Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Coffee Review

Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Coffee

In order to perform better throughout the day without experiencing limiting feelings of fatigue a lot of men and women enjoy several cups of coffees a day. Used in the morning in order to wake up energized and in the afternoon in order to push through until the evening, Coffee has been shown over the years to be a powerful stimulant that promotes high levels of energy and concentration.

Furthermore, coffee and caffeine, found in a variety of other beverages, has been shown to have several health benefits beyond acting as a stimulant. In fact, the hot drink is rich in antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage and boost the immune system. Caffeine is also a thermogenic substance that supports the conversion of fat cells into energy which ultimately promotes weight loss.

Coffee has been shown to play a significant role in reducing the risk of a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer and Parkinson’s disease. In fact, caffeine has been clinically demonstrated to enhance cognitive function such as alertness and protect the brain from degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, coffee is not only a healthy drink it also promotes mood and lowers the risk of depression due to the fact that caffeine boosts the production of essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Therefore, drinking coffee not only promotes more energy during the day but also supports overall well-being.

Cold brew coffee is a healthier alternative to traditional brewed coffee due to the fact that it provides users with all the same benefits of caffeine but is less acidic than the average cup of coffee. The cold brew process promotes a smoother and richer taste and prevents the release of certain undesired substances that cause the bitter aftertaste of coffee.

About Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Coffee

Harmonies Brew is a coffee brand founded by the philanthropist Sereatha Berry Virtanen in order to help fund her non-profit organization Harmonies of Hope and promotes sustainable Fair-trade. Harmonies of Hope School of Music and Performing Arts is destined to allow children from disadvantaged economic environments to have the opportunity of developing their talents without social-economic discrimination.

Harmonies Brew Coffee Company supports the non-profit Art School by giving a percentage of its profits to the organization in order to help maintain the innovative and inclusive initiative. Having traveled a lot, Sereatha Virtanen has discovered rich flavors and learned about coffee and how it is cultivated in order to help manufacture quality products.

Harmonies Brew provides a range of affordable and delicious coffee-based products ranging from coffee blends to iced coffee. The most popular selection of beverages provided by the brand is its delicious Coffee Brew line which includes a range of products all containing cold-brewed coffee for a rich, smooth, and intense taste.

The Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Coffee Selection

The Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Selection is composed of six essential products suitable for all customers as each product caters to a variety of taste. This new range of coffee beverages has been manufactured following fair-trade standards and provides customers with affordable and flavorful products.

Java Shots Cold Brew Coffee is the first product of the line, the locally roasted cold brew coffee is contained in an aesthetic bottle that can be taken anywhere, providing users with a rapid boost of energy at any time.

Java Shots Cold Brew Latte is another portable product locally produced in order to promote the highest quality. This Latte has been flavored with hazelnut milk which helps to promote an exciting coffee break.

Java Cooler Brew Iced Coffee is a premium option formulated with a blend of special beans that promote a rich, smooth, delicious complemented by the caramel flavoring. All of the ingredients included in the Iced Coffee are natural which delivers an enhanced flavor profile.

Java Cooler Iced Latte is a creamy drink that has been designed to come in different flavors in order to be enjoyed in a relaxed context. This product not only offers the option of several pleasurable flavors such as coconut, red velvet cake, and Amaretto but also includes reduced fat milk that promotes a delicious and healthy beverage.

Java Coffee Signature Cold Brew Coffee is the original product of the Harmonies Cold Brew collection that offers consumers the option of bringing a ready to drink dark coffee from the brand’s roasted beans. This intense, rich, and smooth beverage is the ultimate solution to prevent unexpected fatigue during the day.

Java Essence Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate this bottle is a concentrate of the Harmonies best roasted organic coffee to enjoy at home or on the go.This product is the ideal coffee drink for caffeine enthusiasts that like to enjoy a quick energy boost.

Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Coffee Pricing

The Harmonies Brew Cold Brew Line provides a large selection of quality products that can be ordered online from the brand’s website with prices ranging from $2.49 to $8.99 USD.

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