Cozy Lotion Review – Easy To Use Lotion Warmer & Bottle Dispenser?

Cozy Lotion

Cozy Lotion is a device that heats up your lotion or other creams that helps you to get the most impact from your regimen. The creators of the device make it possible for any bottle of lotion or similar toiletries to fit, giving you the warmth that you crave to the last drop.

What is Cozy Lotion?

When you nourish your skin with lotion, it can be a relaxing experience. Unfortunately, too many people can’t seem to realize the problem with the way they’re applying their lotion. It’s not a matter of the way it’s massaged in, or how much lotion you end up using. Your difficulty may be with the current temperature of your body products.

As you emerge from the shower and dry off, the least soothing sensation in the world is cold lotion on warm skin. However, you can heat up your favorite creams and serums with Cozy Lotion.

Cozy Lotion may look like other devices that you’ve seen in the past, heling to warm your lotion for immediate application.

However, there’s a few differences that stick out. Unlike other warmers, you can keep all the skincare or haircare product in the bottle it came in, which reduces the mess that you deal with later. Furthermore, the machine will help you to use every single ounce of your products, since the heat improves the fluid consistency for easier pouring.

Heating the lotion may seem more like a way to add luxury to your beauty routine, but it actually has a greater benefit. When you are freshly showered with hot water, your pores are open and receptive to treatments. Unfortunately, when you apply cold lotion to your skin, those pores immediately close, which means anything you apply won’t help your skin’s texture at all.

By warming up the lotion, you match the temperature that you were currently in, giving your lotion a greater impact on the softness of your complexion. If you want the comfortable and nourishing warmth of lotion on your body after a stressful day or an intense shower, Cozy Lotion can help you out.

You can even use the device to heat up your moisturizer for you face, as long as you check the temperature before application.

Using Cozy Lotion

To warm your lotion or serum with Cozy Lotion, you need to start by setting up the device. You don’t need to pour your lotion into another container, or change the lid. Instead, you will take the lid off your current formula, and put it into place on the back of the Cozy Lotion device.

You can use it with absolutely any type of bottle, which means that you don’t need to worry about emptying a bottle into the warmer, which is the way most devices work. When you want to get lotion from the device, you just press the button to get the warm and soothing temperature you want.

You don’t ever have to worry about activating the heating component, because it’s always on. Luckily, with the self-regulating temperature, you never need to worry about burning any of the lotions or serums that you use with it.

An adapter and electrical outlet power Cozy Lotion, so you will not need a steady supply of replacement batteries to maintain the use.

Pricing for Cozy Lotion

To get your own Cozy Lotion device, your total cost will only be $19.95, along with a charge of $7.99 for shipping the product. However, the creators of the lotion warmer have managed to make their promotion even better with the ability to get a second Cozy Lotion for free.

The only fee you will need to worry about is the cost to ship the second product, which is also $7.99. The creators behind Cozy Lotion understand that this device may not suit the needs of your complexion adequately.

If you no longer wish to use the product, or you find that the results aren’t as you expected them to be, you have up to 30 days to initiate a return. The return will need to be arranged through customer service, and you may need to get an authorization number.

Contacting the Creators of Cozy Lotion

If you have any reservations about the Cozy Lotion device, you may feel better after a conversation with the customer service department. They can be reached by phone or email.

Calling the company is the most direct method, and it also helps you to get ahold of someone urgently. The phone-based department can be reached by dialing 913-312-0200, and they are available on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm CST. For less urgent matters, or to communicate electronically, you can send an email to [email protected]

Cozy Lotion Review Summary

Cozy Lotion is anything but your average warmer. You don’t have to rest a bottle of our lotion on a heating pad that can weaken the structure of your container. You don’t need to run the risk of making a mess as you transfer the formula.

In fact, you don’t have to hardly do anything at all. Once your bottle of lotion or other products is inserted into the Cozy Lotion, your only responsibility is a touch of a button to get the desired amount.

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