Blume Honey Water Review – 100% Bee-Friendly Honey Flavored Drinks?

Blume Honey Water

Blume Honey Water is a company that creates handcrafted beverages that incorporate 100% bee-friendly honey and natural flavors. Hydrating and refreshing, Blume Honey Water is based on an ancient remedy that was first used in the Olympics.

As athletes used it to fuel their performance abilities, today, the drink offers a variety of benefits. Blume Honey Water is designed to hydrate the body and improve digestive functions.

A natural cleansing product, the combination of natural ingredients, honey, and water help to boost the immune system, aid in weight loss, and enhance metabolic function. Unlike processed sugar, honey will not cause drastic peaks in blood sugar. Through the regulation of vital functions of the body, Blume Honey Water is a powerhouse of essential nutrients.

About Blume Honey Water

Blume Honey Water was co-created by Michele Meloy Burchfield and Carla Frank. Burchfield, a beverage specialist, was approached by a sports coach who had mixed honey with water to create a natural hydrating beverage.

An alternative to sugary, energy drinks, Burchfield became inspired by the idea and found a way to bring honey water to the masses. After consulting with brand strategist Carla Frank, the idea for Blume Honey Water was born.

The duo began to research honey and after two long years, they were convinced that the benefits of honey should be shared. Joining forces, the co-founders finally created a 100% natural, hydrating, and energizing formula. Building awareness around bee sustainability and conserving the environment and wildlife, Blume Honey Water soon began to blossom.

Today, the company partners exclusively with human beekeepers and apiaries respect bees and the environment. Pairing with companies that organizations that support environmental efforts, the company encourages customers to support these organizations and donate to organic beekeepers and bee health research organizations.

There are two extremely unique aspects of Blume Honey Water, the company’s bees and the honey used in its products. A description of each these special parts of the company can be found below.

Blume Honey Water Bees

Based on current data, bees are responsible for providing approximately 30-50% of the food supply worldwide. Because human survival relies heavily on bees, research shows that without honeybees, the human population would cease to exist in as little as four years.

Providing fresh flowers, produce, and honey, bees are currently endangered. A terrible condition named Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is killing bees at a record high. Caused by pesticides, stress and mites, more than 40% of the planet’s bees have disappeared.

To prevent the deterioration of the mankind, Blume Honey Water protects honeybees, some of the hardest workers on the earth. To take action against CCD, the company is supporting the community by going local. Bringing awareness to small towns and cities, Blume Honey Water encourages locals to take a look at the glass-front bee hive, sample products, and get educated by a local beekeeper.

Dedicated to teaching others about the importance of social responsibility, the company explains how it has utilized 100% natural, bee-friendly honey in every product.

Blume Honey Water Honey

Blume Honey Water uses bee-friendly honey that is batch traceable from sustainable and humane beekeepers. Cultivated from the highest-quality hives, each supplier maintains a calm, healthy, and safe environment for the bees. Fed high-fructose corn syrup, the Blume Honey Water bees are not overworked or mistreated in any way.

Providing a different kind of energy, honey is supplied in two different stages. The first stage occurs when the body absorbs the glucose in the honey. Providing immediate energy and rejuvenation, the second stage includes the slow-absorbing fructose that cause a smooth, long-lasting energy.

Blume Honey Water uses a proprietary honey blend that avoids single-sourcing and contains diverse flavors and aromas. Using varies types of honey, there are more than 350 varietals in the United States, and thousands more around the globe.

Each having a unique flavor, honey has been used for centuries. A natural sweetness that contains a variety of health benefits, Blume Honey Water harnesses the power of honey and multiplies it.

Purchasing Blume Honey Water

Blume Honey Water is available for purchase on Amazon. Each order contains 10 fluid ounce bottles in a pack of 12. The water comes in in three unique flavors, offering something for everyone.

The description of these three flavors, as well as their benefits, can be found below.

Vanilla Citrus

Featuring citrus flavors sourced from oranges and lemons, the harmony of the various ingredients make this water fresh and crisp. With a sweet-and-sour balance, the combination complements the floral notes of the vanilla and honey blend.

Wild Blueberry

A fruity flavor, the Wild Berry offers a fragrant mixture of herbs, honey, and berries. Fresh and warm, the natural flavors of rosemary, black peppercorn, and grapefruit provide energy and quench thirst.

Ginger Zest

A tangy flavor, the full-bodied water combines layers of ginger to create a fresh and bold taste. Focusing on the spice of ginger and the sweetness of honey and lemon, the Ginger Zest is a combination of nature’s most powerful flavors.

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