EM Cosmetics Review – Illustrative Eyeliner & Infinite Lip Cloud Crème?

EM Cosmetics

About EM Cosmetics

For some, cosmetics are a way to hide imperfections or flaws, for others, cosmetics are a form of self-expression, much like art.

The use of color, lines, definition, and texture are all some of the ways you can use your face as a canvas, creating a beautiful form of self-expression.

At EM Cosmetics, this is exactly what the purpose was, to give people the resources to express themselves creatively through makeup.

With 10 featured products, EM Cosmetics has a hue for every complexion and every mood. The original reason this line was created was because liquid lipsticks were virtually impossible to find that didn’t dry out your lips.

These gorgeous shades are not only highly pigmented, but they will not dry out your lips. These brilliant, rich, easy to apply liquid lip colors carry the properties of a lip primer and color in one.

The Top 10 Featured EM Cosmetics Products:

Crimson Red – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing lip creme is a matte finish, non-drying red. This vibrant red glide on easy, and will leave your lips smooth all day.

Faded Clementine – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing lip creme is a matte finish, and a beautiful soft tangerine color. This all-day wear formula clings to your lips without drying.

French Nude – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing lip creme is a matte finish, long wearing, neutral nude, making it a tone that any person can wear and enjoy.

Muted Mauve – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing lip creme is a matte finish, dusty rose color. The rich color will last all day, even when worn as a stain.

Rose Nude – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing lip creme is a matte finish, non-drying pink nude. This gorgeous, rich nude stays on all day, without drying.

Spanish Earth – Infinite Lip Cloud. This deep earthy brown lip creme goes on matte, and can be worn as a stain or as a vibrant lip color.

Ultramarine Violet – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing, matte finish lip color is dramatic and vibrant. There is no worry of the color bleeding, as all EM Cosmetics lip colors come with a built-in primer that will keep your color vibrant and bleed free all day.

Violent Magenta – Infinite Lip Cloud. This long wearing, nondrying deep magenta can be worn as a deep color, or as a vibrant stain.

Brush Tip – Illustrative Eyeliner. This black precision control liquid eyeliner comes in a pen form, making the application easier for a dramatic, artistic look. This eyeliner is smudge and waterproof. This all-day wear eyeliner is perfect for creating thin delicate lines, and bold thick lines with the utmost precision.

Felt Tip – Illustrative Eyeliner. This precision control liquid eyeliner was specially designed with a felt tip to create a magna/comic art pen that will allow you to master the sexy cat eye, or the bold superhero look. This dynamic marker like pen will give you the perfect look while applying this ultra-black, smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner.

The inspiration behind EM Cosmetics

EM Cosmetics was created with the artistic, cosmetic lover in mind. The vibrant color palette of the matte liquid lipsticks will give you the diversity you need to create the look you want.

These nondrying liquid lipsticks were created after years of not finding those bold liquid lip colors in a formula that won’t leave your lips chapped and dehydrated.

Those lip colors often went on with gorgeous color, but would leave lips looking cracked and dry after only a short time.

EM Cosmetics liquid lip colors not only give you that bold pop of color all day, they don’t dry out your lips leaving them looking cracked and unsightly. The lip priming qualities allow the saturation of color, without bleeding.

The gorgeous and artistic liquid liners were crafted as illustrative liners, recreating the world’s finest archival inks and French charcoal pencils.

From the brush, to the flow of the eyeliner; these are guaranteed to give you the intense, jet black finish that looks like art.

EM Cosmetics is not just about covering flaws, or trying to look like someone you are not. It’s about creativity, beauty, color, and expression.

Much like art, you are creating something beautiful while expressing how you feel through how you look.

Just like your wardrobe is a form of self-expression, as is your choice of cosmetics and its application.

The diverse hue’s available through EM Cosmetics allow something for everyone to wear proudly, gorgeous deep colors with a matte finish for the dramatic, powerful form of expression you are looking to create.

Looking to improve your skills as an artist? EM Cosmetics offers on line tutorials for better, more creative application of their cosmetics, offering different looks. You can find them on You Tube.

Whether you are an artist, a beauty enthusiast, or a professional makeup artist, you will find something in this line to give you something to create a masterpiece.

Your journey of self-expression through cosmetics will be effortless now that you’ve got the tools you need to express yourself.

The colors, the lines, the attention to detail are all something EM Cosmetics considered when creating this powerful line of cosmetics, this opportunity for self-expression.

How to Order EM Cosmetics?

EM Cosmetics are easily ordered through their website.

EM Cosmetics ships to the US only.

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