Fairlife SuperKids Milk Review – Ultra-Filtered Omega-3 DHA Rich Drinks?

Fairlife SuperKids Milk

Over the past several years, milk has gotten a bad reputation. With so many chemicals being added into milks, as well as the cruelty to the animals and the number of fillers being used, more and more people are turning to plant-based milks for their coffee or morning cereal.

However, these plant-based options are lacking many of the things people need to support their health and wellness, including calcium and protein. The key to better nutrition isn’t to stop drinking milk, but to stop drinking the wrong milks.

Fairlife is a milk company that has become well-known for using a cold ultra-filtration system that preserves all the nutrients in milk, without any additives.

Because Fairlife is family owned and run, it is better able to control the quality of its products, which allows the company to provide better milk products for customers, and in turn, supporting better nutrition.

What Is Fairlife SuperKids Milk?

Fairlife is a family-owned dairy company that has always stayed committed to creating the best milk products possible. The company was able to do this by using an innovative filtration process that is very similar to that used for removing impurities from water.

As a result of this superior filtration system, Fairlife is able to give its customers the nutritional support they want in milk, but without the unwanted side effects so often associated with the beverage. For those looking for a solution to their dairy problems, Fairlife is the perfect answer.

Because Fairlife creates products of such high quality, it is the perfect option for parents looking to supplement their children’s diets. A favorite product sold by Fairlife is its SuperKids Chocolate Milk.

Packed with easily digested protein and calcium, the drinks are smooth and delicious. However, unlike other chocolate milk options on the market, Fairlife’s uses no sugar and real cocoa to give children a drink they’ll love.

Benefits of Fairlife SuperKids Milk

One of the biggest benefits of Fairlife SuperKids Milk is that it offers a milk that is much more pure than other options on the market. Due to the superior filtration system used by the company, all the negative aspects of milk are removed, including the lactose.

This leaves Fairlife products with 50% more protein than regular milks, as well as 30% more calcium. And all this comes with 50% less sugar per serving. Even those who have avoided dairy for health reasons love Fairlife, because it provides more protein than leading plant-based options.

The key to the delicious and nutritious milk sold by Fairlife is in its filtration system. As soon as the milk comes in from the family owned farms, it is quick chilled. Fairlife keeps its milk at 37 degrees so it stays as fresh as possible during transport.

Once the milk arrives at Fairlife plants, it goes through a series of soft filters that remove all the contaminants in the milk. After this process, all that is left in Fairlife milk products is a drink that is high in protein and calcium, without containing any sugar and being completely free of lactose.

As mentioned above, Fairlife contains no lactose. However, what it does contain is often more important. The body needs a specific amount of protein and calcium in order to thrive. Unfortunately, with the modern diet lacking so much nutritional value, it can be difficult to reach these recommended daily amounts.

Fairlife contains higher levels of protein, which has been found to provide energy and increased vitality when consumed in the right amounts. As many know, calcium strengthens bones and muscles, which is why Fairlife SuperKids Milk makes sure all its milk products contain enough to support the health of its users.

About Fairlife SuperKids Milk

While all Fairlife products are amazing, SuperKids Chocolate Milk is where the company really shines. Children love chocolate milk, but parents often avoid buying it because of its unhealthiness.

However, with Fairlife SuperKids Milk, these conflicts are no longer a problem. With the ultra-filter milk used in the chocolatey drink, parents can rest assured knowing their children are getting something both nutritious and extremely tasty.

Fairlife SuperKids Chocolate Milk contains 35% of the daily recommended amount of protein, along with 12 grams of protein per serving. The smooth and delicious drink also comes with 125mgs of DHA Omega-3, an added bonus for the health and wellness of drinkers.

However, often the most important part for parents, Fairlife SuperKids Chocolate Milk does not contain any added sugar. Instead, Fairlife sweetens its chocolate milk with Stevia leaf extract and monk juice, giving a sweetness that is delicious, but also healthier than any other options on the market.

Fairlife SuperKids Chocolate Milk provides parents with peace of mind when it comes to giving a treat to their children.

Purchasing Fairlife SuperKids Milk

Because Fairlife SuperKids Milk has to be kept chilled in order for it to retain its quality, it is only available for purchase through retailers with refrigeration, meaning it can’t be shipped to customers.

The Fairlife website (www.Fairlife.com) contains a list of all its retail partners that sell the vast range of milk products, including Fairlife SuperKids Milk.

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