PI Nutrition Pre-Workout Review – Explosive Performance Protein Powder?

Explosive Performance Protein Powder

Preworkout formulas, once a cutting-edge and rare supplement, are now an integral part of the strength training and bodybuilding supplementation process. Able to increase strength gains and boost fat burning by assisting fitness enthusiasts in maximizing the results of their workouts, preworkout performance supplements are now an extremely popular dietary aid.

The extreme popularity of preworkout supplements, however, has also made it difficult to find a preworkout solution that is intelligently formulated and effective without causing unwanted side effects. The supplement marketplace has become flooded with a massive amount of preworkout solutions that all attempt to “one-up” each other with stimulant content, creating a preworkout arms race that has created a marketplace filled with overdosed, side-effect causing stim supplements.

While the inclusion of stimulants such as caffeine in pre workout supplements can deliver a boost to physical strength, cardiovascular performance, and overall strength output and endurance, too much caffeine is definitely not a good thing. A preworkout solution that contains too much caffeine will deplete the glycogen levels in muscle tissue too quickly, causing jitters, shakes, and energy crashes mid-workout

Extreme caffeine doses can even cause negative health effects such as tachycardia, or an extremely fast heart rate, and cause cardiovascular damage that severely impacts workout gains. When choosing a preworkout supplement, it’s important to select a formula that uses only natural ingredients that have been proven in clinical trials to boost strength output and performance without negative side effects, at reasonable and healthy dosages.

Selecting the right preworkout supplement that adheres to these parameters, however, can be difficult. May preworkout supplements don’t provide a full list of the ingredients they contain, hiding the active contents behind “proprietary formulas” that serve no purpose other than to confuse consumers into purchasing a product. These solutions also often contain unnecessary fillers that pack out the size of a supplement powder, such as magnesium stearate or other inert substances.

A new preworkout solution from Performance Inspired, however, is providing an effective and intelligently formulated alternative to these ineffective solutions. Performance inspired has a reputation for creating transparent, upfront formulas with chemical and filler-free compositions, and the new Explosive Pre-Workout formula is no exception to this rule.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the new Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout formula and find out what makes it more effective than other preworkout supplements to help you decide whether it’s the right natural performance enhancing supplement for you.

What Is Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout?

Explosive Pre-Workout is a new preworkout performance enhancing blend from Performance Inspired. Formulated to deliver enhanced explosive strength, increased stamina, and a potent focus boost, the Performance Inspired Preworkout contains a carefully-balanced mix of natural, chemical free ingredients that have been selected by a leading team of nutritional experts, physicians, and dietitians to deliver maximum benefits.

The Performance Inspired preworkout solution functions in a different manner than most of the pre workout supplements that are available on the market today. Instead of focusing on boosting energy levels with a massive amount of caffeine or other stimulants, the Explosive Pre-Workout formula instead uses a three-tiered approach to the science of natural performance enhancement.

Explosive Pre-Workout does contain strength, energy, and endurance boosting ingredients, but also delivers two other powerful benefits that multiply the effectiveness of any workout. A muscle pump boosting complex increases the dilation of the blood vessels of the body, increasing the amount of oxygen and ATP-rich blood the heart is able to provide to muscles in use, as well as increasing muscle size.

Secondly, the Performance Inspired Pre Workout Energy Igniter Formula contains a number of nootropic ingredients that increase mental focus, attention, and control, optimizing brain function to break down the muscle/mind barrier and dramatically increase overall physical performance.

The Explosive Pre-Workout Energy Igniter Formula

The Explosive Pre-Workout Energy Igniter Formula contains a complex mix of clinically proven ingredients that work together in a synergistic fashion to significantly increase total body and mind performance. Strength gains, enhanced endurance, and faster muscle mass development is provided by a blend of Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and Trans-Resveratrol.

The inclusion of Micronized L-Citrulline and Arginine AKG provides the body with an extremely bioavailable source of amino acids that are immediately converted into nitric oxide. Elevated nitric oxide levels increases vasodilation, boosting muscular pump and increasing total strength capacity. Increasing nitric oxide levels also boosts the speed at which the body can recover from hypertrophy, delivering increased overall muscle tissue gains.

Lastly, the Explosive Pre-Workout Energy Igniter Formula contains a number of nootropic compounds. Choline increases neurotransmitter availability, while N-acetyl L-tyrosine promotes enhanced brain function. Finally, grape seed extract delivers a neuromodulatory effect that increases focus and mental energy. The Explosive Pre-Workout Energy Igniter Formula is backed up by a large amount of clinical evidence and is completely free from synthetic ingredients, making it one of the most effective natural options available.

Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout Review Summary

Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout is one of the most intelligently formulated preworkout solutions on the market, and offers a triple action formula that delivers both physical and mental performance enhancement while increasing muscle pump. If you’re looking for a potent natural preworkout, Performance Inspired Explosive Pre-Workout is a great choice.

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