Release My Mind Review – Anxiety, Mood Boost & Greens Formulas?

Release My Mind

Release My Mind is a lineup of supplements that boost your mind and body in various ways. Read our Release My Mind review to see how the supplements work.

What is Release My Mind?

Release My Mind is a UK-based supplement manufacturer. The company sells a number of different supplements that promise to relieve anxiety and other cognitive conditions. Popular supplements include their Anxiety Formula, their Mood Boost Formula, and their Greens Formula. You can order the supplements as part of a package – like the Natural Sleep Formula package or the Anxiety Relief Bundle.

The creators of Release My Mind claim to have suffered from anxiety and depression for over 10 years. That’s why they were inspired to create Release My Mind.

Release My Mind Supplements

Release My Mind sells four core supplements. Those supplements are available for purchase individually, or as part of a larger package. The four supplements include their Anxiety Formula, Mood Boost Formula, Greens Formula, and Natural Sleep Formula.

Anxiety Formula

The Anxiety Formula claims to be naturally calming and designed by leading herbalists. You take the capsules whenever you feel agitated or nervous. Key ingredients in the formula include skullcap, vervain, Californian poppy, and gotu kola.

Release My Mind describes it as “the perfect natural anxiety supplement” because it provides you ‘with the much-needed relief from the stresses of everyday life”. Skullcap is a common herbal ingredient traditionally used to treat mental exhaustion, depression, and stress.

Release My Mind claims it can relax your central nervous system through vasodilation. It also has sedative effects. Vervain, on the other hand, is a stimulating and relaxing antispasmodic agent that can nourish your nervous system while relieving tension and stress.

Californian poppy promotes relaxation and has natural calming properties, while gotu kola is an adaptogen that helps to manage your body’s hormonal response to stress.

Oddly, Release My Mind doesn’t list the specific dosages for any of these ingredients. The side of the package just says, “Each capsule contains a blend of…”. This labeling is the same across other supplements as well.

Mood Boost Formula

Release My Mind’s Mood Boost Formula is made in the UK and designed by leading herbalists. It uses something called the Golden Root Complex, described by the company as “one of the most renowned herbs for combating stress”.

The only other listed ingredients are Rhodiola rosea and capsicum. Again, Release My Mind has not listed any dosages. The formula claims to work on five different areas of your body, including stress, depression, immune system, heart health, and libido.

Golden root is an adaptogen, which means it can help your body adapt to stressors. It also enhances your libido and improves sexual function.

Greens Formula

The Release My Mind Greens Formula contains a mix of trendy green ingredients – including chlorella, spirulina, and barley grass. The supplement promises to give you powerful nutrients that prevent you from feeling lethargic, moody, or “flat”.

Spirulina is a popular compound because it contains 18 amino acids – 8 of which cannot be produced naturally by your body. Chlorella, on the other hand, contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Finally, barley grass provides vitamins and minerals along with enzyme-rich live foods.

As with other Release My Mind supplements, dosage information isn’t listed. You take two capsules per day.

Natural Sleep Formula

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? The Natural Sleep Formula may be the right choice for you. The sleep formula contains a blend of valerian and wild lettuce to encourage your body to fall asleep.

Together, these ingredients promise to fight restlessness, soothe aching muscles, improve sleep quality, and reduce the number of night time awakenings. You take two capsules at night, then wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Release My Mind Pricing

Release My Mind sells all of the following products online through the official website:

  • Anxiety Formula: £24.99
  • Mood Boost Formula: £21.49
  • Greens Formula: £21.99
  • Natural Sleep Formula: £24.99
  • Anxiety Relief Bundle: £49.99
  • Anxiety & Low Mood Bundle: £44.99
  • Mood Boost Bundle: £49.99
  • Natural Sleep Bundle: £49.99

Typically, buying the bundles lets you save about £10 off the normal retail price. The bundles contain two to three different supplements.

Release My Mind also sells a free anxiety eBook you can download for free. That eBook teaches you the top 10 tips to release anxiety – including, conveniently enough, taking some of the herbs and adaptogens in Release My Mind supplements.

Shipping is free to all addresses in the UK.

About Release My Mind

Release My Mind was created by co-founders Craig and Liam. Craig is a graphic designer while Liam is a herbalist. Craig claims he has suffered from anxiety and depression for as long as he could remember. Liam, on the other hand, has been a fully qualified herbalist since the age of 19. He also claims to suffer from stress and anxiety.

Together, the two found they could use natural medicines and herbs to achieve targeted anti-anxiety effects. You can contact the company using the email form here.

Release My Mind Review Summary

Release My Mind is a lineup of nutritional supplements marketed towards those with anxiety, stress, restlessness, and similar issues. The supplements are sold online for £20 to £25 per bottle.

One of the weird things about Release My Mind is that the company doesn’t list any dosage information upfront. We know the basic list of ingredients in the supplements, but we don’t know the full dosages. That means you have to trust the two co-founders to add the perfect amount of herbs to each supplement.

Ultimately, the lack of dosage information makes it difficult to compare Release My Mind to other supplements on the market. You can find other supplements that contain gotu kola and chlorella, for example, at a cheaper price than Release My Mind’s supplements.

However, if you’re interested in trying out a unique anti-anxiety supplement, then the Release My Mind lineup may be worth a try.

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