AVA Yoga Bodywear Review – Alignment, Assistance & Awareness Aids?

AVA Yoga Bodywear

AVA Yoga Bodywear is a set of hand and feet garments to wear during your movements to help you maintain control and build confidence in your yoga skill level.

The products are currently a part of a Kickstarter campaign, which means that consumers can get early bird specials on the accessories, which will be distributed at the end of 2017.

What is AVA Yoga Bodywear?

Yoga is not a new concept. It’s been around for thousands of years, offering impressive health benefits for your physical body and your spiritual journey. There are many new-age concepts in the fitness industry, even though you may participate in your own routine in the comfort of your own.

While yoga can be calming and thought-provoking for many, the biggest challenge that newcomers face is the ability to replicate the different positions. There’s no shame in needing support, and the new AVA Yoga Bodywear can help you out.

AVA Yoga Bodywear because with two friends who have a love for design, and a knack for innovation. Laura Koven and Melinda Agron developed the yoga bodywear as an original solution for the issues that she has seen happen in the local yoga studio. They’ve developed a wearable accessory, but it doesn’t do the work for you.

The structure of the accessory helps to motivate you to properly stretch out, while enhancing your stance in the process. You can’t get the most out of your routine without the right assistance, and that’s what AVA provides.

How Does AVA Yoga Bodywear Work?

The entire concept of AVA is to help you create a simple, yet effective, workouts that focus on three main ideas:

  • Alignment
  • Assistance
  • Awareness

The Alignment stage of your yoga routine sets the tone for the rest of the routine. Whether you’re new or experienced, you need to start by adjusting your body to meet the demands of the pose you’re in. However, it’s hard to reach this position on your own, which is one aspect of your experience that AVA helps you with.

The bodywear helps you direct your correct alignment with a chevron pattern, which you’ll find on body the hand and feet sets. When the rows line up properly, then you know you’re I the right direction and position.

Many people become self-conscious about what they can both mentally and physically achieve, which is probably why you end up with blocks and straps to keep you in place. However, the straps that are built into the AVA accessories help you to maintain your physical positioning, without feeling like you are falling behind. You can use these straps for security during the movement or while you stretch before your routine.

The best way that you can keep in the right movements is with complete awareness of your body and what’s around you. The simple act of wearing the AVA bodywear on your hands and feet will give you the physical reminder to pay attention to the way you move and direct your energy.

The package should include complete instructions on how to apply the bodywear. The hands and feet look like simple gloves, but the wrap will need to be correctly secured to get the alignment, assistance, and awareness that AVA helps you maintain.

Pricing for AVA Yoga Bodywear

Right now, the AVA line of products has not yet been released. In fact, it’s currently gaining funding through a Kickstarter campaign. You can make pledges in varying amounts to gain access to specific rewards. You can decide between the following pledges:

  • $65 and up, for a hand or foot set
  • $100 and up, for both a hand and a foot set
  • $250 and up, for both sets and a print of your favorite AVA image
  • $500 and up, for four sets and an original drawing

All sets will not be sent out until December 2017, which will be just in time for New Year’s resolutions. Until the products have been sent out, it doesn’t appear as if there’s a return policy in place. If you want to retract your pledge, you should either notify Kickstarter or AVA.

Contacting the Creators of AVA Yoga Bodywear

Since AVA Yoga Bodywear is so new in the industry, you may want to ask a few questions before you’re willing to make a pledge. If you need to reach the customer team, you can fill out the online form on the website to send your inquiry.

You also can send an email, if your question is regarding the designs ([email protected]) or business ([email protected]).

AVA Yoga Bodywear Conclusion

AVA Yoga Bodywear provides you with the versatile designs that can help you improve any type of yoga exercises. While you may already have all the supplies that help you with positioning and centering your energy, the hand and foot sets help you to improve the positioning and your stance during your routine. You can still use the bodywear, even if you’re new to yoga.

Whenever you participate in a new workout routine, you should confirm with your doctor that you’re healthy enough for the level of activity that it requires. If you push your body too far or too fast, you run the risk of permanently damaging your body. However, with the design of AVA Yoga Bodywear, you help to improve your entire routine.

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