, Epiq also provides nutritional guidance and recipes through the company’s website at www.epiqresults.com.

Epiq Results Products

Whether consumers are looking for a product to support their quest for weight loss or need a reliable source of pure whey, Epiq delivers. Please read below for an overview of the full product line.

Muscle Building

This product line focuses on giving consumers well-balanced supplements that support their bodies in building lean muscle mass.

Hardening: Boosts nitric oxide levels to help promote lean muscle development and firmness.

Isolate Protein: This chocolate protein powder is a great tasting option for people looking for a way to add more protein to their diet to help support better health and improved strength gains.

Strength: As a Creatine supplement, this drink mix helps users have the energy they need to work out harder and for longer before fatigue sets in.

Test: A powerful testosterone booster that boosts testosterone levels within seven days.

Mass Gainer: Contains ten grams of Creatine per serving and contains only clean isolates that help promote muscle growth.

100% Whey: Consumers who are looking to buy a pure whey supplement will appreciate that Epiq offers one of the cleanest forms available at a competitive price.

Weight Loss

Consumers who are trying to help boost their body’s metabolism levels and burn fat quicker will appreciate this line of products dedicated to helping support effective weight loss. This line includes the popular 60 Day Diet Stack, Ripped, and Shred.

Stimulant Free Weight Loss

Epiq offers a product called Heat GC which is a capsule packed full of green tea and Garcinia Cambogia that targets the fat within the body to help burn it off leaving behind a leaner, trimmer physique.

Users of this product have reported a ten pound weight loss within the first month of using Heat GC.

Pre-Training and Aminos

Amino: Helps prevent protein breakdown and helps promote protein synthesis leading to better muscle development.

Power: Packed full of caffeine this supplement works to increase the body’s thermogenesis as well as help improve the user’s focus and overall energy levels.

Power SF: This powerful supplement is formulated to give users the right combination of ingredients that work together to improve overall muscle strength and physical endurance. What makes this product different than the competition is that Power SF is stimulant free.

Rush: A powerful pre-workout that works to help users have the energy and focus they need to push tie workout to the next level.

Epiq Results Pricing

Available for purchase online through Amazon, GNC, and Bodybuilding.com.


A few Epiq products are available through Amazon.

-Epiq Amino Fruit Explosion: Each forty serving container is available for $39.99 and ships for free.

-Chocolate Isolate (3 pounds): $32.99

-Creatinex5: Each 243 gram container costs $16.99 and ships for free on qualified orders over $35.00.

-Stryke: Each sixty serving container sells for $19.99.


-Epiq Quad Test: Eighty four capsule bottles are available for $59.99.

-Epiq Amino: Each forty serving container costs $39.99.

-Epiq 3X Lean Muscle: Each 180 capsule bottle is available for $39.99.

All Epiq products are available for free shipping on eligible orders totaling $49.00 or greater. Consumers who enroll in the GNC Subscribe and Save program gives consumers an additional ten percent off savings plus free shipping. Subscribe and Save delivery is available every 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days.


-Quad Test: Each 84 capsule bottle is available for $49.99.

-Stryke: Each sixty serving container costs $49.99.

-Epiq Isolate: $50.00 per each 50 serving container.

-Creatine: $34.99 for sixty servings

-100% Whey: Each 2.2 kilogram bag is available for $59.99.

Epiq Results Review Summary

The entire range of Epiq products are guaranteed to be free of all banned substances making them a company people can trust and feel good about using. Additional information can be found on the Epiq website at www.epiqresults.com.

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