PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein Review

PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein

In recent years protein based fitness supplements have become immensely popular within the bodybuilding community. But before we delve into the intricacies of such supplements, we should first understand the role ‘protein’ plays in our physical development. From a purely biological standpoint, proteins can be thought of as the basic building structures of our bodies.

All of our muscles, tissues and tendons are constructed majorly of protein derived compounds. Thus with this knowledge in mind, it becomes increasingly evident why these compounds play such a vital role in our muscular development. When we use external proteins, amino acids (also derived from specialized proteins) our bodies start to use these nutrients for the formation of muscle fibers.

This is achieved by sending these amino acids into our skeletal cells, where the mitochondria gradually reduces these compounds into tiny fibrils, which later aggregate to form/repair our muscles.

Any talk in relation to ‘Protein supplements’ is lacking if we fail to mention Whey products. Whey is essentially the ‘liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained’. It can also be thought of as a byproduct of cheese or casein.

However, whey not only has various fitness benefits, but is also highly useful in the several commercial preparations. For example, sweet whey is manufactured during the making of ‘rennet types’ of hard cheese variants like Cheddar or Swiss cheese.

About PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein

PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein is an all new ‘pre-workout supplement’ that has been specially crafted with the goal of increased muscular development in mind. As is clear from the label, the supplement uses purified whey extracts to help increase the transfer rate of key proteins to our skeletal muscle cells.

Here, these amino derivatives are reduced into usable compounds, and thus employed for the production and repair of lean muscle mass. From a composition standpoint, PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein contains many highly pure forms of Whey which are known to provide elite concentrations of pure, ‘bio-available proteins’ to our metabolic centers.

In addition to that, there are also various energy release compounds like L-Carnitine, Leucine, Choline Bitartrate, and caffeine in the mix. All of these potent nutrient target the inner working of our energy centers, and help in the optimal release of energy so that users can push harder and longer during the course of their workout sessions.

PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein Key Features and Benefits

Thermogenic Action:

A key route that Ripped Whey uses to help melt away stubborn fat deposits is through a thermogenic pathway. During this process, the body starts to increase its base temperature, and thus the metabolic activity becomes heightened as a direct consequence of the thermodynamic shift. This results in the faster transfer of lipids into our metabolic centers, thereby allowing for increased energy, focus and awareness in users.


This is an underrated aspect of this supplement. Using various key compounds, the product is able to help users increase their overall stamina through a neural optimization of certain receptors in our CNS.

Muscular Development:

The core function of Ripped Whey is to provide high concentrations of ‘pure proteins’ so that the muscle development rate in our bodies can be optimized. The Whey content in the mix has been clinically found to possess proteins in a 80% concentration. In addition to this amazing concentration, these protein derivatives are highly bio-available, and thus can be easily reduced into usable compounds by our stomach acids. As a result, through just weeks of sue, users will be able to see a visible increase in their ‘lean muscle mass’ volume.


Due to the presence of highly potent stimulants like guarana and caffeine, Ripped Whey is able to increase the production rate of energy in our bodies. Apart from this, the aforementioned compounds are also known to increase the working efficiency of our CNS. Thus, users can also obtain benefits like increased awareness, heightened cognition and improved memory retention through the regular use of the product.

PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein Reviews

There are many used submitted reviews that one can check out before making a purchase. Based on a weighted average of 19 reviews, the product received an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars. Satisfied customers include Michael Ridd who says ‘I have tried a lot of different proteins. Most of them are not pleasant when it comes to taste.

However, I can safely say that I’m pleasantly surprised by how good Ripped Whey actually tastes. I have reordered this. It has just enough kick to help me push through my mid afternoon slump without a wired jitteriness. Try this! You will be happy you did!’.

Similarly, Amit Sangwan says ‘A lot of nutrition companies say that their products mix really well but none of them actually do. Ripped Whey is the first whey protein I came across which mixes really well with anything. Apart from its mixability, the taste is also pretty good. I will definitely keep ordering more of the same.’

PI Nutrition Ripped Whey Protein Pricing and Availability

Ripped Whey comes in containers which possess 940 grams of the powder. Each unit is priced at $44.99 and there are two flavor variants that one can pick from (namely Mocha and Vanilla Latte). In terms of order placement, all purchases can be made directly from the manufacturer’s online store. (https://pi-nutrition.com)

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